Vol 10 Chapter 3-1

Zheng stared at the Licker. Its body wasn’t just flesh anymore. A layer of exoskeleton covered the body. Its claws became fiercer. Zheng pointed the minigun at the Licker’s head, then pulled the trigger.

The Licker raised its claws to block. Sparks emerged in front of it. The minigun couldn’t break through its claws. Bullets were refracted away and the Licker slowly crawled toward him.

(The claws evolved to such a degree. Go for its body then.)

Zheng was about to change target when a series of motor sound came through the window. Then a motorcycle charged into the hall through the windows. A woman jumped off the bike. She pulled out a handgun and shot at the Licker on the ceiling. The bullets all landed on where the claws where clinging to.

The Licker...

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