Vol 14: Chapter 2-2.

Vol 14: Chapter 2-2.

Gando was sensitive to the topic of death and revival but as soon as he heard the mention of piloting robots, he stared straight into Xuan. “Did you just say pilot a robot? The ones with a cockpit, a joystick, and panoramic screen?”

Xuan nodded. “Correct. That’s the one. Furthermore, I can modify your robot to some degree and give it the ability to fly, faster speed, higher strength, more powerful attacks. Of course, that will require a higher level of skill to control. Anyway, WangXia, exchange the robot for him first.”

Without any hesitation, WangXia stood under God with his eyes closed. A beam shone down which made Gando cried. He stared at the beam with excitement and then, a two-meter-tall bear robot appeared next to WangXia, a kawaii...

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