Vol 14: Chapter 8-2.

Vol 14: Chapter 8-2.

“Good! Survivor from Platoon 4? We have about a hundred from Platoon 4 here but Platoon 4, 5 and 6 are supposedly all new recruits. Your actions are more experienced than even the veterans. Many of the sergeants in my Platoon died and we are missing a sergeant major. You will take his place before you die. Zheng, organize the troops to advance!”

Lieutenant Jean Razak ordered the troopers to save Zheng from the bugs after he blew up the tanker bug. The group backed off as they continued firing. Once they got further away, he ordered the troopers to bomb the hole with tactical nuke. A loud blast and mushroom cloud collapsed this bug hole.

Zheng wasn’t in a great condition....

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