Vol 23 Chapter 11-3: Difficulty Increase and the Uncontrollable Super Virus(III)

Unlike the teams which had discovered abnormalities, team China didn't continue to fly towards the Umbrella Corporation’s building. Without a psyche force user by their side, not being discovered by other teams was good enough, let alone discovering abnormalities. In fact, they were actually still very far from the building. The closer they were, the higher the chances of running into a team. In the short term, they still hadn't been discovered by any team yet.

“I really have nothing but respect for you all. You actually didn’t bring a psyche force user into the city? Isn’t this just seeking death? And you want to challenge team Devil with so few people? Mad respect!”

Luo Yinglong had been showing his personality of a hothead on the way here. He had constantly jibber jabbered on, especially when he heard team China planned to challenge team Devil. While this was within his expectations, he couldn't help but have misgivings.

“Why are you so chatty? Were you chased out from team Celestial by Adam because you talked too much?”

“What a joke!” Luo Yinglong said loudly. “Look, a powerful Cultivator like me would rank as one of the very best combatants...

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