Book 9 Chapter 10

B9C10: The 6th thunderbolt

The Stone Crane Island,

Qin Yu carefully takes out from his spatial ring 6 chunks of green wood. All of them are glistening with a green light. Obviously they are not ordinary objects. He then sticks the 6 chunks of green wood in 6 different places around him and executes hand signs and restrictive spells, setting up a large formation.

On one side, Hou Fei whispers: “Oh my, big brother, this is the Six Origins Defensive Wood Formation.”

Qin Yu, however, pays no attention to him.

“The Six Origins Defensive Wood Formation is a top-class large defensive formation. I asked sis Li’er for 6 chunks of defensive wood but she said she didn’t have enough … It turns out she kept them for you.” Hou Fei says in a very resentful manner.

Qin Yu does not pay attention to him, but there is a smiling expression on his face.

This Six Origins Defensive Wood Formation was given to him by none other than Li’er before he left. Previously, he had also prepared some defensive formations, but the gaps between them and this formation are really great. In fact, it is not difficult to set up this Six Origins Defensive Wood Formation at all. The only difficult thing is to gather ‘defensive wood.’

A chunk of defensive wood can compare with a top-grade crystal, not to mention 6 chunks!

“Let’s not activate the defensive function of the formation for the moment. It won’t be late for me to wait until the 6th thunderbolt to use it.” Qin Yu makes a decision in his mind. To him, the attack of the lightning in the beginning should be very simple to deal with.

Therefore, it is not worth using this formation in the beginning either.

There are still 3 days until the tribulation so Qin Yu sits down with legs crossed in the formation and waits in meditation. Hou Fei is almost bored to death but he can only roam about the Stone Crane Island then lie down on one side, cross his legs and rest.


“Kaka ~~~” The stone door opens.

A cold, sinister aura spreads out as Di Nai walks out of the secret room. Compared to before he went into this room, now he is a bit colder and his killing intent is a bit stronger. The air about him alone is frightening.

“Valley master.”

Yan Xin and Yan Mou immediately say with respect. For the past several days, they have been waiting for Di Nai to come out. After all, they also know that Qin Yu is going to undergo his tribulation within a couple of days.

“Yan Xin, Yan Mou, tell those 6 guardians to come here.” Di Nai gives an order in an ice-cold voice at once.


In just a while, the 6 guardians in the valley arrive in front of Di Nai. All of them appear very respectful.

“Today, I’m going to leave the valley to go kill Qin Yu …” Di Nai’s words immediately shock the 6 guardians, but his facial expression is still cold. He continues: “The 6 of you will have to sincerely listen to the 2 valley vice masters’ orders and do everything for the goal of killing the Qin clan’s members.”

The 6 guardians respectfully take the order at once.

Di Nai, however, says with a cold laugh: “This time, it’s hard to tell if I’ll live or die. Even though you’ve accepted the order like that, I’m still not at ease. So, you have to take a vow right here, right now. The fate of anyone who refuses is easy to imagine.”

Those 6 guardians are very terrified so they all take a vow without delay.

Bound by the vow, they will not dare to disobey the order at will.

“Very well … Remember, if someone becomes a betrayer, the others can kill him.” Di Nai gives several mad laughs. His body then disappears before everybody’s eyes with a movement.

The 6 guardians and the 2 valley vice masters look at each other but do not know what to say.


Di Nai is quietly waiting in an area of water far from the Stone Crane Island.

“Qin Yu, I spent great amounts of materials to make so many offensive talismans and offensive cards. I want to see how you can survive the tribulation.” At the bottom of the ocean, the look in Di Nai’s eyes is very cold and sinister. Originally he was only at the middle Dongxu stage but, fueled by his hatred, he has unexpectedly broken through that limit to reach the late Dongxu stage.

This is also one of Di Nai’s trump cards to get revenge this time.


“Hopefully big brother Qin Yu doesn’t make any insurmountable mistakes while going through this 6-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation.”

Li’er is walking back and forth frowningly in her room. Even she cannot calm down for the moment.


The Stone Crane Island,

At first the sun was shining brightly high in the azure sky. But in just a moment, the sky seems to drop down by one level. The entire part of it within several thousand li of the Stone Crane Island becomes dark red and the vertical axis of this dark red sky goes through the island.

Qin Yu, who is sitting with legs crossed and eyes closed, opens his eyes and looks up.

“The 6-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation is already starting.” He stands up, focusing his entire attention on the tribulation.

Fierce winds suddenly blow. Immediately, the waves around the Stone Crane Island all surge up violently, reaching several tens to nearly 100 m in height and hitting every place of the island with loud explosions which sound like crashes of thunder. The entire world seems to be filled with noises of total chaos.

Countless serpentine electric sparks are dancing in the dark red sky.

All of a sudden –


A noise which is similar to a man’s sniff resounds through the air. The fierce winds disappear at once and the big waves also quiet down extremely fast. In just a short time, the area around the Stone Crane Island has become calm and lovely with no billows.

All of the electric sparks have also disappeared because just now, in a breath, they were unexpectedly absorbed completely into that tribulation cloud.

Blackish purple tribulation cloud!

“Big brother, last time when I underwent my tribulation, that cloud wasn’t as black as this and it didn’t absorb the lightning in the sky so fast like this either. Apparently … there’s something unusual here. Be careful.” Hou Fei warns from the distance.

Qin Yu nods his head and takes a look at the 6 chunks of defensive wood on the ground around him. At the moment, the defense of the formation has not been activated yet.

Diamond cuts diamond. This top-class defensive formation certainly must be used at the last moment to protect against the attack of the 6th thunderbolt.

“Fei Fei, observe carefully using your holy sense for me. If you discover any traces of that Di Nai fella, kill him right away. Your mission is to kill Di Nai. Don’t get distracted.” Qin Yu says via holy sense communication then begins to prepare to take on the thunderbolts.

Any of the 6 thunderbolts will be more powerful than the previous one.

Naturally Qin Yu is going to resist the 1st, the weakest thunderbolt using his body. If his body cannot even withstand the first thunderbolt, there will be no need for him to undergo the other 5 thunderbolts.


An explosion is heard. A huge purple bolt which is as thick as a water tank has already struck down on Qin Yu’s body. In an instant, his whole body is bathed in lightning, causing him to look like a god of thunder, but it does not suffer any injuries.

“Awesome, awesome, it feels really awesome.”

Qin Yu narrows his eyes with a lot of enjoyment. An ordinary thunderbolt is totally unable to damage his body. The attack of the first thunderbolt gave his entire body a numbing sensation which was even more comfortable than getting massaged.

“Even though the 1st of the 6 thunderbolts should be the weakest, it was a bit too weak already.” Qin Yu mutters.

Despite muttering so with his mouth, he still does not dare to treat the tribulation lightly. After all, when the tribulation cloud was being formed in the beginning, it gathered lightning too fast, and moreover, it is so purple that it appears black. Obviously it is containing a frighteningly great amount of energy.


The 2nd thunderbolt strikes down. Qin Yu still resists it directly with his body.

Various sinuous electric sparks stimulate every place on his body like small needles. The pores on his whole body cannot help contracting. The electricity passes through his muscles and permeates into every part of his body directly. Qin Yu’s flesh is refined by lightning once again.


Something which nobody ever expected has happened.

For some reason, the first 5 thunderbolts were … only so powerful.

Before Qin Yu started to undergo the tribulation, Li’er had given him a warning. He also watched Hou Fei and Xiao Hei take on their 6-in-9 Heavenly Tribulations. Even though the last bolt that attacked Xiao Hei was terrifying, it was unable to take Xiao Hei’s life.

Compared to Xiao Hei’s and Hou Fei’s, Qin Yu’s first 5 thunderbolts even seem … somewhat weaker.

“What’s going on? This is simply unthinkable. I could only complete the Lightning Body Training process Master had mentioned after the 5th thunderbolt. According to my plan, it should’ve been completed after the 3rd one.” Qin Yu talks to himself in his mind frowningly.

He used liquid purple gold to make quite a lot of talismans and set up a large formation but by now he has withstood the first 5 thunderbolts directly using only his body.

“No good.”

His face suddenly changes color greatly.

He has immediately thought about one possibility. Generally, a heavenly tribulation will use up the energy contained in the tribulation cloud.

That blackish purple tribulation cloud, both he and Hou Fei feel that it has much more energy than Xiao Hei’s and Hou Fei’s tribulation clouds did. It has such a great amount of energy and yet the first 5 thunderbolts it generated were not very powerful, that means it has not used much energy.

And that also means there remains an exceptionally large amount of energy!

All of the remaining energy will form the 6th thunderbolt. How terrifying will it be?

“Damned Heaven, what game are you playing? Any of these 6 thunderbolts is stronger than the previous one, but the gaps between them shouldn’t be too great. You’ve unexpectedly been saving energy for the 6th thunderbolt by generating such 5 weak thunderbolts first. That 6th bolt …”

Qin Yu only has a bad feeling.

No wonder Li’er gave him a warning. Now he does not even have time to curse.

Without delay, he shakes his finger. A drop of blood flies out from his chest. He then starts up the Six Origins Defensive Wood Formation and fuses it with his blood at the same time. This large formation has become even easier to control and its power has increased a bit too.

“12 Lightning Breaking Talismans, hopefully they’re somewhat effective. If everything else fails, I’ll have no choice but to use my last move.”

He has prepared quite a few reserve moves.

Chi chi ~~~

That tribulation cloud sounds as if it is being refined. A flame unexpectedly emerges from inside the cloud, which then starts to shrink nonstop. Meanwhile, serpentine electric sparks begin to flash unceasingly in the cloud. But the tribulation cloud is still shrinking under the burning of that flame.


“Even Heaven is helping me! Judging from the manner of this tribulation, the 6th thunderbolt will no doubt be extraordinarily powerful. Qin Yu, it’s hard to tell whether you’ll be able to survive the 6th thunderbolt. In addition, I’m going to strike you a blow. You’ll definitely die!”

Di Nai is observing the sky from under the water so he has seen everything happening in the sky.

“It’s about time.”

His body suddenly rushes extremely fast towards the Stone Crane Island.



The tribulation cloud shrinks fiercely, but it does not become a blackish purple lightning bolt in the end. Simply speaking, after blending, it becomes a rather blue lightning bolt. The pale blue lightning bolt is very small, only as thick as 2 fingers put together. It is even smaller than a wrist.

This extremely small pale blue bolt then strikes down at Qin Yu’s head from the sky!

The Flaming Sword has already flown out of the formation. At the moment the sword is shining brilliantly and rushing straight at that pale blue thunderbolt.

The Flaming Sword and the extremely small pale blue thunderbolt collide with each other. The sword unexpectedly shatters completely with a bang like glass getting smashed by a hammer. The pale blue thunderbolt, however, seems not to be weakened at all.


Qin Yu spouts a mouthful of blood from his mouth immediately. His face reddens.

“Damned Heaven, you’re messing with me!”

Qin Yu curses inwardly, but his entire mind is focused on the inside of his body. In just one collision, his top-grade holy weapon, the Flaming Sword, was unexpectedly destroyed just like that. Even though it was partially because his power level is not high … this is merely a 6-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation! It is a bit too terrifying that a 6-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation can be this powerful.


That extremely small pale blue thunderbolt bombards the protective barrier formed by the Six Origins Defensive Wood Formation, creating various flashes of lights. The light of the pale blue thunderbolt and that of the 6 defensive wood chunks blend together. But the protective barrier’s energy begins to undulate extremely fast.

After persisting for a breath’s time, the protective barrier shatters. The color of that pale blue thunderbolt has already turned purple a bit. However, a breath’s time is sufficient for Qin Yu to execute that one move. 12 Lightning Breaking Talismans have been thrown out.

“Damn it! Let’s go all out!” Qin Yu disregards everything else. Now he does not even care if his power will suffer a huge loss.

Qin Yu gives a loud shout in his heart. In the blink of an eye, his entire body is enfolded in a golden light. Now Qin Yu has become a golden man. At the same time, the whole Stone Crane Island begins to vibrate under his feet.

Rumbling ~~~

The rock under his feet shatters. From the depths of the seabed beneath the island, a flame rushes out. This is the Core Flame, which comes from the deepest part of the seabed.

“Stellar Field – Moving Core!”

Qin Yu shouts loudly in his mind!

The Core Flame immediately covers him completely as if burning him. He opens his hands at once and throws 2 palm strikes upwards. Having just destroyed the Six Origins Defensive Wood Formation, that lightning bolt now collides with this attack by Qin Yu squarely.

From his palms, a large golden beam of light shoots out straight in the direction the palms are moving in. At the same time, that golden beam of light even enfolds the deep-ground Core Flame.


The light beam and the thunderbolt clash.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! ……

The entire Stone Crane Island starts to explode.

“Qin Yu, prepare to die!”

Loud gnashing shouts resound through the whole island. Di Nai has seized a very good opportunity. When the 6th thunderbolt struck down, he also started to charge at Qin Yu. Di Nai waves his hands, shooting out a large numbers of talismans and jade cards.

Explode. They explode in very quick succession.

Even Hou Fei is shocked. There are so many talismans and powerful jade cards. How many treasures did it take to make them? Hou Fei, however, does not know that for the sake of this occasion, Di Nai spent almost half of the Nine Demons Hall’s treasures.

“Kaka, die!”

With a movement of his body, Hou Fei arrives at the face of Di Nai. His black stick is immediately swung down at Di Nai’s head from the air.

Di Nai’s face becomes ferocious.

He figured out long ago that this is a trap but he had no choice but to come here because this is his only hope.

“Ah ~~~”

Di Nai instantly transforms into a huge Purple Demon aquatic dragon, whose body is not only very long but is also very thick. Hou Fei’s black stick smashes onto the Purple Demon aquatic dragon’s waist squarely.

Taking such a powerful, heavy strike, the aquatic dragon twists his waist to neutralize the offensive force as much as possible. But his scales are still shattered, causing his blood to flow out.

“Taste another stick!”

Hou Fei swings his stick at Di Nai again.

The latter suddenly lets out a dragon cry. A golden beam of light shoots straight at Qin Yu from his mouth.


Unexpectedly stop,

When the 6th thunderbolt and Qin Yu’s strongest attack collide, they unexpectedly stop for a moment, during which it seems the whole world stops and time freezes.

However --


The golden beam of light is shattered. The Core Flame is scattered all over the place. That thunderbolt, which has become blackish purple, strikes upon Qin Yu’s palms, which are being held high. Qin Yu’s hands are wearing the Flaming Gloves, which are flashing with a dazzling light. His stellar energy has reached the utmost limit.

However, a flying sword shoots at him at the same time.


Qin Yu tries his best to resist the thunderbolt with his hands. Owing to the Flaming Gloves and his stellar energy, he unexpectedly can hinder it again.


Because Qin Yu has no time to dodge, the flying sword pierces through his chest. At this very moment, the flying sword penetrating his chest causes the stellar energy in his body to shake once. The Flaming Gloves are no longer charged with stellar energy and therefore are unexpectedly blown to pieces right away.

Qin Yu’s hands and arms are also struck so hard they are scorched and blackened immediately.



Seeing this scene, an extremely furious Hou Fei enters berserk mode without delay, turning into a giant. Holding the huge black stick and using his brute force, he takes a swing at the Purple Demon aquatic dragon. However, at this moment, a golden beam of light shoots out from the aquatic dragon’s mouth.


Enraged, Hou Fei turns the aquatic dragon into minced meat with his huge black stick at once, causing blood to splatter over a large area. The physical body of this Purple Demon aquatic dragon is now dead as dead can be.

However … the golden beam of light shooting out from its mouth a moment ago is a yuanying, small and holding a short sword.

This yuanying is none other than Di Nai’s. And the short sword is a top-grade holy weapon.

For the sake of vengeance, even though originally Di Nai had only one top-grade holy weapon, he used his own top-grade crystals to make another top-grade holy weapon. No matter what happens, no matter the cost, he wants to kill Qin Yu.


A yuanying can ride a sword much faster than its physical body can.

Hou Fei smashed the body of the aquatic dragon just a moment ago but it is already too late when he notices the yuanying.

“Qin Yu, die!” Di Nai’s eyes are blazing very fiercely. The entire yuanying starts to burn … It has reached its top speed so even if Hou Fei risks his life, he will still not be able to catch up with it.

Turning into a dazzling meteor, Di Nai collides with Qin Yu. By now, that blackish purple thunderbolt has already shattered Qin Yu’s hands and scorched and blackened his whole arms, covering his entire body in blood.

The self-destruction of Di Nai’s yuanying, the stab of a top-grade holy weapon and the attack of the blackish purple thunderbolt eventually cause a frightening explosion!


The sound of the explosion shakes the sky. The Stone Crane Islet is unexpectedly blown up completely. Ocean waves immediately sweep across the whole island. Shattered stones are scattered around but there is not even a trace at the location of the explosion.

“Big brother!”

Hou Fei shouts himself hoarse then expands his holy sense to search carefully like mad!

End of b9c10.

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