Vol 16 Chapter 1-1

No one could sense how much time actually passed in the half dreamy state. It might have been just an instant, or it might have been an eternity. When everyone in team China opened their eyes, they were lying on an open field. The sky was pitch black but light brightened the areas around them. They were inside a banquet. However, no one around was about to see them because God just sent them here. It seemed like all these people in the banquet isolated an empty area.

"So this is The Lord of the Rings." Zheng was the first to wake up. He looked around and said.

The battlefield of the trilogy of The Lord of the Rings spanned an enormous world. The battlefield of the Mummy and Starship Troopers were incomparable in terms of their sizes because the whole world in The Lord of the Rings was the battlefield.

The series had multiple movies similar to The Mummy. However, God only told them of the world they were in and didn’t specify which movie. Which meant this mission...

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