Chapter 489 - Who is he

Within a secret chamber in the City Lord Mansion.

Standing by the entrance, Ye Ziyun, Ye Mo, and the rest were waiting outside. Nie Li had assured them that he could revive Ye Zong with the Spring of Life, so they were waiting outside anxiously, filled with boundless yearning for Ye Zong.

So many days have passed, and they’ve been washing their faces with tears in this period. They were anticipating the return of Ye Zong.

Within the secret chamber, the stone walls that covered the four sides were filled with all kinds of mysterious runes, engraved by Nie Li as they emitted dazzling radiance.

Nie Li held onto the Soul Mirror as it permeated a familiar soul aura with a shine flickering on the surface of it.

Looking at the Soul Mirror, Nie Li could faintly see Ye Zong in it. 

Although Ye Zong might appear strict on the surface, he's actually a softie, and Nie Li had also acknowledged this father-in-law in his heart.

Bearing the surging emotions in his heart, Nie Li steadily formed seals as Soul Force gradually gathered on the Soul Mirror, causing the mirror to burst out with dazzling radiance abruptly.

As Nie Li swiftly took out the Spring of Life, the Spring of Life revolved as it slowly rose into the air and promptly converged together.

At this moment, Ye Zong’s soul also flew out from the Soul Mirror, merging with the Spring of Life and gradually condensing into a humanoid figure.

The scene appeared to be nurturing a life slowly.

As days slowly passed, it had already been five days in a blink of an eye as Ye Ziyun and Ye Mo were staring at the door anxiously.

“Why isn’t Nie Li done with it yet? It has already been five days.” Ye Mo muttered out nervously.

“Grandpa, Nie Li said that the ritual would take five to six days, and I believe in him!” Ye Ziyun gave a firm reply.

“It’s not that I don’t believe him, but this anxiety is killing me!” Ye Mo replied, feeling uneasy. He was naturally happy that his son could come back to life, but the process was too long.

Within the secret chamber, Nie Li was finally done with the ritual as the surrounding light gradually dimmed down.

At the center of the secret chamber, a little boy slowly opened his eyes. The little boy’s first reaction was to look around before he asked, “Where am I? Aren’t I already dead?”

The little boy’s gaze gathered on Nie Li, which Nie Li had already collapsed onto the ground, gasping for breath.

“Nie Li, what’s going on?” The little boy asked curiously.

Looking at this little boy, Nie Li couldn’t help feeling a little weird in his heart. But after a brief pondering, he spoke out, “Father-in-law, my Soul Force was emptied to revive you.”

That little boy was Ye Zong. Despite the age of his soul, he’s currently in the body of a three years old child that was newly formed.

“Revive? Does it really exist in this world?” Ye Zong looked down at his hands. When he realised that his hands had shrunken down to the size of a child, he instantly burst out in anger, “Nie Li! What have you done?!”

“Father-in-law, you can’t blame me for it. This body of yours had just been formed with the Spring of Life, and I only have so much with me. The body of a child was the best that I could do, so just make do with it.” Nie Li smiled bitterly.

“Y-y-you….!” Ye Zong pointed at Nie Li as his body trembled. After all, how can he possibly endure being in the body of a three years old child?

“Father-in-law, I didn’t wish for it either. Look at how many grievances I felt calling you father-in-law!” Nie Li smiled bitterly.

Ye Zong was practically on the verge of fainting from the anger as he asked, “How long will it take for me to return to my normal looks?”

“Father-in-law, you’ve gained a great bargain here. Your body was formed with the Spring of Life. So aside from recovering your youth, you also possess the Pure Yang Physique. You will be able to advance swiftly in your cultivation.” Nie Li chuckled.

“Screw your Pure Yang Physique. Tell me, when can I return to my normal appearance!” Ye Zong’s voice trembled.

“This… when your cultivation reaches the Martial Ancestor Realm. At that time, you will be able to transform your body freely.” Nie Li smiled.

“The Martial Ancestor Realm? What’s that? Isn’t Legend rank the highest?” Ye Zong was stunned.

“The Legend rank is only the beginning of cultivation. Above the Legend rank, there’s the Heavenly Fate, Heavenly Star, Heavenly Axis, and Dao of Dragon before the Martial Ancestor Realm!” Nie Li chuckled as he continued, “Don’t worry about it; it won’t take long!”

Listening to those words, Ye Zong was on the verge of spurting out blood from his mouth as he roared, “It took me decades to reach the Black Gold rank, and I’m not even in the Legend rank yet! You’re telling me to reach the Martial Ancestor Realm? Wouldn’t that take hundreds of years?! Nie Li, I don’t care how, but you must return me to my former appearance!”

“I can’t do that, and you can only rely on yourself. To be honest, it won’t take long, so you don’t have to be so depressed!” Nie Li smiled.

“You…!” Ye Zong was practically going insane. He knew that there’s nothing they could do right now, but how could he endure being in a three years old child’s body after his revival?

At this moment, Ye Ziyun and Ye Mo were still waiting outside. When they saw the secret chamber opening up, they immediately stood up and saw a silhouette walking out from the chamber. It was Nie Li, and there wasn’t anyone following behind him.

Instantly, the two of them froze on the spot.

“N-nie Li, did the ritual fail?” Ye Mo asked as his eyes dimmed down.

“I succeeded.” Nie Li smiled bitterly as he shook his head.

“Then, why are you alone?” Ye Mo asked after a brief stun.

“Yeah, where’s my father?” Ye Ziyun questioned as well.

“Father-in-law has already been revived, but he feels that he can’t meet the two of you.” Nie Li smiled bitterly.

“Can’t meet the two of us? Why?” Ye Mo asked in perplexion.

At this moment, a three years old child walked out from the secret chamber in hesitation. When Ye Zong saw Ye Ziyun and Ye Mo, he instantly felt agitated. But when he thought of his body again, he felt an urge to bury his head into the ground. Isn’t it too embarrassing?

“Who is he? What’s he doing in there?” Ye Mo sounded his question out. Nie Li clearly went in alone, so why did a little boy follow him out?

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