Vol 15 Chapter 2-2

Vol 15 Chapter 2-2

Due to the fact that the user of the Book of Amun-Ra would observe the past and thoughts of the person revived during the revival process, they agreed to have Zheng perform all of them. Everyone would transfer the points and rewards to him at the initiation.

"The leader has the responsibility to protect the privacy of his team."

This wasn't wrong but Zheng felt strange that this came out of Xuan. He stood there and pondered for quite a while, yet he couldn't figure out what Xuan was planning. If it wasn't because Xuan remained normally calm instead of having any sort of smile, Zheng would have believed he was scheming on something.

Anyway, everyone nodded in agreement and Zheng had to take on this responsibility to revive the three people. This was the best...

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