Book 8, Chapter 7

B8C7: Yan Rui, give my order!

Various silhouettes keep flying out of the buildings on their swords. The number of Xiuxianists on the sky becomes larger and larger. However, the junior master of the Chaoyang school Dongfang Yu is still staying in the courtyard house of his father Dongfang Nian, the headmaster of the Chaoyang school. At this moment, after hearing Qin Yu’s voice, Dongfang Yu can no longer suppress his anger. He wants to charge out.


Dongfang Nian runs out of his room and shouts coldly.

Dongfang Yu does not dare to take another step. He immediately turns around and says in an irritated manner: “Father, I don’t know who that fella is, but he called me out directly in front of so many Xiuxianists and wants to kill me. He’s so arrogant and insolent. If I don’t come out to kill him, will I still have the face to meet other Xiuxianists?”

Dongfang Nian however has a very calm expression: “You disobedient son, what do you know? That man dares to call you out in front of so many Xiuxianists. To be able to do so, how can he possibly a weakling? Just stay here. You definitely can’t come out.”

“Father!” Dongfang Yu says hastily.

“Dongfang Yu dies, or all of you … die!”

Qin Yu’s last word is like a great crash of thunder, causing Dongfang Yu’s face to change color. He, who originally still had enough confidence to go fight the enemy, immediately cowers merely because of Qin Yu’s last word, which is charged with stellar energy.

“You stay here and must not go to any other places. There are so many fellow Xiuxianists outside so even though the enemy is strong, he won’t be able to break in.” Dongfang Nian dictates. Afterwards, he walks out calmly and gives an order: “School nephew Yan Yang, quickly go invite Reverend Yan Xu to preside over the situation.”

“Yes, headmaster.”

Outside the room, Yan Yang immediately rushes towards Reverend Yan Xu’s dwelling place.

There is a faint cold smirk on Dongfang Nian’s face. With Reverend Yan Xu and several thousand Xiuxianists behind him, what is there for him to be afraid of? Without delay, he stands on his sword with his arms folded and calmly soars into the sky. He indeed has the distinctive demeanor of a grandmaster.

“I am Dongfang Nian of the Chaoyang school. My fellow Xiuxianist, may I ask why you have come to our place in such a big way? You should know that this is the staying place for the Xiuxianists summoned by Reverend Yan Xu of the Penglai Immortal Region. Regardless of what the feud between my son and you is, just by causing a clamor at this place, a territory of Reverend Yan Xu, you have been a bit too disrespectful to all fellow Xiuxianists here and to Reverend Yan Xu.”

Dongfang Nian says in a loud and clear voice.

Qin Yu sweeps his eyes on him.

He is standing with arms folded on his sword. His long beard is flowing and his Xiuxian robe is fluttering, giving him an air of magnificence typical of immortals. In contrast, Qin Yu is overflowing with killing intent and his black robe is wide open and flapping, making him look like an evil god.

“Dongfang Nian …” Qin Yu stares at him, “You must be Dongfang Yu’s father. You’re pretty eloquent. I never expected you to force this matter on Reverend Yan Xu. But today I must kill Dongfang Yu. Are you going to hand him over or not?”

Qin Yu simply does not know who Dongfang Yu is. He has never seen him and does not know his aura either.

Even though now he wants to kill Dongfang Nian in front of him, he must at least find out who Dongfang Yu is first. Otherwise, Dongfang Yu may escape in the end, which will render his killing worthless.

“Ha-ha …”

Dongfang Nian turns his face upwards and laughs out loud: “My fellow Xiuxianist, I’ve told you so much, but you’re still so arrogant. This place is the living compound for me and the other fellow Xiuxianists. We’ve come here under an order by Reverend Yan Xu, but you’ve caused a commotion at our front door and even asked me to hand over my son …”

A yellow-clad old man scolds loudly: “You’re alone but you’re so arrogant. You’ve thought too little of us.”

Qin Yu slightly frowns.

“Cut the crap.”

His eyes flash with coldness: “I only ask you one question, hand over or not? If you do, I’ll only kill Dongfang Yu. If you don’t … I’ll kill whoever tries to stop me!” He is simply in no mood to waste time on these people so he has given his ultimatum without delay.

“Don’t be so arrogant when you’re on your own. How can my Chaoyang school’s 1000 disciples and the other fellow Xiuxianists here possibly let you cause trouble?” Dongfang Nian says with a cold laugh. But he secretly feels doubtful: “Oh, why hasn’t school nephew Yan Yang returned after leaving to invite Reverend Yan Xu? Also, even if he doesn’t invite him, why hasn’t Reverend Yan Xu come to take a look when there’s such a big commotion?”

Dongfang Nian does not know why Reverend Yan Xu has not appeared, but at the moment he is not worried in the least.

Although the enemy is powerful, he is all by himself.

“Kaka, big brother, don’t waste time talking to them. Just kill them all directly … It’s been a very long time since I last tasted blood.” A resounding voice suddenly rises. Hou Fei’s black silhouette then appears beside Qin Yu seemingly out of thin air.

Meanwhile, Hei Yu appears on the other side of Qin Yu.

Just now Hou Fei and Hei Yu were watching in the dark. Only when they saw that Qin Yu wanted to get into action did they come out.

“Xiuyaoists …” The demonic auras on Hei Yu’s and Hou Fei’s bodies are quickly detected.

Dongfang Nian’s anger instantly surges. He shouts: “My fellow Xiuxianists, the 3 people in front of us are unexpectedly Xiuyaoists. Several thousand of us have gathered here but these 3 Xiuyaoists look at us like we’re nothing and have threatened to kill those who try to stop them. Their insults have gone too far.”

“Little Xiuyaoists like them also dare to cause a commotion? My fellow Xiuxianists, I, Xunyangzi, vow to be the first to kill these 3 people.” A sharp-tongued Xiuxianist says loudly.

This sharp-tongued Xiuxianist then takes the lead in getting into action. The other Xiuxianists are also ready to act. Seeing this scene, Dongfang Nian cannot help giving a faint smirk.


A stick silhouette descends from the sky!

The sharp-tongued Xiuxianist, who has reached the late Yuanying stage, is smashed by that black stick without being able to put up any resistance. His blood and flesh are scattered in all directions. His soul is shattered by the energy of the stick and Hou Fei catches hold of his yuanying with a grab.

“Kaka, don’t you dare to be arrogant in front of me, late Yuanying midget.”

Hou Fei laughs out loud strangely then tightens his grip all of a sudden, which unexpectedly causes the yuanying in his palm to explode right away. The explosion of this late Yuanying-stage yuanying cannot harm his body at all.


All of the Xiuxianists, who just now were ready for action, is dumbfounded. Hou Fei is too strong.

Late Yuanying-stage Xiuxianists are already the no. 1 experts of some small schools. Even in such a large school as the Chaoyang school, the no. 1 expert is only at the early Dongxu stage. On the whole, only the center for Xiuxianists, the Penglai Immortal Region, has more powerful experts.

However, the Penglai Immortal Region is too far from here. All of the Xiuxianists who have come by now live within several million li of this place so the strongest among them only belong to the same tier as Dongfang Nian.

Hu hu ~~~~~

Countless sounds come through the air from the horizon like a violent storm. Is that an incoming rain of arrows? Perhaps only mortals would think so. The Xiuxianists at the scene all realize that those are the sounds caused by Xiuzhenists flying their swords at extreme speeds.

Those Xiuzhenists densely occupy a large area and blot out the sky.

Dongfang Nian and the other Xiuxianists all look at that group of Xiuyaoists who are flying towards them in the distance. They cannot decide the enemies’ number, but after a simple observation, they can tell that the enemies outnumber them, and even worse, to a considerable extent!

“Xiuyaoists, it’s Xiuyaoists!” Some Xiuxianists immediately begin to yell.

The faces of all the Xiuxianists change color greatly. 3 Xiuyaoists appeared moments ago and now a large group of other Xiuyaoists has appeared. Anybody with some brain can establish a connection between these 2 events.

The Xiuyaoists land on the ground in an orderly manner like countless black flashes according to a square formation, which is a combination of the individual formations of the 10 companies. In front of them are the 4 guardians, with Yan Rui being the leader.

“Tower master.”

The 10,000 guards get down on one knee while Yan Rui and the other guardians bow.

“Tower master? An army of guards? Xiuyaoists? Ah, it’s the Stellar Tower!” The high-status Xiuxianists quickly realize who they are.

These Xiuxianists live within several millions li of this place and Qin Yu controls an area of water that is several tens million li in radius so it can be said that the waters under these Xiuxianists are all controlled by Qin Yu. Therefore, these school leaders certainly know about this Stellar Tower.

After all, in the underwater Xiuyao world, only the Stellar Tower has a guard army and uses the title ‘tower master.’

The Xiuxianists, who just now were bursting with morale, are all terrified. Good Heavens! What kind of power is the Stellar Tower? It is comparable to the Penglai Immortal Region, no less! If they oppose it, perhaps the tower master will only need to give an order and its large army of guards will fly out from the bottom of the ocean to destroy their schools and dens.

Dongfang Nian now knows that the situation is bad too. “Stellar Tower, I never expected it to be the Stellar Tower. Then not only are the waters around the island of my Chaoyang school under the control of the Stellar Tower, just by giving an order, perhaps he can destroy my Chaoyang school’s foundation immediately too.” He has panicked so he says hurriedly: “Tower master …”

However Qin Yu has no patience to give him a chance.

“Kill all of the Chaoyang school’s 1000 men, sparing no one, to comfort my master’s soul in Heaven.” Qin Yu gives the massacring order.

“Yes, tower master!”

The 10,000 Xiuyaoists charge at the group of Xiuxianists. Discipline is the very obvious difference between an army and disbanded soldiers. Facing the attack of so many Xiuyaoists, those Xiuxianists all lose their heads. They either evade or use escaping techniques. Even those who counterattack are in disarray, some using spells, some using flying swords, and one even swinging a long piece of red silk …

The whole thing is just a mess!

“5 companies in the front, shoot your flying swords together!” The leader of the 1st company shouts.

Immediately, 5000 flying swords pierce through the air to come at the enemies. Because there are Xiuxianists in the front and there are Xiuxianists at the back, the ones in the front immediately have to face so many flying swords. On average, each of them has to face even several tens flying swords. The outcome of this situation is --

Those who react fast run away through the ground while the slow ones have so many holes pierced in them like bee nests.

However, after piercing through a person, the swords keep shooting forwards --

When the 5000 flying swords have gone through the rearmost Xiuxianists, they thrust down at the ground. The few fleeing Xiuxianists are also stabbed to death. Various anguished cries are heard again.

In just one wave of flying sword attack, more than half of the Chaoyang school’s 1000 disciples have been killed. This scene stuns the other Xiuxianists. Even if they want to do the same thing, they will not be able to because they can see that, not only do the swords of a company look coordinated, even the 100 flying swords of a squad followed very ingenious trajectories and were in concert with each other when shooting out. Only several years of training can produce this result. Moreover, this also has something to do with the fact that the flying swords are exactly alike.

“5 companies at the back, Palms of Thunder!” Another order is given.

The other 5000 Xiuyaoists, who spent a long time preparing themselves and have become ready, immediately strike down using Palms of Thunder. This is not a very formidable technique at all. It only absorbs the power of lightning through the use of restrictive spells. One Palm of Thunder is negligible, but how about 5000 Palms of Thunder?

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! ……

Explosions are heard continuously --

Why has Reverend Yan Xu not appeared yet?

At the moment, in Reverend Yan Xu’s dwelling place,

Reverend Yan Xu, Reverend Huo Tian and Reverend Di Feng are drinking tea and chatting with Azure Dragon.

“Overlord Azure Dragon, you set up a restrictive spell around us so that nobody would hear our voices but you’ve only been chatting with us. What’s the secret matter that you actually want to talk about?” Reverend Huo Tian has become somewhat impatient. Not long ago, Azure Dragon came and said he wanted to discuss a ‘secret’ matter.

However, even though it has been some time since he sealed their vicinity with a restrictive spell, all he has been doing is chat with them.

Sometimes he chatted about the Ziyang school, sometimes he chatted about the Lanyang school, and sometimes he chatted about the Teng Long continent …

Azure Dragon came to their place so late at night and even set up a restrictive spell around them only to chat? But because he is in an extremely high position of power, the 3 reverends do not dare to treat him coldly either.

This restrictive spell was set up by Azure Dragon so other people’s holy senses cannot penetrate it, but his own holy sense can.

“Ha-ha, the fight has started. Good, excellent, awesome, oh my, Xiuxianists are really too weak. We Xiuyaoists are much stronger.” Azure Dragon is laughing in his mind but he still says smilingly: “Yan Xu, do you still remember the fight between us several hundred years ago? Recalling that fight really …”

Reverend Yan Xu slightly frowns too.

He came here so late at night and set up a restrictive spell only to talk about these silly things?

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! ……

Suddenly, there are sounds of violent shocks and the whole ground begins to shake. The teacups of the 4 of them all tumble down. The restrictive spell can prevent noise but the shaking caused by 5000 Palms of Thunder is really too strong, just like an earthquake.

“No good.”

Reverend Yan Xu stands up abruptly. The faces of both Reverend Huo Tian and Reverend Di Feng change color greatly. The 3 of them immediately glare at Azure Dragon. They know that something serious must have happened outside and that Azure Dragon is here only to distract them.

“Ha-ha …” Azure Dragon laughs out loud while holding his stomach. “This is so funny. Let me tell you something, Yan Xu. The fighting outside is intense. Oh my, that pitiful child’s yuanying is pierced through by a sword!” At the moment, Azure Dragon is watching the big fight outside using his holy sense.

The 3 reverends are now in no mood to talk with Azure Dragon. They rush out without delay. 3 flying swords are then shot out simultaneously.


The swords immediately cut open the restrictive spell.

Although this is a restrictive spell set up by Azure Dragon, the 3 reverends joined forces and went all out so naturally they succeeded in one move. They then pierce through the air to rush towards the battlefield. Azure Dragon, however, leisurely goes forwards, murmuring: “Have Teng Shan and the others muddied the waters a bit more? This is very amusing, too amusing already.”


3 blurs are flashing about. One is like a golden beam of light, one looks like a black stick and one is a black light. Among them, the ‘black light’ Hei Yu transformed into is strange because when it passes through a man, that man immediately dies. Thus, various Xiuxianists fall down one after another. In just a short while, these 3 blurs have already killed over 100 Xiuxianists. Afterwards, they stop and turn into Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu.

“That’s enough, brother Teng Shan.”

Qin Yu looks at Teng Shan and says indifferently.

Teng Shan and the 2 guardians under him laugh out loud. Teng Shan says: “Who in the world are these Xiuxianists, tower master Qin Yu? I can’t stand them. I was merely helping you teach them a lesson.”

At first Qin Yu was only prepared to kill the Chaoyang school’s disciples but Teng Shan and his 2 subordinate guardians unexpectedly pretended to be the Stellar Tower’s Xiuyaoists and killed the other schools’ Xiuxianists. The whole thing immediately became a mess so Qin Yu and his 2 brothers had no choice but to get into action to cut the knot.

In just a while, more than half of the Xiuxianists have died, amounting to more than 2000.

Even though only 2000 Xiuxianists came here several months ago in the beginning, more Xiuxianists have come here successively since then, and therefore the number of Xiuxianists here has nearly reached 4000. Now that more than half of them are dead, the Xiuxianists’ power has suffered a great loss. In contrast, the Xiuyaoists under Qin Yu have utilized formations to take care of each other so they have lost only 10-odd individuals. This is the difference between an army and disbanded troops.

“Brother Teng Shan, after such a long time, Reverend Yan Xu still hasn’t shown up. He should have been obstructed by Overlord Azure Dragon, right?” Qin Yu says with an indifferent smile.

Seeing Teng Shan and his 2 guardians without seeing Azure Dragon, Qin Yu has already figured out what is going on.

Teng Shan gives a ha-ha laugh.

Qin Yu turns his head to look at Dongfang Nian, whose power has been sealed up. However, at the moment Dongfang Nian looks like he would rather die than submit. Seeing Qin Yu looking at him, he asks: “Why, why don’t you give me a glimmer of hope?”

“It’s because … I don’t need you to tell me.” Qin Yu walks towards him.

Dongfang Nian says: “Don’t you want to kill my son? Why do you have to destroy my Chaoyang school? If you agree not to destroy my Chaoyang school, I’ll tell you where my son is immediately. Please, please agree to this.”

“No, I won’t.”

Qin Yu walks up to Dongfang Nian.

Suddenly his face becomes ferocious: “Agree? You want me to agree? Why did your son kill my master instead of going easy on him? Also, your son even dared to cut off an arm of my father’s and Uncle Feng’s out of disdain. Right, your Chaoyang school is big so that Dongfang Yu or something has high status while my father has low status … my master’s life is worthless …”

Qin Yu’s killing intent suddenly surges forth.

“Screw you, Dongfang Nian. Quit dreaming. Your son killed my master and cut off my father’s and uncle’s arm. Even the extermination of your entire Chaoyang school won’t be able to relieve the hatred in my heart!!!”

All of a sudden, he executes a claw strike and grabs Dongfang Nian’s head.

“Ah ~~~” Dongfang Nian cries miserably. His face changes color to the point where his head looks like that of a corpse.

Xiumo secret technique -- Soul Examination!

Qin Yu pulls back his right hand and says indifferently: “Reverend Yan Xu, why don’t you show yourself when you’ve already arrived?” He has guessed earlier that Reverend Yan Xu should have already escaped from Azure Dragon’s containment.

“Tower master Qin Yu, Dongfang Yu killed your master and severed an arm of your father’s and uncle’s so he must die. But people should be spared whenever possible. So, can I suggest that you let the Chaoyang school go this time?” Reverend Yan Xu walks out. Reverend Huo Tian and Reverend Di Feng behind him also look at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu smiles brilliantly at Reverend Yan Xu.

“Yan Rui, give Zhuang Zhong my order. Immediately dispatch an army of guards from the Stellar Tower to destroy the Chaoyang school. Any obstructers are to be killed on the spot.” He can give the order by himself but he lets Yan Rui help him because he wants to show Reverend Yan Xu his action.


Yan Rui immediately takes out a transmitter.

“Tower master Qin Yu, you …” The face of Reverend Yan Xu changes color.

“Ha-ha, brother Qin Yu is really straightforward. I admire you, ha-ha. I’m on your side in this. Since you say you want to kill these Xiuxianists, I’ll help you, ha-ha …” Azure Dragon, who has been watching from one side for a long time, also pops up and walks to the side of Qin Yu while laughing out loud.

End of b8c7.

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