Book 8 Chapter 9

B8C9: Li’er’s magic power

“Tower master Qin Yu, there’s one thing I have to warn you about.” Reverend Yan Xu suddenly says to Qin Yu solemnly.

Hearing Reverend Yan Xu’s current tone, Qin Yu feels that it seems to be some important matter so he restrains his temper, saying: “What is the matter that you want to warn me about, Reverend Yan Xu? Please feel free to tell me.”

Reverend Yan Xu says with a nod: “According to what you said, your father is a man of the Qin dynasty, so let me ask you something. Who is your father? And what is the relationship between you and the Qin emperor?” Instead of talking about that matter, Reverend Yan Xu begins to ask Qin Yu.

“The reigning Qin emperor is my 2nd brother. Who do you think my father is?” Qin Yu says.

Reverend Yan Xu says smilingly: “Indeed.”

Azure Dragon unexpectedly also says: “Yan Xu, I already know what you want to say. Brother Qin Yu, I really have to warn you a bit about this matter but somehow I forgot to tell you about it.”

Qin Yu frowns. When both Reverend Yan Xu and Azure Dragon have said so, what is this important matter actually?

“Don’t beat around the bush, Overlord Azure Dragon, Reverend Yan Xu. If you have something to tell me, quickly go ahead and tell me. What is this matter that can make you act so cautiously? It seems to be an exceptionally important matter.” Qin Yu has become doubtful.

Reverend Yan Xu asks: “Qin Yu, if war breaks out between your Qin dynasty and the other dynasties, you will send the Stellar Tower’s army to help it, won’t you?”

Qin Yu says smilingly: “Of course I will. If difficult problems arise, it’ll be perfectly normal for me to help. I can’t stand watching my relatives be unhappy without batting an eyelid.” If he lacked power then there would be nothing he could do, but now that he has the Stellar Tower, naturally he wants to help his relatives.

Reverend Yan Xu laughs: “Then you’ll be courting death.”

“You’ll be courting death.” Azure Dragon also says.

Qin Yu is startled and looks doubtfully at the 2 of them.

Azure Dragon explains: “Brother Qin Yu, let me tell you something. Perhaps you’ve also heard about the Chaotic Astral Ocean. Those loose immortals in the Chaotic Astral Ocean once gave an order that the Qian Long continent is a continent of mortals and Xiuzhenists definitely can’t interfere in the fighting for power between the mortal countries.”

“If Xiuzhenists control a mortal country and then … get found out, they will inevitably be killed.” Reverend Yan Xu says solemnly.

Azure Dragon says with a nod: “Qin Yu, that uncle of yours is powerful, but this order came from the Chaotic Astral Ocean countless years ago and is jointly approved by all loose immortals. It’s an order of the loose immortal community so even your Uncle Lan has to accept it.”

Qin Yu is startled.

“Then how do you explain the current countries’ Shangxian?” He asks doubtfully.

Reverend Yan Xu says laughingly: “Those so-called Shangxian are merely some Jindan-stage Xiuzhenists. How can they possibly know about this? Besides, a couple of Xiuzhenists don’t have great influence on the general situation of the mortal world.”

Azure Dragon also says: “Qin Yu, listen carefully. Those loose immortals’ order was that they didn’t wish to see the mortal countries controlled by Xiuzhenists. Their meaning is very clear, that is, the Qian Long continent is a continent of mortals and controlled by mortals. You’ll be okay as long as you don’t violate this idea.”

Qin Yu immediately understands.

“I see. Will I break the rule if I send some subordinates to protect my relatives? They’ll only serve as bodyguards.” He quickly figures out a possible way to exploit this order.

Azure Dragon says laughingly: “Of course you won’t. Remember, if you don’t kill an emperor openly or lead an army of Xiuyaoists to go kill mortal armies or control a mortal monarch, there won’t be a problem.”

Qin Yu totally understands the intention of those unfathomable loose immortals in the Chaotic Astral Ocean.

These loose immortals want the Qian Long continent to remain as a continent of mortals, nothing more. Whoever violates this rule will be punished by them!

“Reverend, that emperor of the Ming dynasty requests for an audience with you.” A disciple runs in and says.

“Zhu Yan? Let him come in.” Reverend Yan Xu says smilingly.

Qin Yu stands up and says: “Reverend Yan Xu, Overlord Azure Dragon, I’m leaving here now.” When there is nothing left to deal with, why should he stay here instead of returning?

“Greetings, Reverend Yan Xu.” Zhu Yan, however, has walked in. When he suddenly sees Qin Yu, his face is full of terror and disbelief. “You, you are … the black-robed …”

Qin Yu looks at Zhu Yan and says indifferently: “Yes, I’m that black-robed man who caught you to ask about the location of Dongfang Yu.”

Zhu Yan seems to be extremely terrified by seeing Qin Yu. He then breathes deeply to suppress his fear and says respectfully: “I am Zhu Yan, emperor of the Ming dynasty. May I ask who you are, senior?”

“Me?” Qin Yu suddenly gives a faint smile.

“Qin Zheng is my 2nd brother!”

When his voice is still resounding, his body has already vanished.

“Qin Zheng … 2nd brother …” Zhu Yan’s eyes pop out of his head. His face is full of shock. His shock is half pretended and half genuine, but he really never expected the black-robed man to be a brother of the Qin emperor’s.

He wakes up in a moment and looks around: “Where are they?”

“Don’t look. They are already gone.” Azure Dragon says with a ha-ha laugh.


A grand army of Xiuyaoists is flying extremely fast in the sky, heading for the Qin dynasty’s capital. Yan Rui and 2 other guardians are leading this army. Qin Yu and his 2 sworn brothers started to move ahead of them long ago.

On a city gate tower of the Qin dynasty’s capital,

Qin De, Qin Zheng, Qin Feng and Fengyuzi are standing, looking in the direction of the Ming dynasty’s capital. The 4 of them have been waiting for Qin Yu on this tower since Qin Yu left, taking the large army of Xiuyaoists with him.

Guardian Liang Tan already escorted Dongfang Yu back. Qin De only gave an order to lock him up for later punishment. Now what Qin De wants the most is a nice discussion with his 3rd son!

What actually happened?

His 3rd son left the Qian Long continent just 10 years ago, how was he able to become the Stellar Tower’s master?

Pleasant surprise? Doubt? Disbelief? Nervousness?

There are all kinds of feelings in the hearts of Qin De and the other 3 at the moment.

A golden light beam shoots extremely fast towards them in the distance. Their eyes brighten at once. Following a perfect curved path, that golden light beam dives down and lands directly on the city gate tower. It then turns into a man, who is none other than Qin Yu.

“Father.” Qin Yu looks at his father Qin De.

Qin De, Qin Zheng, Qin Feng and Fengyuzi all look at him.

“Stellar Tower? Tower master?” Qin De starts the conversation.

“There are so many Xiuzhenists, perhaps more than 10,000.” Qin Feng continues.

Qin Zheng also says: “So you’re the Stellar Tower’s master. No wonder you care so little about Base Building Pills.”

“According to guardian Liang Tan, the Stellar Tower is unexpectedly a superpower in the same league as the Penglai Immortal Region. You’re really formidable. You’ve become so strong in just 10 years.” Although Fengyuzi praises highly, there is not a big smile on his face.

The 4 of them all stare at Qin Yu and say in unison: “Say, what really happened?”

Qin Yu forces a smile: “I, I had no time to tell you, didn’t I?”

Seeing Qin Yu’s forced smile, Qin De, who is acting, can no longer restrain himself. He, who is normally solemn and dignified, now gives Qin Yu a pat on the head and says with happy laughter: “You’re quite something, brat. I never expected you to work so hard to establish yourself.”

Qin Feng hugs Qin Yu’s shoulders excitedly and says: “Xiao Yu, I’ve had to restrain myself so much during this period. I didn’t dare to seek revenge or mention the loss of my middle-grade holy weapon … But now I’ve finally got it off my chest. This is awesome, so awesome!”

Qin Zheng also embraces Qin Yu’s shoulders and says: “Xiao Yu, I’m a monarch of mortals, but you’re a lord of Xiuzhenists. The unification of the Qian Long continent by our ancestor Qin Shi Huang has been regarded as the no. 1 glory in the history of the Qin clan, but your Stellar Tower must even be a higher achievement than the great Qin dynasty of the past.”

Fengyuzi says in a disappointed manner: “At that time I couldn’t stand being wronged by the Pure Sword School so I left it. But I never thought my nephew would become the leader of a superpower comparable to the Penglai Immortal Region. The times they really are a-changing.”

During this period of time, the high echelons of the Qin dynasty have felt deeply wronged.

General Zhao Yunxing was killed but they could not avenge him.

The 2 Shangxian both had an arm cut off and all of the middle-grade holy weapons were even taken away. The Qin dynasty, however, could only endure such a humiliation. But then Qin Yu returned and personally led a large army to rush the enemies in a majestic manner, turning the table in just one night. As a result, everybody’s frustration is relieved.


On the city gate tower,

After a table has been arranged in the indistinct light of the crescent moon, Qin Yu, his father, his big brother, his 2nd brother and Fengyuzi sit down around it. They drink wine and talk with each other about their experiences in the past 10 years by the moonlight. They even tense up when talking about dangerous experiences.

The night then passes and a white glow appears in the east. It is already starting to get light.

After such a long talk, Qin De and the others finally know about Qin Yu’s experiences and understand how dangerous the Xiuzhen world is.

“Compared to the Xiuzhen world, the Qian Long continent is much more stable. At least it’s controlled by laws and armies. The only bad thing here is the fighting between the countries. But in the Xiuzhen world, power is everything. Yu’er, your last 10 years has been rough. You should also rest for a while.”

At the moment, Qin De also feels pity surging inside him. Who knows how many times Qin Yu has brushed past death in the overseas Xiuzhen world?

Qin De does not know the answer at all. In fact, Qin Yu’s experiences were even more dangerous than they are in Qin Yu’s narration. He did not talk about the many times he had to rely on the Meteoric Tear to get out of danger because he does not want to worry his father too much.


In Prince Yu’s Mansion,

Li’er is carefully watering flowers in the early morning with a faint charming smile on the corners of her mouth.

“Li’er, you got up so early in the morning to water flowers. Why don’t you rest a bit more?” Qin Yu goes straight to a nearby net hammock and lies down in a satisfied manner. The hammock then begins to swing.

Li’er gives a smile and says emotionally: “The Qian Long continent has many unusual flowers that other places don’t. Besides, the morning air is very good. Actually, dwelling places of mortals are not bad at all.”

“Then just stay here with me all the time. I won’t chase you away.” Qin Yu says jokingly.

“All right, quit joking. Why didn’t you return the entire yesterday night? Where did you go?” Li’er says solemnly.

Qin Yu is startled then says seriously: “This, do you still have to ask why a man goes out during the night? The other places of mortals are no good, but brothels are still very flourishing. Also, the mortal scholars usually shout ‘the modest, retiring, virtuous, young lady, for the gentleman a good mate is she’ then run to brothels. This is called fashion. Yesterday I also went to a brothel to check it out.”

Li’er covers her mouth and gives a laugh: “You think you’re a gentleman?”

“Why not? I don’t look the part?”

“All right, quit blabbering. Yesterday many Xiuyaoists appeared outside. Do you think I’m a mortal who couldn’t feel it? Tell me, what did you do after leaving?” Li’er asks carefully.

Qin Yu stops lying in the hammock. He sits up, stands up and says: “I won’t hide it from you anymore. Yesterday I told you I was going to see my master. But … my master had already been killed. Both my father and Uncle Feng had got an arm cut off too. So, yesterday I left to take revenge.” His voice has become slightly serious.

“Take revenge? What was the result?” Li’er asks.

“School terminated.” Qin Yu’s eyes flash with fierceness.

Li’er frowns, seemingly a little unhappy with this. But in a short while she lets out a sigh: “All right, since you already terminated their school, you have got your revenge, right? Then why do you still look like you want a piece of people after returning to the mansion?”

Qin Yu sobers up and says hurriedly: “I’m sorry.”

Just now he was remembering his animosities again so naturally he could not control his emotions well.

Li’er says with a smile: “Never mind. Qin Yu, where are your father and Uncle Feng? Take me to see them sometime.”

“What are you going to do?” Qin Yu asks doubtfully.

“I’m going to treat their injuries. What else do you think I’m going to do?” Li’er answers as if this goes without saying.

“Treat their injuries? My father and Uncle Feng are Xiuzhenists. They are very healthy. What injuries are you going to treat?”

Li’er says in an annoyed manner: “Idiot. Aren’t severed arms injuries? It’s been some time since your father and Uncle Feng got their arms cut off so other people can’t heal them. But if I get into action, I can still succeed with some certainty.”

Qin Yu is stupefied.

“You, you mean … severed arms can be regenerated?” His face is full of disbelief.

Li’er gives a brilliant smile: “Of course they can. You saw me treat Yan Zi’s serious wounds in the past, right? This is my special magic power. Oh, Qin Yu, could it be you don’t want to see your father and Uncle Feng recover? If so, let’s forget it then.”

“No, no.” Qin Yu hurriedly says. When Li’er sees his expression, her eyes flash with a hint of craftiness.

Suddenly Qin Yu holds Li’er’s hand directly with a grab then flies straight towards the Imperial Palace: “Let’s go. Follow me to the Imperial Palace. Li’er, please heal my father’s and Uncle Feng’s severed arms.” Although he says so using his mouth, his flying speed is still extremely fast.

However, Li’er is startled. She watches Qin Yu pulling her hand.

This is … the 1st time Qin Yu has ever pulled her hand!

End of b8c9.

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