Vol 16 Chapter 11-3

“Orcs!” Legolas repeated. He brought up his bow and arrows. Aragorn and Boromir also readied their weapons. Boromir especially ran toward the gate. However, an arrow nearly scraped the skin of his nose as he reached the gate. One more inch forward and that nose would have been a goner.

Aragorn and Boromir quickly attempted to close the gate. A thought came to Zheng’s mind however and he yelled. “Wait. Let me out!” He jumped on the Nightmare then pulled the rope. The horse neighed as it stood on its two back legs then charged ahead.

Crimson flame was burning in its eyes and on its hooves. Zheng channeled Qi into Tiger’s Soul. The light blade bended at his will and covered him and the Nightmare’s whole body. As soon as they exited the gate, multiple arrows reached the light...

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