Chapter 492 Emperor Kong Ming

One after another silhouette descended as they looked at the teleportation array leading to the Black Prison Abyss destroyed.

The centre of the array had already been replaced by a ten-odd meters crater, proving the might of the previous explosion.

At the bottom of the pit, there’s a silhouette gasping for his breath as he laid on the ground. He’s Duan Jian, just that his wings had been torn apart with wounds covering his body as he slowly tried to get back up on his feet before falling back down.

“Duan Jian, how are you?” Du Ze and Lu Piao immediately rushed over, wanting to help him up.

“Watch out!” Nie Li suddenly barked out as he could sense an extremely terrifying aura in the sky.

Just as Lu Piao and Du Ze got close to Duan Jian, the two of them were suddenly thrown flying away as they fell onto the ground, spitting out mouthfuls of blood.

“Du Ze, Lu Piao, are the two of you alright?” Nie Li yelled out. He had tensed his body with his entire focus concentrated, prepared for a battle anytime as the aura lingering in the surrounding made him felt fearful.

“I’m fine!” Du Ze spoke with great difficulty. As someone in the Dao of the Dragon Realm, this is the first time he had been wounded to this state.

As for Lu Piao, he’s lying on the ground gasping for his breath.

At this moment, an old man instantly appeared before them, the old man that Nie Li had previously seen in the Black Prison Abyss.

His eyes were muddled as he muttered, “Infinity has no beginning, no beginning can have no end.”

A powerful aura instantly descended on Nie Li as it had locked onto him, restricting his movements.

What terrifying strength!

Nie Li was fearful as he looked at this old man with his palms wet from his sweat.

“The Black Prison Abyss was created by me.” The old man looked at Nie Li as he continued, “So you guys can’t ruin the rules in the abyss.”

“Grandpa, is there any misunderstanding between us? Which rules have we violated?” Nie Li asked awkwardly.

“Anyone who goes out of the Black Prison Abyss is forbidden to come back. This is the rule of the Black Prison Abyss.” The old man replied calmly.

“This…” Nie Lie glanced at Duan Jian as he went on, “We weren’t aware of it, and as the saying goes, the ignorant isn’t guilty…”

“That’s why he’s not dead. He’s only given a punishment.” The old man replied calmly as he looked at Nie Li and continued, “But that’s not of importance. You’re the reason why I’m here.”

“Me?” Nie Li was shocked as he had a rough idea what’s going on now.

“I believe you already know why I’m here.” The old man looked at Nie Li as he added, “Infinity has no beginning, no beginning can have no end. We’re both heirs of Emperor Kong Ming, and as heirs, we’re allowed to kill each other to seize each other’s strength.”

“Is that so?” Nie Li looked at the old man in alert as the old man’s strength had already exceeded his expectations.”

He couldn’t see through the old man’s strength at all. Facing this old man, he simply had no odds of winning.

A light flickered through the old man’s eyes as he swept a glance at Nie Li and spoke out, “But it’s a pity that you’re still too weak.” 

The old man sighed again, “Even if I kill you, there’s no much increment to my strength.”

“Senior, that cultivation technique is only a trap, trying to lure us to slaughter each other.” Nie Li spoke as he looked at the old man.

“Oh? Is that so?” The old man looked at Nie Li and continued, “But it’s a pity that I have already tested it.”

“I have already killed two heirs of Emperor Kong Ming. One of them is in the Ancestral God Land, and the other is my younger brother.” The old man explained with a subtle light flickering through his eyes.

“So did you obtain the two of their strength?” Nie Li asked.

“That’s right.” The old man replied as he continued, “Not only did I obtain their strength, but my cultivation also rose because of my bloodline.”

Standing behind Nie Li, Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er exchanged a glance as they had not heard of this matter from Nie Li. They did not hear anything about Emperor Kong Ming or this rule from Nie Li.

“Now, Emperor Kong Ming’s successor is only left with the two of us.” The old man looked at Nie Li and added, “But it’s a pity that killing you now has no help of me.”

Looking at the old man, Nie Li could see the sorrow on the old man’s face that must come from him having to kill his own younger brother. Suddenly, Nie Li’s heart throbbed as he asked, “Senior, may I ask why did you kill your brother? Is cultivation really that important?”

“We have been controlled by fate. Ever since we cultivated Emperor Kong Ming’s cultivation technique, my younger brother and I have been going around killing other heirs, which we ultimately slaughter our way into the Ancestral God Land. We managed to kill that heir, but my younger brother was gravely wounded and he accomplished me.”

“Is that worthed it?” Nie Li looked at the old man and sighed, “Losing your kin for the sake of cultivation.”

“I don’t know if it’s worth it anymore. I have been wondering around like a homeless ghost in this world for three hundred years.” The old man replied calmly and continued, “There’s ultimately a battle between us. After all, you’re the last heir.”

However, Nie Li shook his head, “Senior, don’t you find it weird? Why would Emperor Kong Ming leave behind that monument? Who knows if someone is watching over us while we’re killing each other in the cage?”

Hearing those words, the old man’s eyes flickered as he stared at Nie Li for a long time.

“I believe that Senior must have doubted it in your heart, right?” A smile rose on Nie Li’s lips as he went on, “And this must be the reason why you did not make your move against me. Who knows if the one watching us will come after one of us is left.”

“Brat, you’re smart. I have only figured it out after thinking about it for years. Emperor Kong Ming should still be alive, and Emperor Kong Ming must have also cultivated this cultivation technique.” The old man replied calmly.

“Since you already know about it, why don’t we join hands?” Nie Li probed.

“Join hands?” The old man laughed as he asked, “With your current strength? Brat, I’m afraid that you still have to cultivated for at least a hundred years before you can reach me.”

“Nothing is for certain.” Su Tao smiled as he continued, “Emperor Kong Ming was talented and he had cultivated throughout the endless years. No one knows his current cultivation, and I’m afraid that we have no odds of winning if we’re relying on strength alone.”

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