Vol 22 Chapter 10-5

Although Sora Aoi had left the meeting room, she didn’t go to the deck. She carried Yingkong to the hold area. As she was a psyche force user, protecting her own safety was sufficient. There was no need to personally face team China in battle. Psyche force user’s usage lay in the grand scheme of things, and not the minute details.

“Kuraki-kun, when you pass on, I’ll surely follow after.” Sora Aoi said quietly in her heart. After exhaling, she pushed open the door and entered the room. She then put her full attention into manipulating the psych force scan, scanning all the attacking team China members within.

At this moment, team China had already completely launched their attack. The destroyer was charging over to the fleet, and submarines below the sea blew apart one after another. There was simply no submarine with the opportunity to near the destroyer and launch an attack. After the continuous submarine explosions, the destroyer had already neared the perimeter of the fleet.

The outermost warships had already completed their preparations. When...

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