Chapter 485 - City Defense

As the horrifying power exploded around the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, some demon beasts charged at the array, and their bodies exploded upon coming in contact with the array.

Along with that, the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array also incessantly trembled with fine cracks slowly spreading out on the array.

Within the array, everyone held onto their weapons as they looked at those demon beasts charging in.

It has been so many years. Despite knowing that this day would ultimately arrive, they would also engrave their courageous deed behind. Glory City can be destroyed, but the stories would continue to pass down to later generations.

Perhaps one day, when someone passes by here, they would see the traces of how Glory City fought to their last breath.

Yang Xin was busy distributing elixirs since Nie Li has left many formulas with her. Ever since he left, she has focused on alchemy and managed to produce some potent elixirs. At this moment, she was grasping on a Soul Burning Elixir.

It could be used to instantly unleash ten-fold the strength of someone upon being consumed when exhausted. But at the same time, the soul would also burn and slowly be extinguished.

This was a suicidal plan, but she had no better alternative at this moment.

Furthermore, she wasn’t the only one. Even Ye Mo, Ye Xiu, and the various Patriarchs from different Families of the Glory City had one of such elixirs prepared. Even in death, they’re determined to defend Glory City down to their last breath.

Huyan Lanruo wore a set of dark-golden armor that wrapped around her voluptuous figure and was holding onto a sword, looking heroic where she stood. She was now the Patriarch of her family, and her cultivation has also reached the Black Gold rank.

There were ten-odd robust figures surrounding her, and as long as she gave an order, all of them would charge forth and slaughter for her.

Looking at the cracks spreading out on the array and the endless demon beasts charging over, Huyan Lanruo sighed.

With the current strength of the Glory City, even they had to face destruction with such massive tidal waves of demon beasts. She wasn’t afraid of death, but… She inwardly sighed as she looked towards the horizon. “Little Brother Nie Li, if you don’t come back anytime soon, you won’t be able to see this Big Sister anymore.”

On the other hand, Nie Yu firmly stood amongst the warriors of the Heavenly Marks Family. Due to the cultivation technique that Nie Li bestowed upon her along with her Physique of Heavenly Marks, she has reached Black Gold rank at such a young age and ranked amongst the first in her generation. If she was given a little more time, there’s no doubt that she would reach Legend rank.

“Big Brother, Nie Yu will definitely protect our clansmen.” Nie Yu looked firmly before her. Despite the endless waves of demon beasts, Nie Yu’s heart was still filled with courage as Nie Li had told her that she would be responsible for protecting the clansmen while he’s gone.

Looking at the slowly crumbling Ten Thousand Demonic Beasts Array, the Blackfog Earthen Dragon’s laughter roared.

“Myriads of years ago, despite the arrays that the human clan possessed, their cities were still trampled by us! Do you guys think that you can defend against us just by relying on this array?” A black pillar of flame raged from the Blackfog Earthen Dragon’s mouth and crashed against the massive array.

Finally, the Ten Thousand Demonic Beasts Array that resisted the tidal wave finally collapsed, and all the demon beasts charged at those who were in Glory City.

At this moment, those puny humans had resolution on their faces as they roared and brandished their weapons while facing the assault of the demon beasts.

It was a brutal scene with blood splattering from the point of contact between the two forces; it was akin to a massive meat grinder as the corpses of demon beasts and humans piled up.

Looking at this scene, the Blackfog Earthen Dragon’s laughter roared, “Struggle and despair! All of you will be devoured until nothing is left!”

The war had already reached the climax. The experts of Glory City fused with their demon beasts and charged at the invaders.

Ear deafening roars also resounded from the Blackfog Earthen Dragon, resonating from the mountain range, where streaks of light flew into the sky and charged over.

Every single one of those streaks represented a Legend rank demon beast.

It was only a dozen at the beginning, but a brief moment later, another dozen came. In the end, hundreds of them flew in the direction of Glory City.

Within Glory City, a massive silhouette stood up. The Snow Wind Spiritual God slammed down on those Legend rank demon beasts.

“The Demon Clans is an existence that cannot be defeated. If it weren’t for you guys still possessing some usefulness, the Human Clans would have already been annihilated myriad of years ago!” The Profound Netherfrost Bird sneered. He was prepared to make a move, as well.

At this moment, Ye Mo, Ye Xiu, Yang Xin, Huyan Lanruo, and even Nie Yu were engaged in the fight with their lives on the line.

All of a sudden, a horrific aura swept towards the demon beasts, and thousands of demon beasts were instantly sent flying.

A silhouette cannonballed to the ground that instantly created a massive crater. When that figure stood up, it was Du Ze.

“You invaders of my Glory City deserve death!” Du Ze’s eyes flickered with cold, murderous aura as he sent a palm out and instantly reduced thousands of demon beasts to ashes.

“What strength!” The Blackfog Earthen Dragon and Profound Netherfrost Bird were instantly startled by the newcomer’s strength.

That was a strength that exceeded Legend rank, a power that came from another world!

It was at this moment, more silhouettes descended, and their terrifying pressure instantly squashed thousands of demon beasts into minced meat.

The most terrifying one was the man with black wings. He swung his sword, which instantly slaughtered the demon beasts within a few thousand meters of radius, with one Legend rank and hundreds of Black Gold rank demon beasts amongst the casualty.

Even if those demon beasts have already reached the pinnacle of this world, they still couldn’t resist a single swing from that man, Duan Jian!

After swinging his sword, Duan Jian instantly charged out and brandished a sword aura that cleared up all the demon beasts in the surrounding hundreds of meters.

Blood of the deceased demon beasts formed into a river with their flesh laid on the ground.

As Duan Jian shifted his gaze at the Blackfog Earthen Dragon and Profound Netherfrost Bird in the sky, the two of them instantly felt a powerful aura lock onto them that made them feel suffocating, and their bodies felt like they were being squashed.

“What a terrifying aura!” The Blackfog Earthen Dragon and Profound Netherfrost Bird were startled as their courage scattered from the fear.

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