Chapter 484 - Crisis

Just when Ye Mo wanted to return to the City Lord’s Mansion, two boundless auras suddenly descended in the direction of Glory City.

With a chill in his heart, Ye Mo raised his head to look at the distant sky. From the far end of the horizon, two meteors were diving in the direction of Glory City.

“Lord Ye Mo…” Ye Xiu was worried as he looked at Ye Mo.

“What’s destined to come will come. Those are just two Legend Rank Demon Beasts.” Ye Mo said with inward fear as he looked at Ye Xiu. “Ye Xiu, go and turn on the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array!”

“Roger!” Ye Xiu replied as he flew off.

With a roar, Ye Mo slowly got covered in scales. Even his hair has instantly grown longer with his silvery hair fluttering in the wind.

That was the Legend Demon Beast — Ash-Bearded White Dragon. After Nie Li’s group left the Tiny World, Ye Mo and the rest opened the secret boundary of Glory City and obtained this ancient Demon Spirit.

Despite the empowering of the ancient Demon Spirit, the two majestic auras still made Ye Mo feel greatly pressured.

“Brat, leave! Otherwise, you won’t be able to!” The soul puppet, Ancestor Ye Yan bellowed in panic. “Those two fellows are too powerful, and there’s another even more powerful aura behind them! I’m afraid that not even the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array and Ash-Bearded White Dragon can stop them!”

“Glory City is here, how can I possibly abandon it? This is our last safe haven, and even if I die here, I will fight for my home!” Ye Mo unleashed a dragon’s roar as he turned into a streak of light and flew in the direction of those two incoming foes.

“There’s actually a human that wants to fight us to the death? Interesting, interesting!” The Profound Netherfrost Bird snickered as he dived in Ye Mo’s direction.


As the two auras clashed, a terrifying shock wave was instantly unleashed that levelled two hills to the ground.

This was a confrontation between two Legend Rank experts!

Even the aura in the Tiny World was violently trembling due to it.

In the blink of an eye, the Profound Netherfrost Bird had already exchanged a few hundred moves.

“I never imagined that a human could actually force me this far!” The Profound Netherfrost Bird could sense his aura weakening as he roared out in rage. Blazing black streams gushed out from its mouth, which instantly devoured Ye Mo.

Charging out of the black steams, Ye Mo unleashed a scarlet breath at the Profound Netherfrost Bird.

“I’ll help you!” The Blackfog Earthen Dragon’s massive figure suddenly pounced in the direction of Ye Mo.

With a resounding clash, Ye Mo was blown a few hundred meters out with a trace of blood hanging on the corner of his lips with the aura in his body being in turmoil. After all, it wasn’t optimistic for him to face two Legend Rank experts alone.

At this moment, a barrier slowly rose in the direction of the City Lord’s Mansion. It was the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array.

Looking at the opening of the array, Ye Mo swiftly retreated and turned into a streak of light that was retreating in the direction of the array.

“Trying to run?” The Blackfog Earthen Dragon and Profound Netherfrost Bird pursued.

But with a flash, Ye Mo had already entered the array while the two of them slammed against the seal of the array. In the blink of an eye, a myriad of Black Gold Rank Demon Spirits soared into the sky and charged towards the two of them.

After waves and waves of assaults, the Blackfog Earthen Dragon and Profound Netherfrost Bird have become weary.

“Bastard, what shitty array is this?!” Although the Blackfog Earthen Dragon destroyed one Demon Spirit after another, there were still endless waves that followed.

“Hmph, you want to use Demon Spirits to fight us? Then we’ll let you taste the power of the Demon Beast Clan!” The Profound Netherfrost Bird turned to the sky and unleashed a terrifying roar that resonated across the horizon.

Shortly after, roaring waves resounded from the nearby mountain range with millions upon millions of Demon Beasts surging.

Groups upon groups of Demon Beasts charged in the direction of Glory City like a tidal wave.

The ground trembled by their stomps as the millions upon millions of Demon Beasts made Glory City look like a small boat on the raging waves. It was as if Glory City would be devoured at any moment.

Within the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, the Soul Puppet descended on Ye Mo’s shoulder.

“They’ve mobilised the Demon Beasts in the mountain range, and I’m afraid that not even this array can last long.” The Soul Puppet sighed. “It looks like the long inheritance of Glory City will be broken here.”

“What pitiful kids.” Ye Mo looked into the distant and looked at the kids. They were the future hope of Glory City.

“With the beast tide, I’m afraid that we won’t be able to send them out.” Ye Yan sighed.

Walking towards a kid, Ye Mo asked while caressing that kid’s hair, “Kid, are you afraid?”

“I’m not afraid, Grandpa Ye!” That kid’s eyes radiated as he looked at Ye Mo without any trace of fear in his eyes.

“Lord Ye Mo, we will cover you to leave if there’s an opportunity.” Ye Xiu respectfully said as he looked at Ye Mo. “You’re a Legend Rank Demon Spiritualist, so you might be able to survive.”

Looking at Ye Xiu and the rest, Ye Mo responded, “What’s the meaning in my escape if every new blood dies? In the end, I would just die a lonely life within the mountain.”

“But…” Ye Xiu and the rest still wanted to say something. However, they were interrupted by Ye Mo with the latter shaking his head, “There are no ‘buts’. I’d rather die fighting for Glory City than to live a cowardly life.”

“Grandpa Ye, my dad told me that you’re the Wargod of Glory City. As long as you’re here, there’s nothing for us to fear.” The kids all looked at Ye Mo with their eyes burning.

Looking into the distant tide, Ye Mo felt that he had no regrets, even if he died for this group of people.

Another wave of Demon Beasts charged in the direction of the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array and Ye Xiu commanded the Demon Spirits to charge at the Demon Beasts. It was a chaotic scene with Demon Beasts littering the ground.

The Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array was truly powerful. It managed to kill hundreds of thousands of Demon Beasts. But as time passed, flaws started to be revealed on the array.

“Haha, this ancient array will soon be broken. At that time, I’ll see where you guys can run!” The Profound Netherfrost Bird’s laughter roared.

“At that time, I will eat all of you alive!” The Blackfog Earthen Dragon sneered as a cold glint flickered on his claw.

Thousands upon thousands of Black Gold Rank Demon Beasts charged in the direction of the array. Under their terrifying impacts, the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array finally shattered.

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