Vol 13: Chapter 3-2.

Vol 13: Chapter 3-2.

Zheng really did hear a dog's barking. It's tone felt melancholy as if it was weeping. He hurried his steps into the pile of leaves and branches. There was indeed a black puppy that looked feeble lying on the ground.

The puppy's skin were slightly wrinkled and had black scales. Though its form was that of a puppy aside from the wings flapping on its back. Taking a closer look, it had a hint of resemblance to the dragon, but uglier.

The young dragon immediately took cover under the leaves when it heard a noise. It stuck out its nose to take a sniff. Then it jumped out and ran toward Zheng with excitement.

Zheng was slightly cautious of it but when he saw the wagging tail and it licking his trouser, he...

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