Chapter 491 - Duan Jian Trapped

“My son, you’re really back! That’s great!” Ye Mo’s face was covered in tears.

Looking at Ye Mo, Ye Zong’s brows slowly loosen up. Looking at his father filled with so much sorrow, he knew that his father must have a difficult time while he was dead.

All along, it’s rare for him to talk with Ye Mo as the latter had to stay outside Glory City often. Hence, the two of them rarely come together. However, he never expected that they would be parted by life and death in that meeting.

Coming back to life from the dead, Ye Zong was filled with many emotions.

However, he’s now in an awkward position looking like a child, not to mention that Ye Mo lifted him. Even he couldn’t explain the strange feelings in his heart.

Ye Zong couldn’t help rubbing Ye Mo’s hair. Coming back to life from the dead, it was a whole new experience.

“Looking at you now, it feels as if I’ve travelled back in time. Ye Zong, do you want candy?” Ye Mo smiled as he went on, “I’ll get someone to prepare it immediately.”

“Candy…” Ye Zong’s brows twitched before his face sank. Did Ye Mo really treat him as a child?

“Oh, right. I remember that you used to love the candy made by Aunt An’s family. Oh wait, she’s already a hundred and twenty, and she no longer makes any candy.” Ye Mo couldn’t hold back his laughter as he added, “What a strange feeling.”

Finally, Ye Mo placed Ye Zong down as the latter turned to look at Nie Li, “Brat, you’re the reason why I look like this, and you’re not allowed to meet with Ziyun for half a month as your punishment!”

“Father-in-law, your body is still weak because you’ve just come back to life, and you might pee your pants at night. I do have a method to resolve that, and I wonder if you’re interested?” Nie Li pulled Ye Zong to the side and whispered in his ears.

“Nie Li, you dare to humiliate me…” Ye Zong was curious, but he also lowered his voice involuntarily.

“Father-in-law, I’m serious about it.” Nie Li wore a serious expression as he went on, “If you really peed your pants at night, then it will really affect your reputation. At that time, I’m afraid that the entire Glory City will know about it.”

Listening to Nie Li’s words, Ye Zong’s heart couldn’t help to tremble as he asked, “Are you serious?”

“Your body was just constructed with the Spring of Life, so there is still moisture content in your body that needs to be expelled. So peeing your pants at night is unavoidable…” Nie Li sighed as he shook his head.

“Then do you have a solution?” Even Ye Zong felt that it would be embarrassing if he really peed his pants.

“Then about Ziyun and I…” Nie Li sighed.

“Nie Li, you dare to threaten me…” Ye Zong was furious.

“I dare not. I just want to help you.” Nie Li chuckled.

“Fine!” Ye Zong replied, gloomily.

“This is the Sky Origin Divine Technique. It’s especially compatible with people whose body is constructed with the Spring of Life. A body constructed by the Spring of Life contains massive Sky Origin Energy, allowing your cultivation speed to surpass others. With an addition to this powerful cultivation technique, you might be able to reach the Martial Ancestor Realm swiftly. At that time, you will be able to change your appearance as you want.” Nie Li smiled.

Listening to his words, Ye Zong’s eyes lit up as he sought a confirmation, “Will I really be able to recover my initial appearance?”

“That’s right.” Nie Li replied as he went on, “Consider it my betrothal gift to you.”

“Betrothal gift? What are you talking about?” Ye Zong widened his eyes.

“Then again, I can take it back if father-in-law doesn’t want it.” Nie Li chuckled.

“Nie Li, you bast…” Ye Zong glared at Nie Li furiously.

“Haha, I’m just messing with you, father in law.” Nie Li chuckled as he went on, “Here, this cultivation technique is for you.”

Shoving the cultivation technique to Ye Zong, Nie Li added, “Cultivate well, father-in-law!”

“Nie Li, I have already arranged everyone in Glory City to be sent over to the Divine Feathers Sect!” Du Ze looked at Nie Li.

“Alright.” Nie Li nodded his head as he knew that the Demon God’s Sect wouldn't let this matter rest so easily.

Hence, the entire Glory City started moving like a giant machine as Ye Mo sighed, looking at it from the tattered city walls.

Standing beside Ye Mo, Nie Li smiled, “Grandfather-in-law doesn't have to feel pity about it. We’re leaving Glory City to a better place, and we can return anytime we want. At that time, demon beasts will be of no threat to us.”

“We have been taking Glory City as our only home in the past, and many of our ancestors have fought and given their lives for this place. It was only at this moment did I understand that Glory City is only a speck of dust compared to the ocean.” Ye Mo lamented.

“That’s right. The outside world is vast, and we will only know about it after walking out. Glory City is only a small place in the Tiny World, and the Tiny World is one of the three thousand smaller realms. Even the Draconic Ruins Realm is also one of the three thousand greater realms.” Nie Li raised his head as he added, “The outside world is a massive place.”

“We’ve really been frogs in the well in the past.” Ye Mo sighed.

It was at this moment when a commotion suddenly rang out from a corner of the Glory City as terrifying shockwaves swept out.

Immediately, Nie Li circulated his Soul Force to envelope Ye Mo.

“Nie Li, what’s going on?” Ye Ziyun asked.

“It seems to be coming from the array leading to the Abyss Prison Realm.” Xiao Ning’er sensed as she spread out her soul force.

“The array leading to the Abyss Prison Realm? Duan Jian?” Nie Li’s heart immediately trembled. Could it be that Duan Jian is in trouble?

All of a sudden, Nie Li recalled the mysterious old man that he bumped into when he visited the Abyss Prison Realm in the past. That mysterious old man’s cultivation definitely exceeded the Legend Realm. But back then, he couldn’t sense exactly how strong the mysterious old man was, but that old man is definitely not ordinary.

Furthermore, that mysterious monument along with the legend of Emperor Kong Ming made Nie Li felt something fishy.

“Let’s go and take a look!” Nie Li replied as he turned into a streak of light.

After him, Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er, Du Ze, and the rest all followed up. It only took an instant for them to arrive by the array. When they descended from the sky, they discovered that the array had already been ruined with the location of the array caved in, forming a crater.

With that, the passage towards the Abyss Prison Realm was utterly destroyed.

“Nie Li, what should we do? The passage to the Abyss Prison Realm is gone, and Duan Jian is still inside!” Du Ze knitted his brows.

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