Vol 13: Chapter 5-3.

Vol 13: Chapter 5-3.

The Sky Stick reached Hamunaptra quickly even when carrying three extra people. A military camp was established at their destination. The bugle sounded as the Sky Stick came into view.

Zheng and the others were curious at the scene. Kampa and WangXia readied their weapons to guard against any unforeseen events.

A group of men in black clothes ran out. Zheng noticed Ardeth among these men and immediately stopped Kampa and WangXia. He landed the Sky Stick to the ground.

Ardeth ran over to them with a few hundred of his men. He laughed and gave Zheng a hug. "Haha. Long time no see. What do you think of this base? The elders think this is a good place to train troops and spent a large sum...

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