Vol 10: Chapter 14-2.

Vol 10: Chapter 14-2.

Clone took several deep breaths to calm down after shouting. Zheng knew how agitated he was because Clone gripped him so hard just then. Fortunately, he regained control over his emotions quickly, but he still crushed Zheng’s chest with the grip.

“I was copied after you finished your first movie, that is after Resident Evil. The specific time is after you created her. You didn’t have much potential before, but your potential suddenly jumped several degrees after creating her. I became a newcomer in team Devil, including your points, enhancements, items, and the person you created.”

Clone showed the Na ring on his hand. “Back then, the only Asians in team Devil were ZhuiKong, a Korean, a Japanese, and me, out of seventeen members. Two blacks, and the rest were Caucasians. The leader and his subordinates were all Caucasians.”

“They told me that you need the mentality of a devil to be part of the team. They seized my ring, told me to exchange an enhancement or item for the core members after every movie. I was fine...

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