Chapter 486 - Return

It wasn’t something that belonged to this world.

The Blackfog Earthen Dragon and Profound Netherfrost Bird were startled, but they instantly recovered in the next moment. They figured out that there must be some formidable existences that entered when the barrier opened.

After all, they had experienced the power of the Draconic Ruins Realm, and it’s not something that they can resist!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosive power instantly swept out from the surrounding, slaughtering all the Demon Beasts a few thousand miles in the surrounding.

When Ye Mo and the bunch looked in that direction, they saw several familiar figures standing on the ground, and one of them is his own granddaughter, Ye Ziyun.

At this instance, tears streamed down on Ye Mo’s face as he initially thought that he would never have the chance to see Ye Ziyun ever again.

“Grandpa!” Ye Ziyun naturally became ecstatic upon seeing Ye Mo as she dove into his embrace.

Embracing his granddaughter, Ye Mo’s voice trembled, “Good! Good! Good! You guys are finally back!”

“Missy, you’re finally back.” Ye Xiu wiped his tears as he walked up.

When Nie Li swept his glance at everyone, he sighed in relief inwardly.

Fortunately, they’re still here, and they returned in time.

Otherwise, what awaits them will be a barren Glory City.

At the thought of a barren Glory City, Nie Li’s gaze flickered coldly as he swept his glance out.

Even Du Ze, Lu Piao and the rest couldn’t hold back the rage burning in their hearts when they saw the surrounding Demon Beasts. Thereafter, they turned into streaks of light and started their slaughter.

Watching the countless Demon Beasts being massacred, Blackfog Earthen Dragon and Profound Netherfrost Bird wanted to flee, but they couldn’t move from the suppression that came from the other party’s aura. That sort of power wasn’t something that they could contend, and at this moment, they did not even dare to struggle.

Glancing at the Blackfog Earthen Dragon and Profound Netherfrost Bird, Nie Li’s cold voice sounded out, “Spare them; I still have use for them.”

“Yes, Master!” Duan Jian replied as he flew past the Blackfog Earthen Dragon and Profound Netherfrost Bird. But the gale that he created when he flew past them instantly riddled the two Demon Beasts’ bodies with wounds as blood splashed out from their wounds.

Thus, the Blackfog Earthen Dragon and Profound Netherfrost Bird shrieked out in pain.

Turning to Ye Mo, Nie Li smiled, “Luckily, we came back in time. Grandpa Ye, how are you?”

“I’m fine.” Ye Mo shook his head and continued, “As luck would have it, we have the Ten Thousand Demonic Beasts Array that allowed us to hold on.”

“Brat, if you guys are slightly later, the Glory City would’ve disappeared.” Ye Yan smiled as he descended on Nie Li’s shoulder.

“Fortunately,” Even Nie Li rejoiced in his heart. When he saw his father and mother among the crowd, his eyes started to turn red without his control.

Looking at Nie Li so ever benevolently, his parents were also tearing up.

“Brat, I never expected that all of you would be so powerful. You guys have truly opened my eyes today!” Ye Yan said excitedly and continued, “You guys must have returned from a higher plane, right?”

“Yeah, a higher plane called the Draconic Ruins Realm.” Nie Lie nodded his head.

“A higher plane…” Expectation flickered in Ye Yan’s eyes as he continued, “So, when are you bringing me over to take a look at it?”

“Soon.” Nie Li smiled. “I’ve brought the Spring of Life with me, and not only can it revive Ziyun’s father, but I can also use it to rebuild your body.”

“Really?” Ye Yan was briefly stunned by Nie Li’s words before he sought confirmation, “Are you really sure it can be done?”

“Absolutely certain.” Nie Li nodded his head.

“Little Brother, you’re finally back.” Yang Xin looked at Nie Li with tears welling up in her eyes before she wiped them.

“It has been so long, and Big Sister is still so graceful as ever.” Nie Li smiled.

“Really? Big Sister has already withered, and you’ve become so outstanding.” Yang Xin looked at Nie Li with deep emotions in his eyes. She knew that Nie Li’s prospects would be bright, and she will watch him by the sideline and give him her blessing.

My fated one wasn’t born at the same time as me, and I’ve already aged when my fated one is born.

“Big Sister, you must be joking. You will definitely retain your youth.” As he spoke, Nie Li tossed a bottle of pellet over.

When Yang Xin received it, she glanced at the pellet before she looked at Nie Li in perplexion.

“This pellet won’t increase your cultivation, but it can allow you to maintain your youth. So you will retain your beauty and increasd your cultivation.” Nie Li smiled.

Hearing his words, Yang Xin’s eyes instantly lit up as she glanced at Nie Li charmingly and asked, “Really?”

“Naturally,” Nie Li nodded his head.

“Then this Big Sister will thank Little Brother.” Yang Xin then moved closer to Nie Li and whispered in his ears, “If there’s anything you want as repayment, you can ask for it anytime.”

As a fragrance blew in his face, Nie Li took a step back and smiled bitterly, “Big Sister, you’re too courteous.”

“What are you afraid of? You’re afraid that I will gobble you up?” Yang Xin smiled and continued, “There will be ample time later, so I will not bother you when you’ve just returned.”

She naturally noticed that Nie Li’s clansmen were walking over in this direction.

“Nie Li, you’re finally back!” Nie Li’s mother sobbed as she hugged Nie Li.

Even Nie Li felt a sour sensation in his nose as he immediately replied, “Mother, I have been unfilial to be late.”

“You’re not late, not late.” Nie Li’s father spoke out.

“Little Li is so capable now!”

“Yeah, if it wasn’t for Little Li, I’m afraid that we will all be dead by now.”

Nie En, Nie Hai, and the rest spoke out as well.

“Little Li, what’s your realm now? Have you reached the Legend Realm?” Nie Hai couldn’t hold back his question.

“Yeah, I’ve already reached the Legend Realm.” Nie Li replied with a smile, but he did not make any further explanation. Looking at these familiar faces, a blissful smile hung on his lips.

He had successfully changed the fate of the Glory City in this lifetime, and all his relatives are still alive.

“Little Li is so formidable now to reach the Legend Realm at such a young age!” Nie Hai laughed as he continued, “Finally, our Heavenly Marks Family has a Legend Rank powerhouse!”

When Nie Li directed his gaze to his companions, they were also surrounded by their clansmen like him.

Seeing the joyful atmosphere, Nie Li felt an urge to unleash a roar.

Soon after, he turned to look at the Blackfog Earthen Dragon and Profound Netherfrost Bird with a cold light flickering in his eyes.

It’s time to settle the grudges of the previous lifetime now!

Just when the Blackfog Earthen Dragon and Profound Netherfrost Bird wanted to flee, they suddenly felt a powerful aura locking onto them that instantly made them lose control of their bowels with as their trembled.

“We have nothing to do with this; we were just under orders…” Both the Blackfog Earthen Dragon and Profound Netherfrost Bird cried as they knew that they’re doomed to die.

“Who ordered you guys to come?” Nie Li snorted.

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