Vol 15 Chapter 7-1

Vol 15 Chapter 7-1

Carlos was obviously shocked when Zheng’s voice appeared in his head. He was doing some things stealthily. It seemed like downloading a name list of people in managerial positions. He also didn’t have a legitimate identity. So he almost fell to the floor when he heard Zheng’s voice.

“Zheng Zha? Your soul can still exist after death with the G virus? Shit. That can’t be real.” He lost his reasons for a moment and murmured about souls.

Zheng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Wait. I am not dead. We are just communicating through our minds. How could I have become a soul? Don’t curse me about dying!”

A while of silence from Carlos. He took several deep breaths and said. “What is this that can send your voice to people’s...

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