Vol 13: Chapter 15-2.

Vol 13: Chapter 15-2.

"All corpses have been left rotting for about four days. I poured sufficient amount of gunpowder on each one and ignited them. Don't worry, I have control over the amount, the fire won't spread toward the wood nearby. The trees here are also rather moist so it's not likely to turn into a forest fire." WangXia said within the soul link.

The group had been in this village for a day. The villagers all turned into vampires when brown hair wore the mask and died along with brown hair's death. The village was now desolated. They were probably the first visitors in the past several days.

To prevent any possible plagues and also the smell of rotten corpses was not pleasant, Lan scanned for the corpses and WangXia burned them down with gunpowder. Then they headed toward the ruins.

"The archeological group didn't find the entrance in the beginning. They planned to break a way through. When they were digging...

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