Vol 14: Chapter 7-1.

Vol 14: Chapter 7-1.

Bugs, especially the hopper bugs. Their attacks were horrifying. A quick glide with a hopper bug’s wings cut off a dozen heads from the warriors of Anubis and turn them back into sand. Fortunately, there were several hundreds of these warriors that a dozen wasn’t a big deal. Numerous big swords slashed at it and soon cut this bug to pieces. Then another one charged into them.

The scene depicted the fight of quality versus quantity. As long as the difference in quality wasn’t night and day, like that of humans against ants, or humans with guns against monkeys, then there was no possibility of a single being destroying countless other lives. Even with Zheng’s power, dead was the only thing that awaited him if he were to fought thousands of hopper bugs.

Similarly, when the number of bugs had become so little in contrast to the hundreds of warriors, those dozen remaining bugs got cut to pieces...

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