Book 9 Chapter 5

B9C5: Using little plans

“Uncle Xu.” Qin Yu’s eyes brighten.

In terms of stratagems, Xu Yuan is certainly on a very high level because he was a former general advisor of the Qin clan.

Qin De has also noticed that Qin Yu has something serious to deal with so he immediately looks at him and listen attentively.

“Father, Uncle Xu, Uncle Feng, a big problem has indeed arisen. It’s related to the lives of the Qin clan’s members.” Qin Yu’s expression is solemn.

Qin De’s face also becomes solemn. He frowns deeply then says in a low voice: “Yu’er, tell us about it clearly. What actually happened?”

“In the past in the underwater Xiuyao world, Fei Fei and I killed several majesties of the Nine Demons Hall so there’s a big feud between us and the 4 remaining majesties. But … they were afraid of Uncle Lan’s power so they didn’t dare to cause us trouble. Fei Fei, Xiao Hei and I didn’t care about the Nine Demons Hall either. However …”

Qin Yu’s voice becomes serious: “Just now, 3 of those 4 remaining majesties were killed in the Wilderness, which means there’s only a majesty left in the Nine Demons Hall. As far as I know, the Nine Demons Hall’s majesties value brotherhood very much. So I think this last majesty, Di Nai, will definitely disregard everything to take revenge on me. Though I’m not afraid of him and his subordinates, I’m worried that they will attack the Qin clan’s members.”

Qin De raises his eyebrows. His face changes color.

He has heard Qin Yu talk about the Nine Demons Hall so he also knows that it is a superpower in the underwater Xiuyao world. If a leader of such a power wants to assassinate the Qin clan’s members, even Qin Yu, who controls quite a lot of forces, will find this fairly difficult to deal with.

After all, Qin Yu is in the light whereas Di Nai is in the dark.

“Xiao Yu, the underwater Xiuyao world you mentioned should have other powers, right?” Xu Yuan asks.

Qin Yu says with a nod: “Yes, Uncle Xu. This underwater Xiuyao world got 4 major powers in total, the Azure Dragon Palace, the Blue Water Mansion, the Nine Demons Hall and the Stellar Tower. This Stellar Tower is also my power. The Azure Dragon Palace and the Blue Water Mansion are the strongest powers.”

“Then what are the Azure Dragon Palace’s and the Blue Water Mansion’s stands on this matter?” Xu Yuan asks again.

Qin Yu says: “Of course they’re on my side. The Nine Demons Hall only has Di Nai left, how can they possibly support it? The Azure Dragon Palace, the Blue Water Mansion and my Stellar Tower have agreed to announce that the Nine Demons Hall is now terminated for good. Given that Di Nai is not very powerful, we won’t even need to get into action. When he knows that the other 3 powers are joining to attack him, he’ll run away himself.”

“Very good.” A smile appears on Xu Yuan’s face.

“Xiao Yu, let me ask you again. How many subordinates in the Nine Demons Hall are likely determined to follow Di Nai? And how many Xiuyaoists do you have in the Qin dynasty?” Xu Yuan continues to ask.

“Even though most Xiuyaoists follow strong individuals, very few of them should still stick with him after knowing that the Nine Demons Hall is finished. But the Nine Demons Hall has a history of 1000 years so I think around several hundred Xiuyaoists will resolutely follow him.” Qin Yu thinks for a while then continues: “My Stellar Tower has at least 10,000 subordinates in the Qin dynasty.”

Xu Yuan ponders for a moment.

Afterwards, he looks at Qin Yu and asks: “I remember Xiuzhenists can detect people using their holy senses?”

“Yes, the range of a holy sense is related to an individual’s soul level. The higher your soul level, the wider the range of your holy sense. As for detecting people, generally, you can detect those on par with you or inferior to you. It’s hard to detect those stronger than you, unless they don’t suppress their auras.”

“How do your experts compare with him?” Xu Yuan asks again.

Qin Yu says confidently: “Fei Fei, Xiao Hei and I can all kill Di Nai. Any of those 4 guardians of mine can also subdue him.”

Xu Yuan considers for a while then gives a faint smile.

“Xu Yuan, you already have a solution, don’t you?” Qin De asks with brightening eyes.

Xu Yuan says smilingly: “This matter is very simple to deal with. Some tactics will still need to be worked out based on the enemies’ actions, but I have a simple, little plan to guard against them.”

Qin Yu is delighted and says at once: “Uncle Xu, quickly tell me about it.”

Xu Yuan says while waving his fan gently: “Firstly, because you have 10,000 Xiuyaoists, let’s make use of their holy senses by sending 5000 of them to stay temporarily in various places on the border of the Qin dynasty. They will occasionally go on patrol using their holy senses. This is the first line of defense.”

“Secondly, the capital’s area isn’t large so just 1000 Xiuyaoists on the 4 city walls can cover everything with their holy senses. When they are tired, the can even take turns to search and guard.”

“However, Xiao Yu also said that one’s holy sense can only detect people who are weaker than or on par with him. If someone stronger than those Xiuyaoists appears, they probably won’t be able to spot him. Therefore we’ll mix them with several pretty strong experts at regular intervals.”

“Thirdly, the Imperial Palace, its area is small so we’ll send the 10 most powerful among these 10,000 Xiuyaoists to guard it. They can definitely cover it with their holy senses. The last line of defense is inside Pure Forest Garden. Xiao Yu, one of you and your 2 sworn brothers must be on guard here.”

This plan proposed by Xu Yuan is the simplest defense plan.

In the beginning Qin Yu thought that Di Nai would come to assassinate his relatives so his thoughts were in turmoil, but now he has no mental problem after listening to Xu Yuan’s analysis.

Xu Yuan continues: “Di Nai and you haven’t seen each other for some time so nobody knows if he has made a breakthrough in power. Therefore, whatever happens, we must not be careless. Thus, fourthly, we’ll use political decoys in this Pure Forest Garden. We’re going to ask other people to disguise themselves as your father and Uncle Feng and stay here. Even if Di Nai personally gets into action and reaches this place in the end, he’ll achieve nothing. We’ll even be able to take the chance to kill him.”

Qin Yu cannot help feeling ashamed.

After listening to the first 3 points, he thought that the plan was perfect, but he has not seen Di Nai for 10 years so maybe Di Nai has reached the late Dongxu stage, in which case it will be very difficult even for Qin Yu himself to deal with Di Nai.

“These 4 points are the 1st plan, whose goal is to guard against the enemies.” Xu Yuan says with a smile.

Qin Yu is startled.

Xu Yuan continues: “The 2nd plan allows us to hit them proactively. It has 2 points. First, you have to send subordinates to spread the news that the Nine Demons Hall is finished throughout the underwater Xiuyao world, making the Nine Demons Hall’s subordinates lose hope and become anxious.”

Qin Yu gives a smile. Is this not incitement?

“Most of those subordinates will probably leave Di Nai after knowing that the Nine Demons Hall is finished. Second, you have to order your subordinates to get acquainted with the Nine Demons Hall’s subordinates and try every means to communicate with those at the side of Di Nai. If you can infiltrate several subordinates into Di Nai’s suit, the matter will become easy to handle.”

Qin Yu’s eyes brighten.

Everybody hits a man when he is down so when the times come, most members of the Nine Demons Hall will definitely leave Di Nai. Naturally, those who will leave are acquainted with those who will follow Di Nai. Therefore, it will not be difficult to find ways to make contact with the ones who will follow Di Nai.

He can lure them with holy weapons, holy pills and so on to infiltrate some spies into the ranks of Di Nai’s close subordinates, which subsequently will make it possible to eliminate Di Nai.

Xu Yuan says smilingly while waving his feather fan: “These are merely the 2 plans I came up with when not knowing what Di Nai is going to do. If Di Nai is too weak, they will be enough to finish him. If he’s got some brains, I’ll certainly think of other plans.”

Seeing Xu Yuan’s mysterious expression, Qin Yu cannot help giving a smile.

“Uncle Xu, what would you do if you were him?” He asks.

“I’d infiltrate into the Qian Long continent and use mortals to deal with mortals. Only this method can take advantage of the element of surprise. Moreover, it’s the most dangerous method.” Xu Yuan says indifferently. “There are various ways of putting this method into effect, which give different results as well. But any of them is better than attacking directly using Xiuyaoists.”

Xu Yuan gives an indifferent smile: “However, I’ve already taken those various ways into consideration. I want to see what moves Di Nai is going to make.”

Hou Fei blinks a couple of times.

He then says to Qin Yu: “Big brother, those Xiuyaoists are just fools compared to this old man.”

Having now become relaxed, Qin Yu says smilingly: “Fei Fei, you can’t imagine how formidable my Uncle Xu is. Plus, Xiuyaoists are not good enough at stratagem because personal power rules the Xiuyao world. What’s the use of tricks in the face of absolute power?”

“If I were extremely strong, I’d cover the entire Qian Long continent with my holy sense. Once Di Nai appears, I would simply kill him. Whatever plans would be rendered useless by this move of mine. Too bad I’m not so strong so I can only rely on Uncle Xu’s tactics.”

When personal power reaches a certain level, any schemes or tricks will become ineffective against it.

“Xiao Yu, I think Di Nai will most probably assassinate the Qin clan’s members. If he fails, perhaps he’ll target the Qin dynasty’s important officials … You should make some preparations for this because if those important officials get killed, the Qin dynasty’s stability will suffer a huge blow.” Xu Yuan advises.


1000 Xiuyaoists, these are Di Nai’s most loyal subordinates. Di Nai already left the Nine Demons Hall, bringing along these 1000. When he left, he also took all of its treasures away with him.

“3 of the Nine Demons Hall’s 4 majesties have died. Now the only one left is the 9th brother. The Azure Dragon Palace, the Blue Water Mansion and the Stellar Tower hereby jointly declare that from now on the Nine Demons Hall no longer exists. Whoever captures Di Nai shall be rewarded with a top-grade holy weapon by the Stellar Tower. Any Xiuyaoists following Di Nai are traitors to the entire underwater Xiuyao world and shall be killed!”

This order spread throughout the underwater Xiuyao world extremely fast.

Based on Xu Yuan’s suggestions, Qin Yu contacted Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed then jointly determined to give this order.

When it spread, the Nine Demons Hall collapsed in the blink of an eye.

“Whoever runs will die!”

Di Nai turns into a huge Purple Demon aquatic dragon and rips ten something Xiuyaoists who want to flee apart directly with his dragon claws.

He expected his subordinates to possibly rebel therefore when he left that day, he only brought along the most important and loyal ones among the Nine Demons Hall’s several tens thousand subordinates. Too bad, even some among these 1000 most loyal subordinates run away when faced with that order.

Capturing Di Nai will be rewarded with a top-grade holy weapon!

Following Di Nai is the same as betraying the entire underwater Xiuyao world and will be punished with death!

These 2 clauses make the hearts of those loyal Xiuyaoists pound. They are betraying the entire underwater Xiuyao world, no less!

“All of you listen. From now on, whoever betrays me shall be killed. If you don’t betray me, I’ll ensure that you live.” Di Nai tells the more than 800 remaining subordinates.

Half of these over 800 subordinates are absolutely loyal to him. Even though the other half are loyal to him, they also fear for their lives.

Di Nai says indifferently: “Don’t worry. Now the Nine Demons Hall has fallen apart, who knows who I took with me when I left? Basically nobody can know who you are, let alone kill you.”

Those Xiuyaoists feel a bit more relaxed.

“Moreover, I won’t push you into the road to destruction.” Di Nai says smilingly. “I have with me all the treasures of the Nine Demons Hall. Originally several tens thousand members of the Nine Demons Hall were going to be supplied with them, but now only the several hundred of you can use them so there are a lot of holy weapons and holy pills for everybody.”

Those Xiuyaoists’ eyes glitter. They also know that Di Nai took all the Nine Demons Hall’s treasures with him when he fled.

“Yan Mou, Yan Xin, you secretly take 300 troops each to the northern extremity of the Black Aquatic Dragon Cave under the Stellar Tower and gather in the waters next to the Qian Long continent. I’ll take the remaining troops to meet up with you there. We’re going to go forwards in 3 directions.”

Di Nai has divided his forces into 3 groups and put his 2 most trustworthy subordinates in charge of 2 of them.

Yan Mou and Yan Xin have been following him since they were little and consider him their father. They take his order without delay.

“Have no fear, everybody. Just throw away your jade identity cards and go to the Black Aquatic Dragon Cave to get the new ones. From now on, you’re members of the Black Aquatic Dragon Cave under the Stellar Tower outwardly but you’re secretly my subordinates.” Di Nai says with a smile.

Those Xiuyaoists calm down a lot.

“This way, nobody will know that you’re my subordinates so there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.” Di Nai says confidently. “After reaching the Black Aquatic Dragon Cave’s territory, we’ll first choose a place in the waters next to the Qian Long continent to set up our base.”

Di Nai looks at those slightly calm Xiuyaoists, saying: “Trust me, if you follow me, you’ll have more treasures than any other Xiuyaoists do. Besides, nobody will know your real identities …”

“Remember one thing. Nobody is allowed to rat. From now on, transmitters will be distributed strictly. Only the special ones can have transmitters. The others are not allowed to contact outsiders. 10 troops form a squad. Whoever runs away will be killed and the other members of his squad will be collectively punished with death.” Di Nai says in a cold voice.

Those Xiuyaoists’ hearts tremble.

Di Nai smiles again and says comfortingly: “Don’t worry. As long as you don’t betray me, you’ll live very well. But if any member of a squad runs away, the other members of the squad should blame that runaway instead of me. It’s he who does you harm.”

The use of collective punishment makes the members of a squad monitor each other. After all, their lives are on the line here.

Afterwards, the squads are formed and the transmitters are distributed.

“All right, let’s get going in 3 directions.” Di Nai orders.

Under the command of Di Nai, Yan Xin and Yan Mou, Di Nai’s subordinates split up into 3 groups, which follow different paths to rush to the Stellar Tower’s Black Aquatic Dragon Cave.

“Qin Yu, even if I can’t kill you, I’ll kill all of your relatives … Right, your clan is the royal clan of the Qin dynasty, isn’t it? I heard a dynasty’s high-ranking officials are very important. Killing some of them will most probably give you a headache too.” Di Nai gives a faint cold smile.

End of b9c5.

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