Vol 11: Chapter 8-3.

Vol 11: Chapter 8-3.

Zheng listened to the notification closely outside the alter. He realized what he guessed was totally wrong. He could create bodies without a mind in God's dimension but he forgot an important criteria to the creation, it could only create what he was familiar with or know.

For example, he could create a body that looked the same as the members but what about the DNA? And how could he guarantee that the insides were the same? The blood types and everything else? So what he made would just be just someone similar.

"Which means unless you freeze and store the body as soon as someone died, you have to pay the extra 1000 points. But this is still much better than paying twice the points and rewards to revive in God's dimension." Zheng let out a sigh of relief. Then he began to count how many points he earned in this movie.

4000 points from obtaining the Bracelet of Anubis and numerous from killing pygmies in the forest....

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