Book 9 Chapter 2

B9C2: Instant kills

Yan Mo is smiling but because he is looking down at everybody from the upper part of the hall and because his simple words contain pressure, everybody has a heavy feeling. Pressure! Not only is it the pressure coming from Yan Mo himself, it is also the pressure coming from the vast Xiuyaoist powers of the Wilderness behind Yan Mo.

“Yan Mo, you’re really still the same as you were in the past.” Azure Dragon talks to himself while looking at Yan Mo. There is a faint frustrated smile on the corners of his mouth. He knows that it has probably become impossible for Yan Mo to remember him, but he cannot forget Yan Mo.

That weak and small, aloof and proud figure of the past has always been in Azure Dragon’s mind. Perhaps anyone of the same generation as Azure Dragon Yan Lang in the Yan family of the dragon clan will never forget Yan Mo’s name.

Yi Da says with a faint smile: “Brother Yan Mo, what you just said really made us jump out of our skins. So it turns out we from the overseas Xiuzhen world have been looking at the sky from the bottom of a well. A Dacheng divine beast and a 12th tribulation loose demon, oh my, they both are super experts who can turn the world inside out.”

Yan Mo is slowly stroking the snowy cat’s pliant tail, saying nothing.

“All right, you’ll be one of the participants in opening the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion. Is anybody against this?” Yi Da agrees by himself just like that.

Qin Yu takes a look at Old Freak Three-Eyed, Azure Dragon and the others then exchanges a smile with Hou Fei and says: “I don’t mind. My brothers and I don’t even take searching for the 9th jade sword seriously. If brother Yan Mo joins us, then so be it.”

Old Freak Three-Eyed also says with a nod: “I’ve got no objection either.”

When things have reached this stage, nobody will disagree. Reverend Yan Xu, Azure Dragon and the others all nod in agreement.

“Ha-ha …” With a broad smile, Yan Mo suddenly stands up and laughs out loud. His robe automatically expands as if it is blowing in the wind. “This is very good. Since you’ve all agreed, the whole thing is simple. Now let’s use our nine jade swords to find the location of that Nine Swords Immortal Mansion.”

The Nine Swords Immortal Mansion’s location?

“There’s no hurry. We’d better leave this place before searching for the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion’s location.” Reverend Yan Xu says at once.

“Reverend Yan Xu is right. We’d better leave here then talk again.” Di Long also says smilingly.

Yan Mo suddenly looks at Di Long and says with an ice-cold expression: “Who are you?”

Everybody at the scene feels doubtful. Judging from Yan Mo’s behavior moments ago, he should know very well about the overseas Xiuzhen world, but why does he ask this question now? Is it only because he wants to make Di Long lose face? Di Long does not mind and says immediately: “I am Di Long of the Nine Demons Hall.”

“Oh, you’re the big brother of the 9 little worms. Ah, now there are only 4 little worms remaining, right?” Yan Mo’s tone contains arrogance.

Obviously he looks down on the Nine Demons Hall.

The faces of Di Long, Di Jian and Di Xu change color. However, at this moment, that snowy cat stares at the 3 of them with its golden eyes. Their expressions change again and eventually they really suppress their anger.

The opponent is at the middle Kongming stage and is even a divine beast whereas they are merely late Dongxu-stage Purple Demon aquatic dragons. The gaps in power are really too great.

“Ha-ha … you all want to come out, don’t you? Well, I also know that you’re afraid I’ll use the great formation here to confine you, but you’ve got me wrong.” Yan Mo is mercurial. Now he looks like he has been wronged.

He goes down to the lower part of the hall. A passage leading straight to the surface of the ground unexpectedly appears above the hall.

“Follow me, everybody.” Yan Mo soars into the air. That snowy cat then flies up after him. All of a sudden, the Dragon Rocky lion’s and the Hong Luan’s bodies shrink by several times. Afterwards, they also fly up to the ground’s surface through this passage.

The experts of the Penglai Immortal Region, the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon, the Blue Water Mansion, the Azure Dragon Palace, the Nine Demons Hall and the Stellar Tower all look at each other.

Although they cannot be sure if this passage is dangerous or not, they cannot stay here either, so in the end they have no choice but to carefully fly up through the passage. Luckily for them, Yan Mo takes no ruthless actions and everybody eventually gets to the surface of the ground safely.

After reaching the ground, they choose an area in a prairie as the place of negotiation.

The snowy cat now has transformed into a cat-headed human whose body seems to be covered in a layer of snowy fur. She stands beside Yan Mo with a frosty expression, glancing at everybody at will with her golden pupils.

Everybody then sits down with legs crossed on the soft grass of the prairie in a circle.

“There are 9 jade swords in total. I don’t know how many of them you’ve got, but I already told you I’m the holder of the 9th jade sword.” Yan Mo says smilingly.

Reverend Yan Xu says: “My Penglai Immortal Region has the 1st sword.”

Yi Da gives several laughs and says: “My Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon has a bit more, the 3rd and the 5th swords, 2 swords in total.”

Azure Dragon says: “I’ve got 2 jade swords, the 4th and the 7th ones.”

“The Stellar Tower has the 8th sword.” Qin Yu says.

Grand Founder Three-Eyed says with a ‘humph’: “The Blue Water Mansion only has the 2nd sword.”

Di Long also says with a smile: “The Nine Demons Hall has the 6th jade sword.”

Hearing this, Yan Mo takes a look at Di Long then says loudly: “I believe everybody has already looked through those jade slips in the black jade cases, so you should know how to use the 9 jade swords to find the location of that Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, right?”

“That’s certainty true.” Reverend Yan Xu says indifferently.

“In this case, let’s find the location of that Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, shall we?” Yan Mo makes a wave of his hand. The 9th jade sword becomes the first to send out various rays of light and float high up in the air.

Azure Dragon also makes a wave of his hand. His 2 jade swords also radiate rays of light then float up in the air to come near the 9th jade sword.

Afterwards, Qin Yu, Old Freak Three-Eyed, Reverend Yan Xu, Di Long and Yi Da all mentally activate their jade swords, making them send out rays of light and float up in the air. The 9 jade swords form a circle with each sword radiating a slightly different light.

In the end, the lights of the 9 swords slowly fuse with each other. That combined light then spreads out towards the several holders of the swords, covering them.

Qin Yu, Azure Dragon, Old Freak Three-Eyed, Di Long, Yi Da, Reverend Yan Xu and Yan Mo are all bathed in that light. After a while, the light disappears and the 9 swords fly back into the hands of their respective owners. Now the 7 of them all have a faint smile on their faces.

However, in just a while, they frown deeply.

They already know the location of the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, but knowing does not mean they can go into it easily.

“I never expected it to be in the Chaotic Astral Ocean.” Reverend Yan Xu says frowningly. “Though it’s only on the edge of the Chaotic Astral Ocean, we’ll have to go in 10,000 li. To us, 10,000 li can be covered in the time to drink a cup of tea if we go fast, but it’s still a considerable distance.”

The Nine Swords Immortal Mansion is located deep down in the ocean, more than 13,000 li due south of the Golden Tree Island.

This Golden Tree Island is none other than that island which has that ancient teleport formation. It is 2000 to 3000 li away from the border of the Chaotic Astral Ocean. The Nine Swords Immortal Mansion is really located in the Chaotic Astral Ocean, which is an exceptionally distressing thing.

The distance is only more than 10,000 li while everybody here can go a million li in a day so they can really cover it in the time to drink a cup of tea.

But this short period of time is enough for very many things to happen. Maybe they will run into ferobeasts in the Chaotic Astral Ocean. If these are weak ferobeasts, they will have an easy time, but if these are Dujie stage ferobeasts or even Dacheng stage ones then they will be finished.

Yan Mo says in an unconcerned manner: “It’s only 10,000 li. This place still belongs to the periphery of the Chaotic Astral Ocean so it’s very unlikely that we’ll encounter Dujie stage or Dacheng stage ferobeasts. As for the loose immortal, loose devil and loose demon experts, most of them stay in the depths of this ocean. So, if we’re lucky, we’ll only encounter a couple of Yuanying stage or Kongming stage ferobeasts.”

“You’re right. It’s only 10,000 li. Because of the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, it’s worth taking this risk.” Old Freak Three-Eyed ponders for a while then agrees.

The others also contemplate then nod in agreement.

All of them want to try their luck.

However, what Yan Mo said is very reasonable. They will only be entering the outermost area of the Chaotic Astral Ocean whereas formidable ferobeasts are probably not present here and loose immortal, loose devil and loose demon super experts are also rarely seen here.

Di Long says: “Everybody has already agreed, but how many individuals from each side will go to the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion?”

Azure Dragon says with a smile: “Of course we’ll decide the numbers of individuals based on how many swords we’ve got. Let it be this way. If you have one sword, one of you can go, and if you have 2 swords, two of you can go.” Azure Dragon has 2 jade swords, but in fact he only needs a place for himself.

“That’s no good.”

Reverend Yan Xu, Di Long, Yi Da and some others say almost simultaneously.

“Reverend Huo Tian and Reverend Di Feng certainly want to go, but the Penglai Immortal Region has only 1 jade sword, so how can this be resolved? This way is better. For every sword you have, you can send 3 individuals.” Reverend Yan Xu proposes another plan.

“That won’t do!”

Old Freak Three-Eyed and Azure Dragon disagree with him. The more individuals from a power enter the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, the more benefit that power can possibly gain. Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed think that going alone is enough for them so naturally they want to minimize the number of individuals coming into the mansion.

Qin Yu says smilingly: “Since everybody disagrees with each other, how about this? Let’s all take a step backwards. For every jade sword you’ve got, two of you can go. Is this okay?” He does not really mind how many individuals from each side can go at all.

“That’s no good.” Di Long looks at him and says with a cold laugh. “Qin Yu, it’s already a concession that every sword allows 3 individuals to go. Besides, I believe Yi Da and Reverend Yan Xu won’t agree with your suggestion. Your Stellar Tower only got 3 experts so you don’t mind how many can go, but you even want to tie us down, you’re really too malicious.”


Qin Yu’s eyes flash with fierceness. “Di Long, I am malicious? Why do you slander me? Do you really think that I’m so easy to slander? You and your brothers in the Nine Demons Hall aren’t worthy of my attention yet.”

“Do you think I’m a pushover just because I’ve been nice for some time? They say all lay loads on the willing horse. It looks like they’re right. Be careful, Di Long. Don’t provoke me, or else … my Uncle Lan won’t even need to go into action, my 2 brothers and I will destroy your Nine Demons Hall.” Qin Yu does not conceal the killing intent on his body in the least.

Qin Yu has been living together with his relatives for the past 10 years so he has become much kinder. This time, he has also been very friendly since the 6 powers came together. Seeing him so affable, Di Long unexpectedly wanted to bully him, which naturally angered him.

Hou Fei says with strange laughter: “Kaka, Di Long, last time I couldn’t fight you to my heart’s content. Now my power has improved by one step, I’ll single-handedly play with you 4 little worms a bit.”

Even now Azure Dragon still cannot tell what kind of divine beast Hou Fei actually is. But he can transform at least twice so his class is far superior to those of ordinary divine beasts. Even such a rare divine beast as a Three-Blue-Eyed toad is far inferior to him.

Although he has only reached the early Dongxu stage, if he transforms twice, even Azure Dragon will not dare to take him lightly. When Hou Fei was still at the late Yuanying stage in the past, he was already able to beat Di Long up, so now he will really have no difficulty annihilating the Di brothers.

“Humph.” Di Long utters a cold humph, but says nothing.

He has always been harboring a grudge against Qin Yu. Because Qin Yu has been very friendly since the 6 powers gathered, he wanted to verbally insult Qin Yu, but he never expected Qin Yu to react so fiercely and to get ready for a fight almost immediately.

Reverend Yan Xu says frowningly: “Di Long, what you said is wrong. The Stellar Tower has 3 masters. If all of them go, they will have a very great advantage. So, tower master Qin Yu already made a concession by saying 2 of them would go. You were a bit much to say he is malicious.”

“Well, well, don’t change the subject.” Yan Mo says with a smile.

Everybody’s eyes are focused on him.

“Just now we were discussing how many individuals can go with a jade sword. Has everybody made a decision?” Yan Mo glances at everybody.

Reverend Yan Xu, Reverend Huo Tian and Reverend Di Feng begin to discuss with each other, as do Yi Da, Situ Xue and Jiao Jiu. After all, both the Penglai Immortal Region and the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon are formed from various big Xiuxian and Xiumo schools so to them it is very troublesome to decide how many people they will dispatch.

After a long time,

“We agree, every jade sword allows 2 individuals to go.” Reverend Yan Xu nods to Qin Yu in a friendly manner then says loudly.

Yi Da also says indifferently: “You can send 2 individuals with every jade sword. We’ve got no objection either.”

Old Freak Three-Eyed and Azure Dragon naturally do not have an opinion. And the maker of this suggestion Qin Yu has no reason to disagree with it. Since the other 5 powers have come to an agreement, Di Long has no choice but to give a cold humph then to accept this result.

“Oh my, what can I do when Xiao Xue, Dragon Rocky and Hong Luan all want to go?” Yan Mo says in a low voice. “This is a bit troublesome. I only got 1 sword, but all the 4 of us want to go. What should I do now?”

The others cannot help frowning when they hear him talking to himself.

“Ah, I’ve already got a solution.”

Yan Mo’s eyes suddenly glitter as he says while clapping happily.

“Oh, you’ve got a solution? What is it? A jade sword can only let 2 individuals go and this has already been agreed upon. What solution have you come up with?” Old Freak Three-Eyed looks askance at him and asks.

Yan Mo gives a smile.

In an instant, his body disappears. Everybody’s face changes color. They only see a black beam of light rush at Di Long, Di Jian and Di Xu. A blink of an eye later, Yan Mo returns to his original place and sits down with legs crossed smilingly.

“This is okay, isn’t it? Now I’ve got 2 jade swords so the 4 of us can go, right?” Another jade sword has unexpectedly appeared in his hand. He smiles very brilliantly at everybody.

At this moment, the bodies of the 3 Di brothers are motionless, but their pupils dilate and their eyes become totally dim and colorless. With a sweep of their holy sense, everybody at the scene cannot help getting astonished --

Di Long and his 2 brothers have already been killed!

End of b9c2.

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