Vol 13: Chapter 9-3.

Vol 13: Chapter 9-3.

Zheng retrieved the Book of the Dead and joined his team on the food while the professionals he hired for this event acted like the hosts.

"These public figures just needed an excuse and the party provided this excuse." WangXia said to the others.

Since nothing happened during the day, Xuan, Lan, and Zero came to the exhibition center. Getting food was more convenient here. Plus it didn't matter much to them if anything gets stolen since they already took back the Book of the Dead.

Kampa was chewing through a whole roasted chicken without any etiquette and drinking a large glass of vodka. He said as people frowned at him. "These people are funny. They should have just hold parties if they like them so much. Haha. Try the roast chicken, it's good." He brought a stick to his plate.

Zheng felt full...

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