Vol 15 Chapter 2-3

Vol 15 Chapter 2-3

Two out of the three people had been revived. The last one remaining was ChengXiao. Zheng said the same line with his eyes closed.

"Revive Cheng Xiao!"

ChengXiao stood in the middle of the street with the Zaku axe in his hand. He was protecting the girls behind him. Several men were attacking from his front. Every one of them moved fast and they all tried to go around him. When they did so, ChengXiao's eyes turned sharp as blades. His axe danced like the wind and blocked these people from advancing. At this moment, his eyes had that familiar defocus along with the sharpness.

An emotionless man with two pistols blasted off ChengXiao's arm. His movements were forced to slow down but he didn't back away even half a step. He stood in front of the girls with...

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