Book 8, Chapter 3

B8C3: Escalation

“Base Building Pills?” Qin Zheng has never heard of this kind of pill.

Qin Yu says smilingly: “2nd brother, Xiuzhenists use these Base Building Pills to set their foundations. If ordinary people take and completely absorb these pills, they can consolidate their foundations well and reach the Xiantian level. You basically don’t have to do something so complex like internal practicing.”

“I never thought there were such holy pills. With a large number of these pills, won’t it be possible to obtain a large number of Xiantian experts?” Qin Zheng is the monarch of a country so he still thinks about national benefits. On the Qian Long continent, a Xiantian expert is already considered extraordinary.

If he can obtain a large batch of Xiantian experts, his country’s military power will indeed be improved by one level.

Qin Yu says smilingly with a shake of his head: “You’re wrong, 2nd brother. Xiantian experts don’t mean anything. Without forming the jindans, they simply aren’t considered Xiuzhenists. A Base Building Pill is much more valuable than a Xiantian expert. Even though it is a relatively basic pill, it requires 7 medicinal materials to make, and the method of making it is also a secret. Small Xiuzhen schools generally can’t obtain this kind of pill.”

Qin Zheng is extremely smart so he understands immediately: “Ha-ha, Xiao Yu, I’m just a mortal so I consider from a different point of view to yours. According to what you said, Base Building Pills are precious, but you can still get them, looks like you’ve been doing pretty well in the overseas Xiuzhen world.”

Qin Yu is his own brother so Qin Zheng is talking a bit more casually and freely.

“Nothing special, nothing special.” Qin Yu has rarely been in such a good mood as he currently is.

Qin Feng however says laughingly: “2nd brother, Xiao Yu, ha-ha, we shouldn’t keep chatting in this audience hall. Let’s find a place to sit down first then talk. We’ve been apart for 10 years so we must have a real nice talk this time.”

“That’s right, that’s right.” Qin Zheng hurriedly says. “See, I’m so busy that I’m like this. All right, let’s go to Hundred Official Pavilion in the Imperial Garden first then talk.”

Suddenly Qin Zheng orders the eunuch standing near him: “Manager Wang, you quickly dispatch people to summon the empress, the ladies and my princes and princesses to Hundred Official Pavilion to meet our family’s 3rd Uncle. Moreover, also quickly invite my sister-in-law and Princess Fei Ya.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

The head eunuch immediately goes to transmit the order.

Qin Zheng talks to other people ceremoniously but talks to his brothers informally because, firstly, there is a deep brotherhood between them, and secondly, he knows that Qin Yu is a Xiuzhenist. Even though he is an emperor, he is only a mortal emperor. And Qin Feng is also someone about to undergo the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation.

Hou Fei is chatting with Li’er and Hei Yu on one side. Hearing Qin Zheng say so, he suddenly bursts into laughter while holding his stomach.

“Kaka, did you hear what your 2nd brother said, big brother? He’s got an empress, various ladies, and many princes and princesses. Wow, that’s a whole bunch of people. But look at you. You don’t even have a wife. Sis Li’er, you should help my big brother find a wife sometime.” Hou Fei unexpectedly turns to Li’er and says.

Li’er hits Hou Fei’s head with a swing of her sleeve and reprimands: “Don’t make fun of me, Fei Fei.”

But right afterwards, she smiles again and looks at Qin Yu: “Qin Yu, both your big and 2nd brothers are married and have children but you have nothing. When are you going to find a wife? If you really want me to help you, I won’t mind helping you find one either.”

Facing her seemingly smiling expression, Qin Yu responds by keeping his mouth shut.

Seeing the way Qin Yu and Li’er are interacting with each other, Qin Feng and Qin Zheng cannot help exchanging a smile.

“All right, Xiao Yu, let’s go to Hundred Official Pavilion in the Imperial Garden first.” Qin Feng laughs out loud and says. Afterwards, the 3 brothers, Li’er, Hou Fei and Hei Yu head for that pavilion in the Imperial Garden together. Every royal guard on the way looks at Qin Yu in amazement.

Qin Feng, Qin Zheng and Qin Yu are blood brothers so they certainly look very similar to each other.

Seeing that their emperor and prince are going together with a strange man so excitedly and closely, naturally those guards are greatly shocked. In the Imperial Palace, legend has it that Qin Feng and Qin Zheng once had a 3rd brother.

However, nobody has seen this person for the last 10 years so most of the royal guards think that this is just a rumor. Today, as soon as they see Qin Yu, they can all draw a conclusion and believe that tomorrow some news will come out from the Imperial Palace.


In Hundred Official Pavilion in the Imperial Garden,

This pavilion is rectangular with a width of about 6 m and a length of 20 to 30 m. Qin Zheng has asked some officials to remain here to enjoy sumptuous feasts with the royal family many times. At the moment, Qin Zheng is sitting in the master seat. Qin Yu and Qin Feng are sitting on either side of him.

“2nd brother, somehow I feel that there’s a little sadness on your forehead. Could there be a difficult problem? Just tell me about it.” Qin Yu immediately says.

Even though Qin Zheng and Qin Feng are currently very enthusiastic, Qin Yu still notices a marked note of sadness on Qin Zheng’s forehead. To his knowledge, his 2nd brother is exceptionally tough-minded. It must be a serious matter to be able to make his 2nd brother like this.

Qin Zheng is startled, but he dissembles instantly and says with a smile: “It’s nothing. I’m just worried by the news about the disastrous flood just now. After all, a million people have become destitute and homeless.”


Qin Yu responds, but he does not believe this at all because moments ago in the audience hall he saw his 2nd brother handle this flood matter very easily. Given Qin Zheng’s disposition, the flood definitely cannot make him like this. However, because his 2nd brother does not want to tell him, Qin Yu cannot ask many times either.

“It’s delicious! Wow, to tell the truth, though mortals are a little weak, these foods are much tastier than what we got in the Stellar Tower.” Hou Fei is eating with great relish.

Xiuzhenists spend most of their time training hard so what Xiuyaoists would immerse themselves in the culinary art?

In terms of cooking, how can Xiuyaoists compare to mortal royalty? In the Stellar Tower, some fruits proffered by various regions are a bit new and unique, but its dishes are absolutely far inferior to these royal dishes.

At the moment, there are nearly 100 dishes on the long table in Hundred Official Pavilion.

“Brother Hou Fei, Xiuzhenists can do anything, like flying into the sky or going into the ground, but I don’t think those Xiuzhenists and Shangxian have enough time to master such a trivial art as cooking.” Qin Zheng says smilingly. Saying that Xiuzhenists have no time to master the art of cooking is just the same as saying that royal dishes are superior to those prepared by Xiuzhenists.

Hou Fei says in agreement: “Um, you’re right. Many of those Xiuzhenists don’t even eat anything at all. Well … by not eating delicious foods, they’ve lost a great way of having fun. Tut-tut, so tasty!” He grabs a roast gigot and begins to eat with large bites.

“Fei Fei, mind your image a bit.”

Qin Yu reprimands. Hou Fei eating this way makes him feel embarrassed.

In the Stellar Tower, because most members are Xiuyaoists, naturally he did not care about how Hou Fei ate. But this is the Imperial Palace. Qin Yu was born in a prince’s family so he knows social etiquette, which must be paid even more attention to in the Imperial Palace.

The way Hou Fei is eating and drinking even makes the eyes of the attending eunuchs and ladies-in-waiting pop out of their heads.


In the Ming dynasty on the Qian Long continent,

The reigning Ming emperor Zhu Yan is following 5 Shangxian. The leading Shangxian is a handsome young man, who is dressed in a jade-green robe, looking very attractive.

“You always want to meet the VIPs from the overseas Xiuzhen world, don’t you, Zhu Yan?” The leading jade-green-robed young man looks back and says smilingly.

An idea springs to Zhu Yan’s mind. He immediately says with a smile: “Shangxian Dongfang, could it be you want to introduce me to a VIP of the overseas Xiuzhen world this time? Your Chaoyang school is already an outstanding big school. Could it be an even more important figure will come here?”

This jade-green robed young man is none other than Dongfang Yu, the junior master of the Chaoyang school. He has reached the early Yuanying stage so naturally he can be considered a super expert in this mortal world.

The Chaoyang school is the largest Xiuxian school within a million li south of the Qian Long continent. It is much larger than Fengyuzi’s Pure Sword school with between 2000 and 3000 disciples. It should be known that generally only the islands in the center for Xiuxianists -- the Penglai Immortal Region -- have schools with several thousand disciples each. In the border area, with so many disciples, the Chaoyang school can indeed be regarded as a super school.

This time Dongfang Yu has taken 2 disciples to the Qian Long continent to go on a trip out of boredom. The 2 Shangxian of the Ming dynasty are none other than the Chaoyang school’s disciples so naturally they have welcomed him with respect. And Dongfang Yu has been staying in the imperial palace of the Ming dynasty since then.

“My Chaoyang school is undoubtedly the no. 1 school within a million li of this place, but … there are very many Xiuxian schools. The center for Xiuxianists is the Penglai Immortal Region, which is hundreds of millions of li away. There are more than a million Xiuxianists over there.” Although Dongfang Yu is naturally arrogant, he is very respectful when mentioning the Penglai Immortal Region.

As a dynasty’s emperor, Zhu Yan certainly knows quite a lot about the Xiuzhen world, but he is still scared stiff by the facts that the Penglai Immortal Region has over a million Xiuxianists and that it is hundreds of millions of li away.

“More than a million?! What a great number!” Zhu Yan exclaims.

Dongfang Yu says with a cold laugh: “You’re pretty lucky to know this secret. Let me tell you something. The people coming here today are the top-ranking figures of the Penglai Immortal Region. Now listen carefully, if you treat them improperly, not even my father will be able to save your Ming dynasty, let alone myself.” He warns solemnly.

“Top-ranking figures of the Penglai Immortal Region?” Zhu Yan’s heart begins to beat like a drum and he can feel its continual thumping in his ears.

Taking a deep breath, he says: “Shangxian Dongfang, I’ll definitely welcome these top figures to the best of my ability. May I ask what I must prepare?”

Dongfang Yu says with an indifferent smile: “You don’t have to prepare too much because these kinds of experts don’t pursue materialistic enjoyment. Remember not to let those mortals disturb them. Besides, their staying place must be clean and quiet. You’ll also have to behave respectfully. Don’t annoy those seniors.”

Dongfang Yu actually has just received a message from his father.

His father tells him that the people coming this time are all extraordinary and far superior to his father in power and status and the leader is even the no. 1 figure of the Penglai Immortal Region. It can be said that these several people represent the top echelons of the Penglai Immortal Region.

The Penglai Immortal Region’s top echelons are definitely the top echelons of Xiuxianists in the overseas Xiuzhen world.

“Everybody stands firm. Don’t move in disorder. We only need to wait here. Those seniors are very powerful so they can certainly know we’re here with a holy sense sweep.” Dongfang Yu shouts to the fidgeting Chaoyang school’s disciples on one side of him.

Immediately, nobody dares to move anymore.

After a long time --

3 silhouettes shoot towards them extremely fast from the horizon. They arrive in the airspace of the imperial palace instantly then walk down from the clouds like strolling in an empty courtyard. Their leisurely godlike manner awes the several people on the ground greatly.

The comers are none other than Reverend Yan Xu, Reverend Huo Tian and Reverend Di Feng.

“It is an honor to meet you, seniors. I am Dongfang Yu. The Chaoyang school’s headmaster is my father.” Dongfang Yu says very respectfully.

The people behind him are not even eligible to talk.

Reverend Yan Xu responds with an indifferent sound while Reverend Huo Tian and Reverend Di Feng pay no attention to him.

The Chaoyang school is the no. 1 school within a million li of the Qian Long continent but it does not mean anything in the eyes of the Penglai Immortal Region. The top expert of this school has only reached the early Dongxu stage whereas these 3 reverends are all at the Kongming stage.

Reverend Huo Ting’s eyes suddenly brighten. He arrives at the side Zhu Yan like a flash and looks at Zhu Yan interestedly, saying: “Brat, you don’t have any elemental energy. Could you be the Ming dynasty’s emperor?”

Zhu Yan says respectfully at once: “I am exactly the Ming dynasty’s emperor Zhu Yan. It is an honor to meet you, senior.”

Reverend Huo Tian nods his head with satisfaction.

This time Reverend Yan Xu comes here to ask that Chaoyang school for help so naturally he cannot be too arrogant.

“Dongfang, this time your father and I have an agreement. He is going to quickly send 2000 disciples, 1000 from his school and 1000 from nearby schools, to the Qian Long continent for me to command. I believe you already know about this.” Reverend Yan Xu says with an indifferent smile.

Dongfang Yu says respectfully: “I know about this, senior. My Chaoyang school feels honored to be able to work for you.”

Reverend Yan Xu nods with satisfaction.

This is no surprise. If time was not tight, given the power of the Penglai Immortal Region, even mobilizing 100,000 Xiuxianists would be no problem. However, now he needs a large number of Xiuxianists as soon as possible. Therefore, he had to message the headmaster of the Chaoyang school.

“Very good, Dongfang, you only have to prepare a staying place for the 3 of us and don’t need to care about the other matters.” Reverend Yan Xu orders.

Reverend Huo Tian says smilingly: “Reverend Yan Xu, you go to our staying place first. Now I’m pretty interested in this mortal world so I’ll go look around with this emperor Zhu Yan.” He then says laughingly to Zhu Yan: “Let’s go, Zhu Yan.”

“Please follow me, senior.”

Zhu Yan immediately leads Reverend Huo Tian to go enjoy various interesting things of the mortal world.


In Hundred Official Pavilion in the Imperial Garden of the Qin dynasty,

“It’s nice to meet you, 3rd Uncle.”

“It’s nice to meet you, 3rd brother-in-law.”

The empress of the Qin dynasty leads several tens imperial concubines and 10-odd princes and princesses saluting Qin Yu. Naturally this empress and these imperial concubines are all young and breathtakingly beautiful. The oldest among those princes and princesses are only 8 to 9 years old and the youngest ones have not even been weaned.


Chaoyang school = Sun Facing school

Dongfang = East

End of b8c3

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