Still, Wait for Me

Still, Wait for Me

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Xiang Tingsheng 项庭生
Inexplicably reborn in the year 2003, having failed terribly in his previous life, the prevailing concern with Xu Tingsheng, that stands above all else, is none other than her. But alas, he is just months away from entering university, while she is but in her first year of junior high… Regarding this, all he can do is wait silently…for now.
In the meantime, other matters remain. There were quite a few things that went…rather badly, back then. Given the chance to change things, how would it not be the best decision to give that roulette wheel another spin with the odds stacked a better way, to attempt to change those dismal fates? And in some matters, does the alternative even truly exist? Hence flaps the butterfly’s wings…
In Xu Tingsheng’s new ‘second chance’ life, the power of foreknowledge coupled with intelligence pre-empts excellence, and that, coupled with personal charisma and character, begets women. Here he strives for success, while always keeping foremost in his mind that for which he exists, that which his achievements are ultimately meant to protect and cherish. And amidst all this, the season of youth does bloom for the young, deep, complicated romance and spontaneous, hot-blooded fighting never failing to inspire.
Philosophical and deep amidst the great, original tale of modernity it tells, this is a thought-provoking story of life, on life, on living.
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Someone gets a do-over and seeks to live a better life with his foreknowledge, and no hidden cheats or boosts.

3 Reviews
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3 months ago
I rather like this one. I read a lot of regression stories and can say that, while different, this was one I thoroughly enjoyed. I can empathize with wanting to make up some of your past mistakes, while still being afraid of breaking good things and people. I can most compare this Novel with the longtime favorite on this site 'Life, Once Again,' only where LOA spent more time showing the MC experiencing and learning, SWfM's MC tries hard not to change or be tempted. SWfM is losing is this matter, but I still find them both to be really great.

There were however a few moments that made me pause and had me debate quitting. Very early on in the story there is a scene that very vividly displays some dark and disturbing content. This scene does not linger and does not occur a second time; but when I read that I stopped, felt disgusted, and was glad I wasn't listening on TTS. There was later a string of scenes that displayed two characters being intimate. While normally I would glance over this and not be concerned, the age difference between the two did make me feel off put and debate quitting. While neither scene went over my personally tolerance level, they were both an unexpected shock and had really tested my limits.

One of the most common Quit moods, that I usually get, is when a novel starts feeling like it is dragging on or a plot starts cycling over and over again. I didn't feel either of those quit moments while reading this and often found myself excited for what comes next.

The MC does feel very normal and a little bland. Not very exceptional in intelligence or ability, his only strength is that he is more mature than others his age and has a little bit of knowledge form the future that he can take advantage of and plagiarize. His greatest weakness is his over emotional nature and his endless desire not to hurt those around him. He doesn't have an extreme personality and we never get to see him develop one either. I admit it is a bit underwhelming and frustrating when we hear people praising him for his foresight and maturity, and his only response is to be even humbler and emphasize his normality. To some these are annoying character traits to have, but in a down to earth modern setting I find them to be perfectly fine.

The supporting cast is full of colorful and interesting personalities. They ooh and aah over the MC's strength, shore up his weakness's, and even attack them at times. They also have their own character development and strengths. By the end some are ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with the MC. Unfortunately, a good half of them are women who are tragically in love with the MC and can't leave him alone. The good news is that the harem route is never taken as a serious outcome, even going so far as to include a very humorous joke staring Sun Wukong about the absurdity of such a route. While I do feel that more time could be given to define the end state of some of these characters, doing so wouldn't have really added anything more meaningful.

This novel made me laugh, almost made me cry while reading in public, and was definitely entertaining without overstaying it's welcome. It was worth my time.

2 months ago
Just like hokehokehoke, I have read a lot of regression stories. This is one of the earliest ones i read, before life, once again, and become a star, and extraordinary genius.

I like this story a lot, since it also involve finance and business, another one of my favorite, beside regression. The fact that this has happy ending is very important, since many regression story did not have happy ending. And the happy ending is not limited to just MC. It also happened to some of his friends and acquaintances, but not all of them. This is very realistic, and added to the balue of this book.

I also like how the villain in this story behave. The plot twist near the end is also very unexpected, and ended logically and satisfyingly.

I am going to reread this story again, since it has been a long time ago since i finished it (i was reading at the volare website, at that time).

There is only a handfull of novel which i have reread, and i only reread those that i like a lot.

I hope that this review will get more people to read this hidden gem

a month ago
Loved this series!~ Welcome break from the action/adventure wuxia novels that I've been reading non-stop. This series should be much more popular here; it is a hidden gem. I really felt for the main character and I think we can all relate to some of the past mistakes he has made in his first life. Having the chance to fix your mistakes and do things differently if you had the chance is such a provocative thought. How would we have done things differently if we could go back? What changes would you make? Who would you protect? Who would you know to avoid and who you can trust? The premise makes for such an interesting read! With excellent character development, I strongly recommend this series. This is my first review and the first time I've been really compelled to write one.

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