Book 9 Chapter 13

B9C13: Ferobeasts in the Chaotic Astral Ocean

The only Xiuxianist is Reverend Yan Xu. By contrast, there are 4 Xiumoists. Xiuxianists and Xiumoists are basically enemies regardless of whether on the Teng Long continent or in the Penglai Immortal Region and the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon. And everybody present knows this.

As the group is flying, Qin Yu and Li’er smilingly watch the show.

“Yan Xu, nobody knows how many treasures there are in this Nine Swords Immortal Mansion. It’s unlikely that their number is a multiple of 9. When the time comes, we’ll have to get into action to fight for them. Are you going to be okay … being on your own?” Jiao Jiu says with jeering laughter.

He comes from the Yanmo school. Xiumoists tend to be wild and do not mind killing, yet the Yanmo school is even well-known among Xiumoists’ schools for being bloodthirsty, crazy and arrogant, so there is nothing strange about Jiao Jiu behaving in such a manner at all.

Yan Xu gives an indifferent smile: “The Nine Swords Immortal Mansion was left behind by an immortal. Besides, judging from the keeping place of the 9th jade sword last time, we already concluded that this immortal was at least a level-1 universal golden immortal. To us, the treasures left behind by such an expert are like gifts bestowed by Heaven. So, we’ll have to rely on individual luck to get them, and not simply on superior number or superior power.”

“You’re so full of crap.” Jiao Jiu says disdainfully. While Xiuxianists pay particular attention to manners and etiquette, most Xiumoists are carefree and have an unbridled nature.

“Jiao Jiu, you can’t be rude to Reverend Yan Xu. You were wrong to talk to him that way.” Situ Xue unexpectedly supports Yan Xu. “Jiao Jiu, how can Reverend Yan Xu possibly not want treasures and more people? But there was nothing he could do. After all, the Penglai Immortal Region’s got only 1 jade sword so only 2 people could come. Considering the relation between the Ziyang school and the Lanyang school, perhaps neither of them wanted to give up, so in the end Yan Xu was the only one who came.”

“It’s not that Reverend Yan Xu is unwilling to have more people. He actually just can’t.” Situ Xue says with a sigh.

Yan Xu seems totally unconcerned. He looks coldly at Jiao Jiu and Situ Xue: “The 2 of you please don’t run off at the mouth here. Everybody knows how dangerous the Chaotic Astral Ocean is. Even though that Nine Swords Immortal Mansion is only 10,000 li away from the border of the Chaotic Astral Ocean, who knows what ferobeasts will appear within this 10,000 li distance? Humph, humph …”

“Let’s not talk about the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion yet. Those not strong enough will probably be killed by ferobeasts even before reaching the immortal mansion. Compared to everybody else, the power of you two isn’t up to much. So, be careful a bit.” These words said by Reverend Yan Xu are very sharp.

Seeing Reverend Yan Xu give an apparently disdainful smile, Jiao Jiu and Situ Xue utter a cold humph but no longer say anything.

At the moment, everybody is flying very slowly.

In fact, the Golden Tree Island is very close to the boundary of the Chaotic Astral Ocean. If they flew at their fastest speeds, they would probably reach the Chaotic Astral Ocean in just a short while, only they are being exceptionally cautious.

The Chaotic Astral Ocean is very notorious and nobody wants to die in the stomachs of its ferobeasts before seeing the immortal mansion.


A boundless aura blows on everybody’s face violently. In the distance, those terrifying noises of billows are like a myriad of crashes of thunder. At the moment, they can already see those monstrously huge waves 100 li ahead of them. However, the waters below them are still very calm.

They all know that … 100 li ahead of them is the Chaotic Astral Ocean.


With a solemn expression, Yan Mo sweeps his eyes over the others, saying: “We’re already not far from the border of the Chaotic Astral Ocean and going to reach it very soon, but we must be clear about one thing before entering that ocean … If we encounter any ferobeasts, nobody can desperately run away!”

The look in his eyes turns cold: “Yi Da, Azure Dragon and I will be in the front. Reverend Yan Xu and Three-Eyed will be at the rear. The others will be in the middle... If any ferobeasts appear ahead of us, Yi Da, Azure Dragon and I will get into action. If it is behind us, Reverend Yan Xu and Three-Eyed will. The others had better not show off their power. In case we’re outmatched, run away immediately.”

“Yi Da, Azure Dragon, Reverend Yan Xu, Three-Eyed, have you got any opinions?” Yan Mo is like everybody’s leader.

Azure Dragon slightly nods his head, saying: “Of course not. This Chaotic Astral Ocean is mine, although only the periphery, but I’m still a bit worried. We being in the front will make it a bit safer. If we’re disorganized like disbanded soldiers, once a ferobeast appears, everybody will be in total confusion.”

“I don’t have an opinion.” Yi Da says coldly.

Reverend Yan Xu also says smilingly with a nod: “You’ve calculated for all of us, brother Yi Da.”

Seeing Old Freak Three-Eyed nod, Yan Mo says loudly: “All right, since the 4 of you have all agreed, I believe the others don’t mind that either.” This is a no-brainer. Being protected in the front and at the rear by experts, who would object to that?

“Remember the formation. Yi Da, Azure Dragon and I are the 3 in the front. Reverend Yan Xu and Three-Eyed are the 2 at the rear. The others can’t get in front of us, nor can they fall behind us. They can only be in the middle.” Yan Mo says solemnly.

Now a clear rule must be set down because if it is not, once they run into any ferobeasts, their situation will probably be miserable.

Seeing everybody’s nod, Yan Mo says smilingly in a loud voice: “Very good. Since everybody has reached an agreement, let’s prepare to enter the Chaotic Astral Ocean. Start!”

With Yan Mo, Yi Da and Azure Dragon at the head, Reverend Yan Xu and Three-Eyed at the rear and the others in the middle, the group starts to fly towards the Chaotic Astral Ocean. Despite being known as the top figures of the Northern Territory, these experts have never gone into the Chaotic Astral Ocean.

This time, if not for the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion, if the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion was not located only 10,000 li from the border of the Chaotic Astral Ocean, who among them would dare to come here?

“Wow!” Everybody exclaims, feelings surging up inside them.

“Really spectacular.” Qin Yu’s eyes also brighten.

When everybody has come near the Chaotic Astral Ocean, they see an incredibly spectacular scene.

At the moment, several li ahead of them, there are countless 100 m high rolling waves. When they take a look towards the south, they see cyclones and billows basically everywhere. Starting from a limit several li in front of them, the area south of them is filled with a myriad billows and cyclones.

However, the waters north of that limit are very calm and have no big waves.

It is strange.

It is extremely strange. The waters on one side have 100 m high huge waves but the waters on the other side are calm. It seems there is an invisible huge barrier between the 2 areas of water, separating them from each other completely. The 2 of them seem to belong to different worlds.

“Nature is so mysterious. It’s impossible to understand clearly such a spectacle. The way of Heaven is vague, vast and distant, even if we spend 10 million years’ time, perhaps we’ll only be able to peep into a corner of nature.” Reverend Yan Xu says with a sigh.

Nature is mysterious. Who can understand it?

Qin Yu, however, remembers Uncle Lan telling him in the past that there was no restrictive spell or barrier at all and that this was an invisible rule of nature … At least now Qin Yu still cannot understand it. Probably even Uncle Lan can only call it a rule of nature and is still far from intuitively comprehending it.

“What level does it require to intuitively understand the rules of nature?” Qin Yu sighs in his heart.

“Be careful, everybody. Once we go into the Chaotic Astral Ocean, natural holy energy will become exceptionally chaotic. At the same time, the people who lack determination will become riotous and agitated. Everybody must keep a clear mind and fly extremely fast towards the site of that Nine Swords Immortal Mansion.” Reverend Yan Xu warns loudly.

The others nod their heads.

Not only does the Chaotic Astral Ocean have cyclones and billows, its natural holy energy is also extremely chaotic.

In the Chaotic Astral Ocean, ordinary people will feel irritated and hot-tempered. Those who lack determination will easily lose control of their energy and mind to become utterly insane.

It has been guessed that those ferobeasts have low intelligence and are brutal and bloodthirsty probably because they are affected by this environment. If an aquatic animal which has just been born and is weak-minded lives in this environment, naturally it will be affected and become irascible and crazed. Because it starts to be like this when it is still little, naturally later it will become what is called a ferobeast.

Any environment has its own creatures. This Chaotic Astral Ocean has also brought into existence the special ferobeasts.


From the airspace of the calm ocean, everybody flies into the airspace of the Chaotic Astral Ocean.

All of them feel a strange change.

The density of holy energy increases several tenfold and become exceptionally chaotic simultaneously. If the density of holy energy on the Qian Long continent is like a docile rabbit, then holy energy at this place is like a furious gorilla. Even everybody’s state of mind is affected.

Confused, agitated, those with weak minds have certainly been affected.

“Keep your mind clear. Fly extremely fast towards the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion!” Reverend Yan Xu’s voice suddenly rises in everybody’s mind via holy sense communication.

Immediately, the ones who have just been affected wake up. When they wake up, they are also shocked.

This Chaotic Astral Ocean indeed deserves its reputation.

Qin Yu takes a deep breath. Just now he was also a little affected. But he is tough-minded so he withstood it with ease. After hearing Reverend Yan Xu’s voice, everybody accelerates extremely fast at once, flying towards the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion at very high speeds.

“Big brother Qin Yu, this place is very good for training your mind and refining your energy. Moreover, I feel that the closer it is to the center of the Chaotic Astral Ocean, the more vigorous and chaotic holy energy is. No wonder so many loose immortals, loose demons and loose devils have gathered in this ocean.” Li’er says smilingly to Qin Yu using her holy sense.

“Indeed, if I stay in an environment like this for a long time, my mind will surely become very tough. Also, my energy will become purer as a result of being refined by the chaotic holy energy.” Qin Yu agrees with her on this.

Li’er suddenly says curiously: “Big brother Qin Yu, why haven’t we seen any ferobeasts? How do they look?”

“Ferobeasts, I hope we won’t see any of them.” Qin Yu, however, is not curious like her.

Everybody is flying extremely fast. Qin Yu and Li’er have talked to each other for just about 1 minute, but during this period of time, the group has already gone 1000 li. However, at this moment … it seems everybody’s luck has ended. They have been hoping that ferobeasts will not appear, but one still appears.

A huge body shows up amid the billows.

A shark, an over 100 m long shark!

Only this shark has blood-red eyes and naturally gives off a brutal aura. No … As everybody gets close to it, they discover that it cannot simply be called a shark because there are unexpectedly 2 sharp claws hiding under its fins.

“Growl ~~” The shark lets out a sky-shaking sound, that pair of blood-red eyes staring at everybody. Obviously he has already fixed his mind on targeting them. That shark increases his speed by several times at once, charging at everybody.

“Be careful, it’s a ferobeast!”

Yan Mo’s voice rises in the others’ minds: “Don’t run wild, everybody. Ferobeasts are generally close to divine beasts. Their attacks are exceptionally powerful so don’t be careless. Azure Dragon, Yi Da, let’s roll!”

Holy sense communication is done via just a thought so it is extremely quick.

When the message has just risen in everybody’s mind, Azure Dragon, Yi Da and Yan Mo charge at that ferobeast shark. As for the others, they certainly will not show off their power because, judging from the aura of this shark alone, they can tell that it is definitely no ordinary ferobeast.

Azure Dragon is charging in the front. His 2 arms suddenly become thick. At the same time, they are covered entirely in azure scales and his 2 hands turn into a pair of dragon claws.

That ferobeast shark opens its large mouth. Everybody believes that those sharp teeth can even bite through top-grade holy weapons easily. The ferobeast shark is extremely fast and is following a very profound path of movement. Having grown up in the Chaotic Astral Ocean, this ferobeast has exceptionally strong fighting capability.

Azure Dragon’s body moves in an arc and arrives at the area right under the shark. He wants to attack its stomach using the dragon claws.

A clang is heard. A sharp claw under the ferobeast shark’s fin suddenly reaches out and grabs at Azure Dragon, who wants to back away to avoid it. However, he does not have enough time because the distance between them is too short. In the end, a claw of human-shaped Azure Dragon and the shark’s claw clash with each other.

Azure Dragon flies backwards but the shark lets out a growl and becomes even more ferocious.

“Ha-ha, you’re a bit too weak, Azure Dragon Yan Lang. Now watch me.” Yan Mo says via his holy sense. Right afterwards, he charges at the ferobeast shark.

“Don’t be careless, Yan Mo. A ferobeast is not much weaker than a divine beast of the same level. Besides, the ferobeast has even stronger fighting instinct.” Azure Dragon immediately warns. He just exchanged a blow with that ferobeast shark so naturally he knows its power.

A noise which can make people’s hearts palpitate is heard. It sounds like the noise of a blade carving in glass. This noise was caused by a collision between Yi Da’s right hand and the ferobeast shark’s fin, which ended up with Yi Da’s right hand damaged and dripping blood.

However, right after that --

In his human form, Yan Mo unexpectedly clashes head-on with that ferobeast shark.

After a series of loud explosions, both he and the shark slightly stop for a moment. They seem to be neck and neck. That shark has been enraged. It immediately utters a furious growl and opens its large mouth to take a bite at Yan Mo, wanting to tear him to shreds.

“Hiss ~~” A huge azure dragon suddenly appears and takes a claw swipe at the body of that ferobeast shark, which has no time to react. A large wound appears right away and blood flows out from it. The shark growls furiously and swings its tail violently at Azure Dragon’s body.

Azure Dragon dodges extremely fast but the side of his body still gets hit. Several of his scales are shattered, causing his blood to drip on the water, dying red a large area.

“Let me kill him, Azure Dragon.” Yan Mo has become angry.

He immediately switches to his true form, a black dragon about the same size as Azure Dragon. Only this black dragon’s eyes are blood-red. This is none other than a divine beast black dragon, an extremely formidable kind of dragon even in the dragon clan.

“Poof ~~~” Blood is scattered and large chunks of flesh fall into the water. That ferobeast shark has been torn into 2 pieces directly and died on the spot.

Yan Mo switches back to his human form in an instant. His hand is gripping a neidan, his whole face ice-cold: “An early Kongming ferobeast wanted to take me on? You must’ve had a death wish.”

An early Kongming ferobeast is not much weaker than an early Kongming divine beast. In the beginning, Azure Dragon was not using his true form so his power could not be unleashed completely and naturally he was at a disadvantage. After Yan Mo had changed into his true form, he killed the shark in one hit.

However … because everybody has never been to the Chaotic Astral Ocean, they do not know about some things that should be avoided here!

The smell of blood!

The smell of non-ferobeast blood will even make the ferobeasts in the surroundings go crazy. Just now, both Azure Dragon and Yi Da bled, but they do not know about this no-no, therefore …


Later on, ‘universal golden immortal’ will be called ‘golden immortal’ for short.

End of b9c13.

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