Vol 14: Chapter 16-1.

Vol 14: Chapter 16-1.

“That’s the situation. Gando disappeared.” Xuan said calmly as he took a bite off the watermelon.

Zheng returned from the starship Rose was in. On afternoon the next day, Xuan, Kampa, WangXia and Zheng agreed to meet during lunch. Xuan said this shocking news and dazed the other three.

Zheng slammed the table at once as he stood up. His movement was too big and knocked the chair tumbling. The other people in the cafeteria turned to him confused. When they recognized it was Zheng, they nodded with admiration. Some even stood up to salute.

Zheng smiled apologetically then said to Xuan in a low voice. “What do you mean? How can a person disappear? Are you joking with me?”

Xuan ate his watermelon leisurely. “Not...

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