Book 9, Chapter 14

B9C14: Blood-dyed Astral Ocean

After Yan Mo, Azure Dragon and Yi Da got into action, they ripped that ferobeast shark to 2 pieces in just several bouts, killing it on the spot. The others also secretly let out a sigh of relief.

“Brother Yan Mo is really powerful. You killed this ferobeast so easily.” Jiao Jiu says with an apparently admiring expression.

However, Situ Xue says: “Jiao Jiu, could it be you don’t know that in the dragon clan, when it comes to offense, black dragons absolutely belong to the top. Only golden dragons can be a bit better than them. At any given level, a black dragon is much more formidable than an azure dragon.”

Yan Mo takes a cold look at the 2 of them and says via holy sense communication: “Don’t waste time talking nonsense here. This is the Chaotic Astral Ocean. Let’s quickly rush to the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, everybody.”

Qin Yu also takes a look at Situ Xue and Jiao Jiu, secretly thinking that these 2 are a bit too insensible. At the moment, everybody is in the Chaotic Astral Ocean, where dangers are everywhere. The longer they stay at one place, the more danger they will be in. Who is to say some other ferobeasts will not appear in a short while?

Everybody immediately flies forwards at a very fast speed.

Like sharp arrows and a rainbow --

They pierce through the cyclones and billows with lightning speed. Their clothes are flapping and their long hair is flowing, making them really look like the immortals in the hearts of mortals.


If any of them had a holy sense with a range of several thousand li, that individual would discover that all the ferobeasts within several thousand li of them have reddened eyes, as if these beasts are being beckoned by something, and are rushing towards Azure Dragon and Yi Da’s location extremely fast.

The weak ferobeasts are comparable to Jindan-stage and Yuanying-stage Xiuzhenists, but the strong ones are even more powerful than Yan Mo.

All of the ferobeasts within several thousand li are surrounding and rushing towards them. Too bad, at the moment Yan Mo and the others simply know nothing about that.

In the front, Yan Mo, Yi Da and Azure Dragon are all keeping their holy senses spread out with solemn expressions. Their minds are highly focused. The 3 of them are going at the head of the group, riding winds and breaking waves for the sake of the others … They do not dare to relax their holy senses or be careless at all.

After flying for roughly 2 to 3 minutes,

“No good!” Yi Da’s face changes color greatly.

In terms of soul levels, he is one level superior to Yan Mo. It is only because Yan Mo is a divine beast that he is no match for Yan Mo. At the moment, Yi Da has noticed the ferobeasts charging at everybody in the distance.

“It’s ferobeasts. No, it’s a horde of ferobeasts! Be careful, everybody!” The message he sends via holy sense communication shows that he has become nervous.

Immediately afterwards, Reverend Yan Xu detects the ferobeasts, as do Yan Mo and Azure Dragon. In the beginning they still think that there are only 3 ferobeasts charging at them in front of them, but after just a while, they discover that ferobeasts are coming at them from all directions.

A horde of ferobeasts!

All of these ferobeasts look monstrous. They appear to be mutated sharks and octopuses. Their mutations are different but all improve their attacking capability. These ferobeasts also share one characteristic -- their eyes are blood-red.

“It’s a horde of ferobeasts. Don’t think too much. Be quick, be quick. Don’t even try to kill them all. Just charge forwards immediately, everybody. Let’s hurry to the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion first before doing something else!” Yan Mo’s voice rises in everybody’s mind through holy sense communication like thunder.

When he talks so loudly via his holy sense, it is easy to imagine how anxious he is at the moment.

“Charge!” Azure Dragon also utters a loud shout.

“Charge!” Yi Da’s expression is frosty, only there is a hint of fierceness in his eyes.

Facing the horde of ferobeasts, nobody dares to kill them all. It should be known that this is the Chaotic Astral Ocean. If they are held down here, more and more ferobeasts will come, and if a Dujie-stage ferobeast appears at some point, the situation will simply be terrible for everybody.

“Be careful, Li’er.” Qin Yu looks at Li’er and tells her using his holy sense.

She suddenly reaches out her hand to grasp his hand and says via holy sense communication while staring him in the eye: “You have to be careful too.”

Qin Yu nods.

Li’er has a protective magic treasure so her defense must be much stronger than Qin Yu’s. Moreover, she knows that Divine Traveling Art so, despite her weak power, once she uses the Divine Traveling Art, she will be much faster than Qin Yu even though his power has improved greatly recently and he can ride the Black Origin.

Having fast speeds and a high defense, Li’er is unexpectedly the safest here.

“Growl ~~” “Howl ~~~” “Roar ~~” A series of strange sounds resounds through the sky. Various pairs of blood-red eyes also appear. And the entire sky is dusky as black clouds have covered all of it. Judgment Day seems to be coming.


All of a sudden, in the sky, there is a crash of thunder and lightning strikes down sinuously. Meanwhile, torrential rain starts to fall down.

Countless cyclones, towering billows, boundless black clouds, endless torrential rain … Various pairs of blood-red eyes are all staring at everybody. For some reason, these ferobeasts unexpectedly pause for a while instead of going on the offensive immediately.

Facing the several tens ferobeasts with blood-red eyes before them, everybody cannot help decelerating.

“Charge with me!”

Yan Mo’s voice rises in everybody’s mind. Immediately, Yan Mo, Yi Da and Azure Dragon take the lead in rushing forwards in a slight curve. The others rush closely after them without hesitation.

Everybody attempts to go around the ferobeasts in front of them, but …

The moment they swerve, those several tens ferobeasts suddenly move. Like lightning, they charge at everybody. When everybody is about to kill these beasts, more than 10 other ferobeasts charge at them from behind and from the left.

“There’s no place to hide. Rush straight to the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion. Don’t be engrossed in fighting.”

When Yan Mo’s voice has just risen, his body turns into a huge black dragon whose eyes are also blood-red. Someone who does not know him would probably think that this black dragon is a ferobeast too.

At the same time, an azure dragon also appears. Yan Mo and Azure Dragon Yan Lang have both changed into their true forms because now is already not the time to keep hiding their power. They can see that the most powerful among these ferobeasts are only on par with the shark moments ago, but now there are too many ferobeasts for them to deal with.

Poof ~~~

Blood scatters. A swordfish which is as thick as an arm but is 10-odd m long is torn in half by the black dragon’s claw directly. The black dragon has taken the lead in charging and killing. Azure Dragon and Yi Da assist him on either side of him.

Charging and killing!

In a breath’s time, all around them are water and blood, consisting of both the ferobeasts’ blood and their own blood.

Everybody charges and kills in the middle of the ferobeast horde this way. Needless to say, the ones in the middle such as Situ Xue, Jiao Jiu and Qin Yu are also attacked. All of the ferobeasts are charging at them with blood-red eyes and no regard for life and death. These ferobeasts’ brutal killing intent is so crazy.

Crazy, brutal, bloodthirsty!

A black light beam flickers for a while. A huge ferobeast is ripped to several pieces directly. Qin Yu, whose body is covered in a black suit of armor, is holding a neidan in his hand. He immediately sucks the neidan into his spatial ring.

This black suit of armor is none other than a transformation of the Black Origin, which was forged by refining over 100 top-grade crystals until there was only their essence left and can change into any forms.

Going forwards!

Going forwards!

Going forwards disregarding everything!

The killing has lasted for almost 3 minutes. Luckily the ones who are slightly weak in the middle are protected by the experts in the front and at the rear so they have only suffered flesh wounds. Yan Mo, Azure Dragon and Yi Da, the 3 experts taking the lead, have killed the most ferobeasts. At the same time, they have received some minor injuries too.

3 minutes of charging and killing.

Of the nearly 70 to 80 original ferobeasts around, everybody has killed 10 and wounded 34. The remaining ones, however, have yet to clash with them.

“Quick. The ferobeasts on the edge aren’t powerful. Be a bit faster. If we’re delayed, some formidable ferobeasts will come and it’ll be too late for us.” Yan Mo shouts via holy sense communication. At the same time, he moves even faster. The other experts also increase their speeds to the utmost.

As for someone weak like Old Freak Three-Eyed’s lady-in-waiting, Old Freak Three-Eyed immediately grabs her and flies, taking her with him. He is doing his best to raise the speed of the group.

Everybody has now experienced the terrors of the Chaotic Astral Ocean. How many minutes has it been since their entrance? Yet they have encountered the ferobeasts whose collective power is about the same as theirs. If they really fought these beasts till the end, quite a few of them would definitely die or be badly injured.

As they go through the billows, the blood left on their bodies by the killing is also washed off.


From 1000 li away from everybody, a black blur is rushing towards them extremely fast, much faster than those ferobeasts just now did, dislodging billows wherever it goes. In just a while …

Yan Mo’s face changes color greatly when his eyes see a blur in the distance, as do Yi Da’s and Azure Dragon’s faces. When they have just sensed the aura of that ferobeast and have not even found out the opponent’s power, the ferobeast has already appeared in their fields of vision.

“Be careful!”

Yan Mo only has enough time to give a warning through his holy sense before using his black dragon form to charge at that blur.

Just a moment ago, Yan Mo, Yi Da and Azure Dragon already discovered that the blur is even quite a lot faster than Yan Mo himself so now it is impossible for everybody to run away and they can only face it. Using his body of a divine beast black dragon, Yan Mo is trying to defeat this blur.

None of the other 10-odd experts such as Yi Da, Azure Dragon, Reverend Yan Xu, Old Freak Three-Eyed and Qin Yu gets into action because they have no confidence.

A series of explosions rises. Meanwhile, the billows in the surroundings are sent flying in all directions by the shockwaves. The drops of water sent flying all around are extremely fast, to the point where they seem to be projectiles.

When those drops of water hit the bodies of Yi Da, Qin Yu and the others, they shatter immediately.

In an instant --

That black blur and the black dragon move apart. Now everybody finally sees the true identity of that black blur.

It is a gigantic black crab that is 10 something m tall. Its black legs look very slim and powerful and those 2 huge claws are extremely sharp. Every piece of this crab’s armor is shiny black and nobody has any doubts about its defense because just now this black crab fought a fierce battle against the black dragon.

After this momentary battle, a wound that is several m long has already appeared on the black dragon’s body. The dragon scales at the wound have been smashed and blood is flowing out. However, the black crab is not injured at all with only a white mark on his armor. It is easy to tell who the stronger is from this.

“It’s a Dujie-stage ferobeast, a bit stronger than me. Don’t even think about attacking him, everybody. Given his defense, you basically won’t be able to damage him. Let’s all rush towards the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion.”

Yan Mo immediately uses holy sense communication.

As soon as he exchanged blows with the black crab, he knew that this crab has to be stronger than him by one level and is definitely a Dujie-stage ferobeast.

Suddenly, that huge black crab moves. Its body rushes violently at the black dragon. That pair of blood-red eyes is extraordinarily small. However, despite their small size, those blood-red eyes are like bright, blood-red stars -- grim and ice-cold.

Another series of explosions is heard as the black crab and the black dragon charge at each other. Because they are far more powerful than everybody else, they exchange blows so fast that they turn into two blurs again in the eyes of everybody.

“Don’t waste time. Run!”

Yi Da, however, shouts via holy sense communication. Immediately, he and Azure Dragon take the lead in rushing towards the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion. At the moment, they do not even have time to care about the black dragon. Given the black dragon’s power, everybody would be totally useless if they stayed here.

More than 10 individuals rush towards the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion without delay.

In just a while, a black blur overtakes them.

“This ferobeast crab is too formidable. We can’t waste time fighting him. Let’s run away as far as possible and get into the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion first.” The black dragon’s voice rises in everybody’s mind. This black blur is none other than a fleeing Black Dragon Yan Mo.

Everybody basically does not waste time talking and keeps rushing straight towards the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion.

But how can the black ferobeast crab possibly let them go? When they have been flying for just several breaths’ time, the crab appears again. Black Dragon lets out a furious roar and engages in another battle with him so that the others can run a bit farther. After a while, Black Dragon flees again …

Yan Mo keeps exchanging blows with the black crab to pin him down so that everybody else can run a little farther, but he also keeps alternating between fleeing for a while and fighting.

He wants to rely on this tactic to reach the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion a bit faster.

However, after fighting the black crab again and again, Black Dragon has suffered countless wounds on his huge dragon body, which has become covered completely with blood. The dragon scales at a good several places have also been shattered. That black ferobeast crab has received some injuries too, for example, the silvery protective armor on his stomach has been torn to 2 pieces by Black Dragon.

In terms of divine beast classes, azure dragons are only common divine beasts while black dragons and Three-Blue-Eyed toads are on the same level. Even a middle Kongming stage black dragon is comparable to a late Kongming stage azure dragon… Therefore, Yan Mo is only a bit weaker than that Dujie-stage ferobeast crab.

“Keep carrying on for a while. We’re almost there.” Yan Mo shouts through holy sense communication.

He is encouraging the others and also himself.

If they really keep going on like this for a while, he will suffer several wounds at worst and they will still be able to reach the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion. However --

Qin Yu suddenly catches a glimpse of a black blur which is rushing extremely fast towards them amid the billows in the distance. It is definitely not weaker than that black ferobeast crab just now. At the same time, Yi Da, Azure Dragon and the others have also detected that black blur.

“No good. It’s another ferobeast crab.”

The black ferobeast crab in the front has stopped, blocking everybody’s way. Behind them, that black ferobeast crab is also coming while chasing after Black Dragon to kill him.

“Don’t, even think, about, running. All … prepare, to die!”

A powerful, deep voice rises. Only it seems to have a lot of difficulty talking as it had to pause after every word or two.

Flying beside everybody, Black Dragon Yan Mo takes a look at the 2 black ferobeast crabs ahead of and behind them.

“Ferobeasts have very low intelligence, but when they have reached very high power levels, their intelligence is still improved a bit. These 2 ferobeast crabs should be at the Dujie stage. If there was only one of them, we could still manage to run away. But now there are 2 of them… Everybody, prepare to risk your life!”

Yan Mo’s voice rises in everybody’s mind through holy sense communication.

Knowing that there are 2 Dujie-stage ferobeasts ahead of and behind them, Yi Da, Azure Dragon, Situ Xue, Qin Yu and the others all have somewhat unsightly expressions. At the same time, a tinge of bloodthirstiness appears in their eyes … They can only go all out!

End of b9c14.

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