Vol 14: Chapter 15-2.

Vol 14: Chapter 15-2.

Zheng continued along the hall. As he walked pass an intersection, a muscular middle age man came out from one of the rooms. He was over 6 feet 2, Caucasian, seemed like from northern Europe. Some resemblance to Kampa.

Zheng walked past him quietly. His uniform denoted his military rank, a major. As they crossed each other, Zheng couldn’t help but felt a thin layer of goosebumps over his body. He turned his head around a few seconds later but that man had turned around the corner.

Zheng recalled the man’s face and stored it in his memory before continuing his way. Several more turns later, the dissecting room’s door was in front of him.

Sweat soaked the middle age man’s head after he cross Zheng. He quickly...

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