Chapter 495 - Temporal Demon Spirit Book

But the barrier remained strong after the meteor fell. Looking at this scene, Yu Yan locked her brows together, “What’s going on?”

“The treasure in this island is powerful, and it’s supporting the entire barrier by itself,” said Nie Li. He slowly descended on the barrier and put his right hand on it. Closing his eyes, he could sense mysterious energy flowing in the barrier. He suddenly opened his eyes, “The power of spacetime?”

“Spacetime?” Yu Yan was baffled when she heard Nie Li’s words.

“That’s right. The most mysterious power, spacetime.” Nie Li nodded and took the two pages of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book out from his chess. Looking at the two pages, he could see a faint glow coming from the pages which hovered above the barrier.

“I got it now!” Nie Li cried out and started pouring all his energy into the two pages. With the two pages in the center, a huge pillar of light appeared and started expanding.


A huge hole was created in the barrier. Nie Li kept the two pages before he turned into a streak of light and entered the barrier. As for Yu Yan, she pondered briefly before she followed Nie Li into the barrier as well.

Shortly after they entered, the barrier sealed off itself once more.

Nie Li and Yu Yan landed on the island. It was a beautiful forest in the surrounding with five-colored spotted deers all around. When Nie Li saw those deers, he was deeply shocked, “These must be the legendary Spacetime Deers!”

“Spacetime Deers?” Yu Yan asked. “Those are the Spacetime Deers? I heard that they’re scarce, and not many people have seen them before.”

“The barrier outside is a spacetime barrier, which is why the deers are trapped here. After all, Spacetime Deers can travel through spacetime!” Nie Li explained. “In the past, it’s lucky if you can find one. But there are so many here!”

The Spacetime Deers were continually teleporting around, seeming as if they would disappear the next second. Suddenly, Nie Li felt a sharp pain in his head and started screaming out. “URRGGHHH!”

“Nie Li, what’s the matter?” Yu Yan was shocked by Nie Li, screaming out all of a sudden.

“ARGGGGGH!” Nie Li hugged his head and started struggling. It felt as if his head was about to blow apart.

Beside him, Yu Yan could only look at Nie Li anxiously and tried to cast spells to alleviate his pain. But all of her attempts were futile.

Nie Li groaned out from the feeling of his consciousness being torn apart, which he struggled with the pain for a long time before he fainted. He didn’t know how long had passed. When he woke up, he found himself in darkness.

He was standing in a desert with a majestic palace at the center, colored in gold and covered in mysterious patterns.

“T-this… This is the Desert Palace?!” Nie Li was dumbfounded by what he saw for a moment before he was basked in ecstasy. He never expected that he would be in the Desert Palace!

Right at this moment, he saw another him not far away, walking towards the Desert Palace. He was wearing ragged clothes, walking towards the Desert Palace as he did in the past. Looking at this scene, Nie Li was briefly stunned before he quickened his steps over.

“Why am I here together with my past life? Am I dreaming?” Nie Li tried pinching himself, and he could feel the pain of it. That means that this wasn’t an illusion! He was baffled as he walked into the Desert Palace together with his past life.

“Hello,” Nie Li greeted. However, he didn’t get any reply from his past self. It was as though his past life couldn’t hear him. He saw how his past self kneeled and kowtowed before walking up the platform. There was a book on the platform, the Temporal Demon Spirit Book!

Nie Li was filled with emotions when he saw the book. When he returned from his past life, the Desert Palace had disappeared, and he could no longer find the Temporal Demon Spirit Book. So how could he not be emotional when he saw the Temporal Demon Spirit Book before him?

He looked as his past self slowly picked up the Temporal Demon Spirit Book, muttering as he slowly opened it. When Nie Li looked at the platform, he saw another Temporal Demon Spirit Book lying on it!

“I understand now!” Nie Li fell into deep thoughts. “The Desert Palace is always here, and at the same time, it’s not. That goes the same for the Temporal Demon Spirit Book. This is the wonder of spacetime! The real Temporal Demon Spirit Book only existed in this spacetime, and the reason why I encountered the book was that I bumped into a spacetime node. It’s just like the Spacetime Deer, appearing in one place in this second and disappearing the next!”

“So this is the wonder of spacetime!” Nie Li felt emotional after figuring it all out. Suddenly, the Desert Palace disappeared, and so did the Temporal Demon Spirit Book.

Not knowing how long had passed, Nie Li started to wake up. The barrier that enveloped this island had also suddenly disappeared, along with the Spacetime Deers. The ground that they were on suddenly turned into a bald reef; it was as if the forest never existed in the first place.

“The treasure’s aura disappeared.” Yu Yan sensed around and sighed, “It looks like we’re not fated with it.”

Right at this moment, Nie Li smiled, “You’re wrong. I already got the treasure.”

“You already got the treasure? What is it?” Yu Yan asked. She had only witnessed how Nie Li fainted. So how did he get the treasure?

“That’s because I’ve comprehended the Law of Space and Time!” Nie Li smiled. “I’ve gotten the Temporal Demon Spirit Book!”

“The Temporal Demon Spirit Book? But I’ve never seen you obtaining any book?” Yu Yan was confused.

“The Temporal Demon Spirit Book only exists in spacetime. You can only obtain it by comprehending the Law of Space and Time!” Nie Li smiled. As he spoke, he slowly raised his hands, and an old book started to take shape before falling into his hands.

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