Chapter 494 - Deity-level treasures

The group began to search the Tiny World. There was something unique about the Tiny World. There was a restriction set in the Tiny World by an expert. If it weren’t for Nie Li’s special means, they wouldn’t be able to return to the Tiny World with their cultivation.

Nie Li was determined that there must be treasures hidden within this realm. He might not be able to find the Desert Palace again, but he might be able to find the Temporal Demon Spirit Book. 

All along, Nie Li wasn’t able to find the Temporal Demon Spirit Book again, and it had become a source of anxiety.

It was undoubtedly that the Temporal Demon Spirit Book was powerful. It was the reason why he was able to contend against the Sage Emperor in his previous life.

So it was certain that the Temporal Demon Spirit Book could help his growth greatly. But he hadn’t been able to find the Desert Palace, let alone the Temporal Demon Spirit Book.

Nie Li continued to use his intent to search the Tiny World, hoping to find the Temporal Demon Spirit Book. However, all his efforts were in vain.

Suddenly, Nie Li recalled someone whose knowledge about the Tiny World wasn’t any lesser than him. It was Yu Yan!

Using his intent, Nie Li contacted Yu Yan, who was in the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting. Yu Yan was still floating in the air, cultivating. She was like a butterfly wrapped in a cocoon. The surface of the cocoon was shrouded in rainbow luster.

Nie Li had no idea how long Yu Yan had been in this state, but he could sense that her Law of Fire was getting stronger.

She was recovering her power at a rapid speed. Even if she were to encounter a Martial Ancestor Realm, she could fend them off. She was, after all, a Deity-level existence. Even though she was injured and had only recovered a small portion of her strength, she wasn’t something that an ordinary expert could compare.

Sensing Nie Li’s existence, Yu Yan slowly opened her eyes.

“Big sister yu Yan, there’s something that I would like to ask you.” Nie Li asked.

“What is it?” Yu Yan calmly replied.

“I would like to ask for your help to search the Tiny World and see if there are any treasures here that are helpful to us.” Nie Li said.

“I’ll use my divine intent to help you with it.” Yu Yan nodded her head. She flew out of the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting and stood on Nie Li’s palm.

Her hands swiftly formed seals, unleashing her divine intent out in all directions.

“I’ll transmit all the information I perceived to you directly.” Yu Yan replied.

In the next second, Nie Li’s mind was flooded with information, which he couldn’t help being shocked, “I never imagined that there would be so many Deity-level treasures in the Tiny World!”

“What do you think? Before the Tiny World was sealed, it was a battlefield for deities.” Yu Yan replied.

“Battlefield for deities?” Nie Li was stunned.

“This is where the battle between deities took place.” Yu Yan replied.

Nie Li pondered with his brows knitted for a moment before nodding his head, “I see… But why hasn’t anyone touched those treasures after so many years?”

“You don’t understand. Those treasures have their own spirits, and they will pick their own masters. If your power of law isn’t compatible, there’s no way you can obtain those treasures even if you found them.” Yu Yan answered.

“I get it now.” Nie Li nodded his head. He turned to look at the group and spoke out, “I’ll tell you guys the location of those treasures. You guys can go and try your luck.”

“Can we find them?” Lu Piao asked, brimming with excitement.

“You can. The Tiny World has the most Deity-level treasures. But you will need to obtain the acknowledgment of those treasures. So you guys need to use your heart.” Nie Li replied.

“Use your heart? What do you mean?” Du Ze couldn’t help asking.

“In my opinion, you need a pure heart going forth and your understanding of Heavenly Dao to win their acknowledgment. Try and see if you can have a resonance with them.” Nie Li replied.

“Pure heart going forth?” Yu Yan lowered her head and started pondering over Nie Li’s words.

“I’ll let you guys know the location.” Nie Li smiled and started spreading out his intent, transmitting the information to the group. “Go and try your luck. We’ll meet ten days again from now.”

“Then we’ll get going now!” Lu Piao replied with excitement. He could no longer wait to look for treasures. Turning into a stream of light, he disappeared into the horizon.

He wasn’t the only one. Du Ze and the rest also left to search for treasures.

“I’m shocked by your words.” Yu Yan replied. “They might be able to obtain the acknowledgment of those treasures.”

After everyone left, only Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er were left.

Looking at the two of them, Nie Li smiled, “The transfer for everyone in Glory City will soon finish. We should also try our luck in the meanwhile.”

“Alright.” Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er nodded their heads.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The four of them left. A brief moment later, they appeared on a vast ocean. There was a small island beneath them. There wasn’t anything special about this island, but a huge barrier surrounded it. When Nie Li got close, he could feel a powerful rebounding force.

Curiously, Ye Ziyun asked, “There’s a treasure on this island?”

“I wonder what’s hidden on this island.” Xiao Ning’er also couldn’t restrain her curiosity.

“Big Sister Yu Yan, the treasure you sensed is on the island. But we can’t break through this barrier with it being at Deity-level.” Nie Li said.

“It’s indeed a Deity-level barrier.” Yu Yan replied after sensing the surroundings with her eyes closed.

“No wonder not even a Martial Ancestor Realm could take it away.” Nie Li smiled bitterly.

“I can sense something powerful in it.” Yu Yan couldn’t help sighing. “Let’s give it a try and see if I can break this barrier!”

Yu Yan started forming seals. In the next second, the sky turned dark. A terrifying tidal wave of fiery energy gushed over and smashed against the barrier like a descending meteor.

With a huge explosion, the meteor exploded when it came in contact with the barrier, creating sparks in every direction.

“How powerful.” Nie Li couldn’t help sighing. He never expected that Yu Yan would’ve gotten so powerful in the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

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