Vol 10: Chapter 3-2.

Vol 10: Chapter 3-2.

With a flash of silver light, a knife appeared on the rotten head. Yinkong was in a throwing pose.

ChengXiao laughed. “Assassin girls are truly amazing, but you don’t need that thick piece of cloth. It concealed your figure. Just imagine, such a beautiful figure.”

Yinkong flipped back and slashed a skeleton head rising from beneath her feet, then said coldly. “Two more times and I will kill you.”

ChengXiao looked at that flaming dagger and laughed awkwardly.

They were standing on top of a graveyard. Rotten corpses arose from the earth one after another. Some of them looked greenish, and some were covered in maggots. These zombies could still move and jump at the group.

Yinkong easily sliced a corpse...

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