Vol 11: Chapter 9-2.

Vol 11: Chapter 9-2.

"Made up your mind? Going to burn them all?" Xuan was looking at a document.

Zheng said. "Yes, all of them. F*cking, there's already sniper rifles. We would be facing a modernized army if we don't kill them. I am curious what Imhotep is up to though."

Xuan replied without raising his head. "70% chance he's already inside the pyramid. 20% chance he's watching us from nearby. 10% chance he went to Hamunaptra. Which one do you think is more beneficial for us?"

Zheng answered without thinking. "Of course inside the pyramid. So we can take care of him on the way. Otherwise he might show up during the fight. What are you looking at?"

Xuan raised his head. "Information...

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