Chapter 483 - Ancestor Crimson Serpent

Glory City experienced a war for months. The multitude of Demon Beasts regularly launched attacks at Glory City, but thanks to guardians like Ye Mo, they managed to repel the Demon Beasts’ assaults.

The city wall was worn out from the numerous battles caused by the sharp claws of the Demon Beasts. Corpses of Demon Beasts littered beneath the city along with the bones of many courageous Demon Spiritualists.

To protect the city, they had even given up on their lives.

Standing on the wall, Ye Mo looked into the distance.

The current population in Glory City is only three hundred thousand, and they would continue to suffer losses annually. Occasionally, roars of Demon Beasts echoed from the direction of the valley.

Ye Mo’s face was covered with sorrow since his own son, Ye Zong, was dead. Not to mention that his granddaughter was in a remote location. No one knew how long Glory City would last, and Ye Mo had no idea when he would be able to see his granddaughter again.

However, he could only continue to fight for Glory City’s survival.

In the Tiny World, it was filled with Demon Beasts. There were even some that exceeded Legend rank.

“Lord Ye Mo, it’s getting late. Why don’t you take a rest for now?” Ye Xiu sighed as he looked at Ye Mo’s desolate and aged figure.

Fate was too cruel to this old man.

At this moment, a Soul Puppet that was in the form of a bird landed on Ye Mo’s shoulder.

“Lord Ancestor.” Ye Mo’s tone was respectful as he glanced at the Soul Puppet.

“Ye Mo, I’ve wandered around the entire Tiny World in this period, and there are several human habitats that have been destroyed. Those five Demon Beasts that have exceeded Legend rank will soon turn their attention to Glory City. I’ve also recently noticed that there are violent fluctuations of spatial energy, and I’ve no clue what happened.” Ye Yan said with concern.

“I also felt that the Demon Beasts around Glory City have some unusual movements recently. I’m afraid the next wave will be stronger than before.” Ye Mo said as he glanced into the distance. “In the event that all of us die in battle, I’d like to ask you to find a location to hide, Lord Ancestor.  When Ziyun and Nie Li return, hand this key to him. That child is the last hope of Glory City.”

“This key…” Ye Yan was briefly stunned before he continued, “The key to Glory City’s Spirit Godhead Land?”

“Yes. It’s a long inheritance of our Glory City that is rumored to contain the Snow Wind Spiritual God’s soul.” Ye Mo nodded his head.

All of a sudden, the horizon started to tremble.

A crimson beam shot over with a voice echoing across the horizon.

“Hahaha! The seal of the Tiny World has finally opened, our wait wasn’t in vain!” A demonic voice resounded throughout the continent that caused many Demon Beasts to unleash an earth-shattering roar.

That crimson beam was someone from the Demon God Sect in the Draconic Ruins Realm, and he had been stationed to supervise the Tiny World’s seal. He wasn’t able to enter, since the Tiny World’s seal was closed. But recently, there was suddenly a small crack in the Tiny World’s seal.

Sensing that powerful intent, all the Demon Beasts in the Tiny World trembled in fear.

A gigantic crimson serpent had opened its mouth. All of a sudden, hundreds of thousands of Demon Beasts soared into the sky and their bodies swiftly disintegrated as the crimson serpent absorbed their blood and flesh.

“Hahaha! It has been such a long time since I have had such a satisfying meal.” The enormous crimson serpent laughed as he changed into a humanoid form.

At this moment, five beams flew towards the crimson serpent. They were five Demon Beasts and their voices resounded out at the same time, “Disciple greets Ancestor Crimson Serpent.”

“I left all of you in the Tiny World back then, but I never expected that your cultivation would still be so weak.” The Ancestor Crimson Serpent snorted with a terrifying bearing permeating from him, causing the five Demon Beasts to feel that their bodies were on the verge of collapsing.

“Please appease yourself, Ancestor.” A Profound Netherfrost Bird said. “A few years ago, Big Brother Blackprison Azure Dragon reached the Heavenly Fate Realm. But a bolt of divine lightning descended from the sky and annihilated his existence. So we did not dare to make any breakthroughs, we could only suppress our cultivation.”

Hearing the Profound Netherfrost Bird’s words, the Ancestor Crimson Serpent nodded his head. “Back then, there was a supreme existence that laid out a restriction in the Tiny World. Anyone who reaches the Heavenly Fate Realm will be annihilated. I only managed to get in when the seal opened, so I have to leave before the seal closes. The few of you will heed my orders now.”

“We will comply with Ancestor’s orders!” The Demon Beasts responded.

“I want you to capture all the humans in this Tiny World. Not a single one of them can be overlooked! You guys should know the consequences if even one is overlooked!” Ancestor Crimson Serpent looked at the five Demon Beasts.

Upon hearing those words, the five Demon Beasts felt a chill down their spines.

“Yes, Ancestor!” The five Demon Beasts acknowledged.

“Then, what are you guys still doing here?” Ancestor Crimson Serpent coldly snorted.

“Roger!” The five Demon Beasts instantly turned into streaks and flew in different directions of the Tiny World.

The Profound Netherfrost Bird and Blackfog Earthen Dragon flew in a direction, searching for traces of humans.

“I never expected that the seal of the Tiny World would open. We’re in trouble now.” The Profound Netherfrost Bird bitterly smiled.

“What do you mean?” The Blackfog Earthen Dragon asked in perplexion.

“Think of it this way. In the Tiny World, any existence that has reached the Heavenly Fate Realm will be annihilated. The reason why we can act with such tyranny is because the Demon God Sect needed us to restrict the human clan. If the humans died, do you think that the Demon God Sect would still need us?” The Profound Netherfrost Bird bitterly smiled.

“Is that the reason why you have been holding back from annihilating the human clan after all these years?” The Blackfog Earthen Dragon asked after a brief pondering.

“Indeed. We have our worth to the ancestor if the human clan exists. But if all of them are dead, then we would lose the meaning of our existence. At that time, we might even be devoured by the ancestor himself.” The Profound Netherfrost Bird answered with a wry smile.

“Then, what should we do?” Even the Blackfog Earthen Dragon had locked his brows together.

“What else can we do aside from following the ancestor’s orders? We’ll catch a group of humans first.” The Profound Netherfrost Bird replied and they turned into two streaks, flying towards the east.

In the deep valley at the end of the horizon, a towering city appeared in their view. It was the last habitat of humans, Glory City.

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