Super Genius DNA

Super Genius DNA

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[You have become the first ever Player of Life in human history.]
-What did I just see? He can see the flu virus?
-The cell he made grew in the culture medium. This really looks like an embryonic stem cell… Is this true?
Leukemia, dementia, schizophrenia, lung cancer, and pancreatic cancer… 
‘Can I overcome it all?’
[Of course.]
A confident message popped up. 
Rosaline, the living cell that had become a part of his body. 
With this cell, any research he did was nothing but successful!
His story of overcoming all diseases and illnesses begins here. 
Disclaimer: Please do not take any medical advice from this novel or any other web novels.
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190 Chapters
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 Original work ©Limido/KWBOOKS

Launch date: 27 November 2023

Release rate: 7 chapters a week

11 Reviews
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5 months ago
So far only two chapters have been released but I’m intrigued. I’m not one hundred percent hooked yet but this one has definitely peaked my interest. The ugly world of Big Pharma is exposed for all to see in the first chapter. A great product is invented by a “little guy”. It’s better than the Big Guy’s product so big guy buys them out and shelves the product. The MC, a dedicated scientist, takes on The Man and gets exiled to the “Land of Misfit Toys”. I was thinking, too cliche but then I read chapter two! Enter game mechanics. I wasn’t expecting that so now I have to see how the author is going to fit this into a totally modern setting. I’m looking forward to the launch so I will recommend this book, for now. More to follow. Happy reading ✌🏾

4 months ago
I was a little uncertain what this would actually be. So, I will start there. This is about a guy who cares about medical ethics and is given the ability to analyze all compounds and diseases. Some people don't like medical ethics because they are not profitable. He would rather just cure every disease instead of having profit though. So, we have some conflict. This is good. The cell he created is also in his body. We also get some conflict with what that means for his own humanity, and what the power that he is acquiring as a result means for his personality. This is also good.

Basically, we have a couple interesting sources of conflict, scientific sounding nonsense that isn't so nonsensical that my reading experience is interrupted by thoughts like "that would never work" or "that's dumb", and an overall competently written drama story with interpersonal issues and interesting characters.

If a modern medical drama type thing sounds up your alley, you should try this. If curing all diseases and fighting evil pharma companies sounds fun, you should read this. If you're just clicking through every novel on the site because you are bored and looking for something to read, you should read this.

5 months ago
Very nice story onset. Protagonist, Evil Pharmecy Company, Flippant Evil Woman, Greedy Director. I love the premise that he is the only one and he can now single out every medical issue and with a little help design his own processess to cure these issues. I look forward to this translation. I don't expect any martial arts battles but I do expect a lot of intrigue, pseudo science, and plain out petty vengeance. I am definitely wanting to read the vengeance and the author's take on medical sciences. The main character does seem to need a lot of help despite being a researcher, scientist, and a doctor of sorts. Those student loans and living expenses hurt though so I can see where he is coming from.

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Happy Reading Super Genius DNA!

5 months ago

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