Book 8 Chapter 8

B8C8: Brave and shrewd

“Azure Dragon.” Reverend Yan Xu looks at Azure Dragon, slightly annoyed.

This time, the matter becoming such a mess must have something to do with Azure Dragon secretly adding fuel to the fire. However, still thinking that this is not chaotic enough, Azure Dragon has even come to offer Qin Yu his support. Reverend Yan Xu can also tell that at the moment Qin Yu is like a gunpowder barrel that can explode anytime.

Azure Dragon wags his head smilingly and says: “What’s up, Yan Xu? Qin Yu is my good brother. The Stellar Tower is also a power of underwater Xiuyaoists. At any rate, my Azure Dragon Palace is acknowledged as the leader under water. If I didn’t support my brother, would I have to support you old geezer instead?”

More than 10 Xiuxianists run up to Reverend Yan Xu. The leader bows and says: “Reverend Yan Xu, this Stellar Tower master relied on superior power to massacre us and the other fellow Xiuxianists at will. We hope you can redress the balance for us.”

“We hope you can redress the balance for us.” The 10-odd Xiuxianist leaders say in unison.

Hearing this, Qin Yu frowns and casts an ice-cold glance at them. The Xiuxianists’ hearts cannot help trembling. They unconsciously look at Reverend Yan Xu. The Chaoyang school’s disciples have been annihilated and Qin Yu has even killed Dongfang Nian with his own hands so even though he is still furious, he can already calmly consider the situation.

In fact Qin Yu is not the bloodthirsty type at all. Only he has not had many real friends and relatives since his childhood so he values every friend and relative very much. The killing of his master and the severing of his father’s and Fengyuzi’s arm have given rise to an extremely great enmity in him.

One should know that he was even willing to perish together with an enemy for the sake of his father. It is easy to imagine how important his relatives are to him.

Cutting off an arm of Qin De’s and Fengyuzi’s is also the biggest mistake Dongfang Yu has ever made in his life. Luckily, he only severed an arm of each of them. If he had killed Qin De, perhaps by now Qin Yu would have already lost that tinge of calmness and would kill all of the Xiuxianists here, and even the Ming dynasty would get mixed up in this.

“Shut up. Do you think Reverend doesn’t know how to deal with this matter?” Reverend Huo Tian however rebukes angrily.

In an instant, those 10-odd Xiuxianists no longer dare to say anything. As mere Xiuxianists who came from within a radius of several million li, naturally they are inferior to the 3 big leaders of the Penglai Immortal Region in status and therefore they do not dare to say one word when reprimanded.

“Bunch of idiots with no sense of propriety.” Azure Dragon says laughingly. It is very obvious that he looks down on those 10-odd Xiuxianist leaders.

Do those Xiuxianists not understand the situation?

In terms of individual power, Azure Dragon is the no. 1 expert of the overseas Xiuzhen world. In terms of forces, the 10,000 strong army of the Stellar Tower is enough to sweep away the 2000 remaining Xiuxianists. But these Xiuxianists still absurdly hope Reverend Yan Xu will redress the balance. Is Reverend Yan Xu a fool?

“Gentlemen, I’ll certainly handle this matter. Everybody better go back to have a rest first.” Reverend Yan Xu tells the 10-odd Xiuxianist leaders smilingly.

The hearts of those Xiuxianists warm up. They immediately bow and retreat then lead the surviving Xiuxianists back to their own dwelling places. Although some Xiuxianists are still fairly angry, they do not dare to say anything when they see the large army of the Stellar Tower.

“Oh, where’s tower master Qin Yu?” Right after his talk with the Xiuxianists, Reverend Yan Xu notices that Qin Yu has already disappeared.

Azure Dragon says laughingly: “Yan Xu, Qin Yu has gone over there. Just turn around and take a look. Oh my, brother Qin Yu’s killing intent is so strong. I think there’ll definitely be a good show.” After saying this, Azure Dragon goes after Qin Yu.

Reverend Yan Xu turns around to take a look. He also sees Qin Yu walking step by step towards Dongfang Nian’s dwelling place.

Thanks to using the Xiumo secret technique Soul Examination, Qin Yu already knows that Dongfang Yu is hiding in none other than that dwelling place. With a sweep of his holy sense, Qin Yu discovers that there is only one man in Dongfang Nian’s dwelling place at the moment. That man is at the early Yuanying stage and the elemental energy inside his body is typical of the Chaoyang school. Furthermore, he looks very similar to Dongfang Nian.

“Dongfang Yu.” A faint cold smirk appears on the corners of Qin Yu’s mouth. “He’s still very obedient to his father.”

In his mind, Qin Yu has no doubt that this man is exactly Dongfang Yu.

Step by step, Qin Yu does not use any flying techniques at all and just slowly takes one step forwards after another. Under the coverage of his holy sense, it is simply impossible for Dongfang Yu to escape his notice. The killing intent on Qin Yu’s body also intensifies gradually.

“Dongfang Yu!”

Qin Yu’s voice suddenly rises --

At the moment, a minute feels like a year to Dongfang Yu because he was able to hear those loud noises of the fighting outside, the anguished dying cries of various Xiuxianists and the terrifying explosions caused by the 5000 Palms of Thunder. Only now does he know how powerful the enemies are.

“Who is it actually? Who is it that wants to kill me?”

Dongfang Yu simply does not know who he actually offended. He believes that he has been living his life very cleverly because he has never dared to be disrespectful to any formidable personages. With such a style of behavior, how could he have offended someone? Dongfang Yu just cannot understand.

The sounds of fighting have stopped.

But Dongfang Yu is even more terrified.

“Is it over? What’s the outcome? Why hasn’t father come back to tell me about the outcome? Could it be my Chaoyang school has lost and father has lost? No way, that’s absolutely impossible.” Cold sweat oozes out on his forehead as he keeps shaking his head talking to himself.

He simply does not dare to take half a step out of this courtyard house. He can only stay here.

“Dongfang Yu!”

Soon after this voice rises, Dongfang Yu quickly decides that it is the very same voice which said “Dongfang Yu dies, or all of you … die!” in the beginning. Now, as he hears this voice, his heart trembles.


“Dongfang Yu, come out to die.”

Qin Yu says coldly while gradually going forwards step by step.

Using his holy sense, Qin Yu can see clearly that Dongfang Yu is in fear at the moment. He wants to torment him, torment his nerves and terrifies him so that he goes mad. Qin Yu keeps advancing slowly towards his target.

Reverend Yan Xu and Azure Dragon totally understand the meaning of Qin Yu’s current actions.

“Poor little brat Dongfang, damn, who told him to offend people?” Azure Dragon gives a sarcastic remark on one side.

“Dongfang Yu killed tower master Qin Yu’s master and cut off an arm of his father’s and uncle’s. He has only himself to blame for tower master Qin Yu acting this way.” Reverend Yan Xu lets out a sigh and says. He seems to be somewhat sorry for Dongfang Yu.

Azure Dragon however curls his lips, saying: “Hypocrite.”

As the leaders of 2 major powers, both Azure Dragon and Reverend Yan Xu are not the soft-hearted type. Actually, at the moment they have no sympathy for Dongfang Yu at all. Reverend Yan Xu’s pity is merely a pose.

Xiuzhenists go against Heaven and frequently fight each other for treasures. To them, power is the most important thing! If Azure Dragon and Reverend Yan Xu were soft-hearted, perhaps they would have been dead for nobody knows how many years now.

To be soft-hearted, you must have enough power first. When you are as powerful as a 9th tribulation loose immortal, a 10th tribulation loose immortal, or even a 12th tribulation loose immortal, if you are soft-hearted, people will praise you for being merciful and lofty.

But when you are only an ordinary Dongxu stage Xiuzhenist, if you are benign, people will think that you are stupid. If you are benign while the other people are cruel, it will be a strange thing if you can survive in this Xiuzhen world, where dangers lurk around you.

In going against Heaven, one wrong step will destroy 1000 years of hard work, therefore most Xiuzhenists are tough-minded. Even those who look kind-hearted on the outside are actually resolute and ruthless. At a crucial moment, they will not show any mercy.

Azure Dragon, Reverend Yan Xu, Teng Shan, Reverend Huo Tian, Reverend Di Feng and the 2 Azure Dragon Palace guardians all follow Qin Yu. Through their holy senses, they can see clearly Dongfang Yu’s terrified appearance. He is terrified by Qin Yu’s words.

Death is not terrifying at all. But having to knowingly wait for death’s arrival without being able to avoid it is very terrifying.

Qin Yu has already reached the outside of that courtyard house’s front door. Now his killing intent is so strong that even Dongfang Yu inside the house can totally feel it.


Dongfang Yu’s face suddenly becomes frighteningly ferocious. He cannot take it anymore. With a scream, he activates the energy in his entire body and immediately rides his flying sword to soar straight into the sky, reaching his top speed in an instant.

Qin Yu turns into a golden beam of light in the blink of an eye.


The golden light beam starts off later but quickly gets above Dongfang Yu. Afterwards, a huge golden palm appears and hits Dongfang Yu on the back squarely with a bang. Dongfang Yu is immediately smacked down like a nail.

The ground shakes for a while after Dongfang Yu’s body smashes violently onto some bluestone slabs of the courtyard house. The bluestone slabs are immediately shattered while Dongfang Yu’s whole body is bloodied. He props himself up on his arms with difficulty. He wants to get up but his internal organs hurt so much that he spouts another mouthful of blood.

Qin Yu suddenly appears before Dongfang Yu.

Lying prone on the ground, Dongfang Yu sees Qin Yu’s feet and raises his head to look at Qin Yu’s ice-cold face. Afterwards, he looks around and says in terror: “Where’s my father? Where’s my father? Where are the men of my Chaoyang School?”

“From now on, the Chaoyang School no longer exists.” Qin Yu says coldly.

Dongfang Yu does not react immediately. After a moment, he understands Qin Yu’s meaning. His Chaoyang School has been destroyed!

“Why? Why do you want to do this? Where did I offend you? Why are you so ruthless?” Even now Dongfang Yu does not collapse mentally because he does not value the members of his school. What he values is his own little life.

There is still the last glimmer of hope at the bottom of his heart!

“You want to kill me? Then can you tell me where I offended you? If you don’t tell me clearly, I won’t be resigned to my death.” Dongfang Yu says while staring at Qin Yu.

He believes that, whatever happens, he has never offended powerful people. The people he has killed were all small fries that he totally looked down upon. He simply has never dared to kill big fishes.

“You killed General Zhao Yunxing of the Qin dynasty in that battle at Jia Ling Pass, didn’t you? General Zhao Yunxing was my first master.” Qin Yu says in an ice-cold, flat voice.

Dongfang Yu’s face immediately goes pale.

He remembers that general had a natural air of fierceness. Even when facing Dongfang Yu, the general still attacked him fiercely with no regard for his own life. In the beginning, Dongfang Yu did not protect his body with elemental energy because of his carelessness so he suffered a surface wound. In the end, he killed that general out of anger. However, even after his death, the general was still glaring furiously at Dongfang Yu.

“Of the 2 current Shangxian of the Qin dynasty, one is my father and the other is my uncle.” Qin Yu continues.

Dongfang Yu’s entire body freezes. His eyes dull.

“How can, how can …” Dongfang Yu mumbles. His eyes become lifeless. Now he no longer has any hopes of surviving.

A golden light flickers in Qin Yu’s hand. Several shafts of light shoot into Dongfang Yu’s body and seal up his yuanying completely. Given Qin Yu’s current power, Dongfang Yu has no chance of breaking the seal at all.

“Guardian Liang Tan, you take a 100 strong squad and escort this Dongfang Yu back to the capital so that my father and brothers can deal with him and address the issue of lodging for all of you.” Qin Yu gives an order directly. Guardian Liang Tan among the 4 guardians outside the courtyard house takes the order without delay.


“Your Majesty, heavy fighting broke out in the Realm of Immortals outside the city. Very many of the Shangxian who were staying in the Realm of Immortals have already died.” An old eunuch beside Zhu Yan says respectfully.

At the moment, Zhu Yan’s demeanor is totally different from the disgraceful demeanor he had when captured by Qin Yu.

“Very many have died? Could that black-robed man have done this single-handedly?” He says frowningly.

The old eunuch says: “No, he couldn’t. According to the experts who were watching from the city gate towers, in the beginning that black-robed man issued a battle challenge alone, but later … a large number of Shangxian came. They even blotted out the entire sky. That group of Shangxian greatly outnumbered the Shangxian we welcomed in the past. But those Shangxian were on the side of the black-robed man.”

Zhu Yan understands.

The old eunuch continues: “The black-robed man then gave an order, which caused the deaths of so many Shangxian in the Realm of Immortals. Your Majesty, do you know at that time countless lightning bolts struck down? That scene scared all the officers and soldiers on the city gate towers stiff.”

“Where is that black-robed Shangxian now?” Zhu Yan slightly frowns then asks.

The old eunuch says: “That black-robed Shangxian is still in the Realm of Immortals. According to the experts who were watching from the city gate towers, the leaders of the Realm of Immortals, who are those reverends or something, later appeared and talked a bit with the black-robed man. By now, the black-robed man has already entered the Realm of Immortals.”

“Oh …”

Zhu Yan ponders. The old eunuch does not dare to say a word.

The Ming dynasty had been falling into decadence but its imperial power has increased greatly during Zhu Yan’s reign. Although Zhu Yan lusts for beautiful women and has even used corrupted, insincere officials, the power of his empire has been improving nonstop and his army has also become increasingly stronger.

“Prepare for a visit to the Realm of Immortals. I want to meet this black-robed Shangxian again.” Zhu Yan orders all of a sudden.

“Your Majesty.” The old eunuch is greatly shocked. “Your Majesty, this black-robed man is the thief who damaged the imperial resting house. His power is so terrifying …”

“Huh?” Zhu Yan gives a cold humph and casts an ice-cold glance at the old eunuch.

The eunuch’s heart skips a beat. Immediately, he does not dare to say anything else and takes the order. This old eunuch is the leader of the secret army under Zhu Yan. He is an expert who has reached the peak of the Xiantian level but he still has to tread carefully in front of Zhu Yan.

End of b8c8.

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