Book 9 Chapter 7

B9C7: Massacre

In a certain underwater mountain range belonging to the Black Aquatic Dragon Cave under the Stellar Tower,

Nobody knows that this underwater mountain range is the current base of Di Nai, the only majesty of the Nine Demons Hall who was lucky to survive. There is a large formation set up around the base so Di Nai and the 2 vice masters of the valley, Yan Mou and Yan Xin, are the only ones who know the way to get out of the base.

Holding a jade cup, Di Nai is enjoying the savor of fine wine.

“Yan Xin, what’s the current situation of the 10 squads we sent out?” He asks indifferently.

The 2 below him, Yan Xin and Yan Mou, are his most trusted subordinates. Yan Xin says immediately: “Valley master, this time we dispatched 10 squads to infiltrate into the Qin dynasty through various places. However, the Stellar Tower is defending with really too many troops so 4 squads have still been killed.”

“Oh? 4 squads have still been killed?” Di Nai slightly frowns.

The 10 squads sent by him this time entered the Qin dynasty via 10 different directions. They either went through city gates directly in broad daylight, or came in through out-of-the-way corners of obscure mountain ranges, or took a large detour by going into the Wilderness from the ocean before entering the Qin dynasty.

Even so, 4 of the 10 squads have been wiped out.

Di Nai gives several cold laughs: “Looks like that Qin Yu fella has gone to a lot of trouble to protect his relatives.”

Yan Xin chimes in: “Valley master, we can see from this that Qin Yu values his clan’s members. Only in this case can you torment his heart by killing his relatives, thereby venting your fury a little bit.”

“That’s right.”

Di Nai gives a smile: “If he didn’t value his family, killing his relatives wouldn’t affect him so it’d be useless for me to do it. I must torment his heart and make him suffer mentally. The more he grieves and suffers, the happier I’ll be.”

“6 squads, 60 troops, after entering the capital, they’ll divide into 12 small groups. I wonder how many people they’ll be able to kill.” Di Nai drinks up the wine in his cup then stands up and leaves.

The 2 brothers Yan Xin and Yan Mou bow to bid farewell to him.

“Big brother, valley master hates Qin Yu to the bone. His hatred is already near the point of obsession. But the Stellar Tower is much more powerful than us and the Azure Dragon Palace and the Blue Water Mansion are also supporting Qin Yu. If things go on this way …” Yan Mou says frowningly via holy sense communication.

Even though the 2 of them are loyal to Di Nai, they are still somewhat unsure about their future. However, they can only discuss this matter using their holy senses because they do not dare to let Di Nai know.

Yan Xin gives a cold laugh then says via his holy sense: “2nd brother, both of us were brought up by valley master. When the other majesties are already dead, how can we possibly betray him? Besides, the ones who’ll go carry out the task are all ordinary troops. The 2 of us and the 6 guardians won’t have to leave the valley so we won’t encounter any dangers …”

After pondering for a while, Yan Xin continues: “2nd brother, you only need to put your effort into training. It doesn’t matter how many Qin Yu’s relatives they can kill, just don’t pay attention to anything else. Considering valley master is lying so low like this, I don’t think Qin Yu can find us.”

Yan Mou nods his head.

After all, anyone with some brains can see that Di Nai is at a disadvantage, but he also has an advantage, that is, he is in the dark whereas Qin Yu is in the light.

Therefore, Di Nai can attack Qin Yu, but Qin Yu cannot attack him despite being powerful because it is difficult to find out his location.


Inside a garret of a city gate tower of the Qin dynasty’s capital, 2 Xiuyaoists are talking to each other.

“Hey, brother Yan, we’ve been here for more than a half year but the remaining thugs of the Nine Demons Hall just don’t show up. We’re even forced to keep watch using our holy senses. This is really …” A short man says.

The other, a strongly-built man who is sitting with legs crossed, now opens his eyes, saying: “Be careful. If what you said is leaked out, tower master will get furious. Don’t play with your life.”

At this moment, the strongly-built man’s face changes color.

“Xiuyaoists detected!”

10 Xiuyaoists have appeared within 1 km of this city gate tower. The strongly-built man immediately tells the nearby Xiuyaoists under him via holy sense communication. Various silhouettes then rush out from the many small garrets of the city gate towers like lightning.

They all use holy sense communication and nearly 100 Xiuyaoists within several km of them charge towards the same location instantly.

“It’s daytime now. Move faster, so that those mortals can’t see us.”

The leader of the 100-strong squad immediately shouts to his subordinates using his holy sense. Those 100 troops reach their top speeds at once. They move like strong wind and in the blink of an eye they have already gone 100 m.

At such speeds, only some Xiantian experts can manage to see them, but how many Xiantian experts are there on the whole Qian Long continent? And how many Xiantian experts are there within such a short distance?

Poof ~~

Bloods spatters!


Flesh is torn apart violently!

“You’re killing the wrong guys. I’m the Stellar Tower’s guard.” A member of the attacked group of 5, a green-haired thin man, says to the attacking Xiuyaoists via holy sense communication without delay. When Xiuyaoists kill each other, they basically have no time to talk with their mouths and therefore can only communicate via their holy senses.

“Wrong guys? Stellar Tower’s guard?”

That squad leader stands in front of the green-haired Xiuyaoist, who is lucky to be alive, and says with a cold laugh.

4 of the 5 strange Xiuyaoists have been killed instantly and this is the only one of them left.

“Sir, I’m really the Stellar Tower’s member. If you don’t believe me, you can check my jade identity card out.” The green-haired Xiuyaoist hurriedly says in terror at once.

The squad leader says with a cold laugh: “Your jade identity card belongs to the Stellar Tower indeed. But … tower master ordered long ago that any Xiuyaoists entering the Qin dynasty be killed.”

“I’m …” The green-haired Xiuyaoist still wants to quibble.

There is a tinge of mockery and amusement on the squad leader’s face: “Brat, quit lying. Let me tell you something. Tower master has already told Manager Zhuang Zhong that not even the Stellar Tower’s forces are allowed to enter the Qin dynasty.”

The green-haired Xiuyaoist moves his eyes in a circle and says: “Sir, I’m one of the 10,000 Xiuyaoists who came here in the beginning. I was sent to guard the Qin dynasty’s border.”

“Oh …” The squad leader is stupefied.

This is a possibility. 5000 Xiuyaoists are indeed guarding various places on the border of the Qin dynasty.

“Didn’t tower master give you an order? Why did you guys leave without permission?” The squad leader asks doubtfully. He has not loosened his vigilance yet.

The green-haired Xiuyaoist is delighted to see some hope.

“Well … sir, those Xiuyaoists you killed just now were with me. You killed the wrong targets. They were our comrades.” The green-haired Xiuyaoist says with grief.

“Ah.” The squad leader appears totally stunned.

At this moment, the green-haired Xiuyaoist has already come up with a way to escape, however --


A sharp sword penetrates his stomach. The green-haired Xiuyaoist looks at the squad leader before him with popping eyes and says in disbelief: “You … why did you …?”

“Brother, you’re really smart. Unfortunately, tower master already took this simple flaw into account. The jade identity cards of us 10,000 guards were already altered. So, as soon as we sensed you, we knew that … you’re not one of us.”

The squad leader smiles broadly.

“Then why did you … still talk with me so much …?” Because a vital body part of his was pierced through, the green-haired Xiuyaoist, who has merely reached the Jindan stage, is wounded very badly. But he still wants to know the answer.

The squad leader says solemnly: “Well, this … is because you didn’t show up until now. We’ve been waiting here for more than a half year without seeing anything. We were bored so naturally we wanted to toy with you a bit!”

“Ha-ha …”

Those nearly 100 Xiuyaoists all laugh out loud. Some mortals in the surroundings become doubtful as to why that group of men is laughing. But seeing that those men are muscular, nobody dares to approach them.

“Brothers, clean it up and leave.”

After destroying the corpses, the 100 members of this squad slowly enter the city gate with no worries then return to their respective posts on the city wall.


At almost the same time, 5 other small groups attempt to secretly intrude into the capital through different places.

However --

It can be said that the capital’s defense is almost watertight as one group after another is totally annihilated. The Stellar Tower’s guards, who have not killed for more than a half year, take the opportunity to toy with these Xiuyaoists at will.

But these guards are too careless.

Right after they killed the first batch of groups, another batch of groups appears and intrudes into the capital through the same places. Because the original guards of these places have already left to kill the first groups, the later groups are able to sneak in safely.

If the Stellar Tower’s guards were vigilant and kept watch all the time with their holy senses, they would very likely have detected the 2nd batch of groups of 5.

But obviously not many guards are vigilant.

Among the 12 small groups of 5, 5 groups succeed in entering the capital with this method.

As for going in through the sky, this method simply does not work because the airspace of the capital has been sealed up with restrictive spells and not even a birdie can dream of flying in.


The capital, Prince Yu’s Mansion,

Qin Yu is sitting in a chair. Yan Rui and Liang Tan are in front of him. Yan Rui is dressed in a black suit of armor which outlines her curvy figure but Liang Tan has a solemn expression and does not glances sideways at her.

“Tower master, various places on the city walls have reported that many small groups attempted to sneak into the capital. It is still unknown whether any such groups have breached our defense to come in.” Liang Tan says seriously.

Qin Yu nods and says with a smile: “They’re very formidable, aren’t they? Every Xiuyaoist inside the capital must be vigilant and search carefully. As for the ones in the Imperial Palace, I don’t have to tell them what to do, right?”

“Don’t worry, tower master. Di Nai’s forces will be exterminated if they come here regardless of their number. None of them will succeed.” Liang Tan says confidently.

Qin Yu slightly nods.

He is certainly at ease.

Not only did he spread the Stellar Tower’s guards along the border of the Qin dynasty to provide surveillance, he also had guards stationed on the city walls. Moreover ... there are currently over 1000 Xiuyaoists inside the capital. They are staying in various places of the capital and monitoring it constantly.

The inside of the Imperial Palace is even more heavily guarded.


“Sir, the Imperial Palace is guarded too strictly inside. More than half of the 25 brothers who were lucky to survive are already dead.”

A scholarly-looking Xiuyaoist listens to his subordinate via holy sense communication while sitting in a restaurant. He then gives an order: “Change the targets. Attack the members of the royal family and the important officials in the capital. Kill as many as possible.”


The scholar takes a sip of tea and lets out a sigh.

“Valley master really told us to seek our own deaths with this mission.” A forced smile appears on his face. But he and the other do not dare not to come here because, if they disobey, Di Nai will … make them suffer a fate worse than death instead of killing them.

Suddenly --

“Brother, you’re really brave to have broken in the Qin dynasty’s capital.” A juvenile walks towards the scholar.

The scholar’s face changes color greatly. He unexpectedly cannot tell the power level of the juvenile before him.

“A little late Jindan stage fella like you even dared to break into the capital? You must have a death wish.” As this sentence rises in the ears of the scholar, the juvenile also arrives at his side. The scholar, however, remains motionless.

This is because … he is already dead.

This juvenile is none other than one of the 10 company leaders of the 10,000 guards from the Stellar Tower.


“Roar ~~”

A terrifying shout is heard, immediately followed by a series of explosions. More than half of the mansion of the Minister of War has been destroyed.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! ……

In an instant, 10-odd silhouettes appear simultaneously in the Minister of War’s mansion. Their expressions are very unsightly. Each important high-ranking official is protected by 3 Xiuyaoists, but the Xiuyaoist who attacked just now was unexpectedly an octopus.

When attacked, he changed into his huge true form and self-destructed out of desperation and fury, killing more than half of the Minister of War’s family on the spot, including the Minister of War.

“Sir.” Those 3 guards whose duty is to protect the Minister of War are trembling in fear at the moment.


A large man with an ice-cold face violently gives one of them a slap on the face then says coldly: “The 3 of you couldn’t even deal with an enemy. If you had held on for a short while, we would’ve arrived in time. But … you couldn’t even hold on for a little while. Prepare to be punished by tower master.”

Hold on?

How could they have held on when the enemy self-destructed?

These 3 Xiuyaoists feel greatly wronged.


Meanwhile, attacks are launched at various places in the capital. More than half of the 25 Xiuyaoists successful in entering the capital died in the Imperial Palace but they had still managed to kill several tens eunuchs, several tens ladies-in-waiting and an imperial concubine in the palace.

The nearly 10 remaining Xiuyaoists also succeed in killing several important officials and several hundred ordinary people.


Seeing the outcome, Qin Yu has a somewhat unsightly expression.

“Tower master, our guards are also at the Jindan stage so despite their superior number, they could not kill the enemies in one hit. Because they cannot one shot the enemies, the enemies can kill a large number of mortals just by sending out their energy … Mortals are really too weak.” Yan Rui says in frustration.

Qin Yu forces a smile.

Indeed, when Xiuyaoists fight each other, even though his forces outnumber the enemies, the energy sent out in the fighting alone can kill mortals. Thus, an imperial concubine, several important officials and even more than 100 eunuchs, ladies-in-waiting and ordinary people were killed this time.

“Increase the surveillance on the city walls. I never thought so many Xiuyaoists would be able to sneak in. From now on, increase the number of monitoring guards. The best solution is to prevent the enemies from getting into the capital.” Qin Yu immediately gives an order.

The deaths of a minister and several other important officials are really a severe blow to the Qin dynasty and its subjects.

However, Di Nai used this wave of attack only to test the water. His real, ruthless attacks are still to come!

End of b9c7.

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