Vol 14: Chapter 16-3

Vol 14: Chapter 16-3

“Proceed as planned.”

Xuan looked at them expressionlessly. He described the plan so simply that they were shocked. Not because of its complexity but rather that it was too simple. So simple that they were confused.

“WangXia’s mission is to lead the troopers to watch TV at a place. There will be an obvious signal. When it appears, bring the troopers to take over the starship. You can fire at any starship that doesn’t identify themselves.”

“Kampa’s mission is the same. You can attack any starship that doesn’t identify themselves. I will go rescue Gando with Zero and Lan, that’s if he’s still alive. Zheng’s mission is head over to the flagship and block off the team Africa members in that ship. It will depend on the situation as to whether you should...

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