Vol 14 Chapter 20-2

Vol 14 Chapter 20-2

Whether or not they could annihilate team South America was still in question. However, the space bugs surrounding the fleet increased in numbers once again that same afternoon. An endless supply of space bugs kept coming out from the massive ball of flesh. These bugs also propel themselves with plasma from their butts. Their shape gave them decent speed and flexibility. The lack of any legs made them seem like earthworms floating in space.

People on the fleet started feeling anxious with the increase in space bugs. There was still a big gap between the two parties but this gap wasn’t actually too far in space. Space battles were different in that an individual’s power was insignificant aside from his strategic contributions. Everyone had to place their fate on an uncertain future, which would give them a powerless feeling.

The highest ranking officers remaining within the fleet were Zheng and his other three teammates since the massacre by team Africa. Of course, even though Zheng was the one in command, it was Xuan who...

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