Vol 13: Chapter 16-2.

Vol 13: Chapter 16-2.

"Magic infused mines? You mean by converting qi or blood energy to electricity? Is this form of electricity more powerful?" Zheng quickly asked for the details.

Xuan nodded. "Based on my analysis, this type of device requires two parts, the energy storage rule and the conversion to electricity rule. Upon converting the stored energy into electricity, it will release a powerful energy burst. The stone tablet calls it a powerful energy attack. Though how powerful is not certain."

Zheng slapped WangXia on the shoulder. "That's great. The next time we encounter a large group of enemies, these inexpensive mines will be the key to our victory. Xuan, make one to test it out. I also want to see if the energy storage rule is achievable."

Xuan waved his hand. "Unfortunately, it requires various materials to make...

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