Terror Infinity Sequels


At long last, Terror Infinity has ended. Was the ending abrupt or whatever? Indeed it was! That's because TI is the first of a trilogy. 

Following Terror Infinity, there's a sequel called Future Infinity. However, Future Infinity was cancelled and rebooted by the author later on, and the actual sequel now is called Dawn Infinity(500+ chapters). The third book will be called World Infinity, but it hasn't been started as of this post. There's also another book set in the same universe, called Death is but the Beginning(300+ chapters). However, I haven't actually read any of them myself. All my information is from Baidu, the Chinese equivalent of Wikipedia.

As for whether these will ever be translated, I am not sure about this. At least, Wuxiaworld and I won't be, due to being unable to get licenses to translate these. Terror Infinity also isn't very popular, so I don't know if anyone will pick up the sequels.

So, I'll just give a brief overview of what happens there. I read Dawn Infinity's 1st, 2nd volume, then skipped to Terminator Salvation where team China appeared, then to the end. In Dawn Infinity, it's set in the third era of God's...

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