Vol 10 Chapter 5-2

Zheng took a deep breath. He knew this moment would eventually come but he hadn't expected it to be so sudden. He could sense something far away to the west scanning their direction.

“Lan! West, scan in a straight line!” Zheng shouted in his mind.

Lan replied shortly afterward. “But if I focus the scan in a line, I won’t be able to cover this school. I found some creepers, dogs, and a big hound. I fear they will attack you.”

“There’s no time to worry about these. Scan the situation first. They probably found us just now.”

About a hundred kilometres away, on top of a skyscraper. Ten men and women appeared out of nowhere. The zombies swarmed toward them like flies that smelled fresh meat.

Dadada! Several gunshots burst their heads and their bodies began to burn...

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