Book 8 Chapter 14

B8C14: Danger zone

In a pitch-black space, a pair of blood-red eyes are the only things visible.

Suddenly, a small white area appears in this space. It is none other than that snowy cat.

In an instant, the snowy cat transforms into a cat-headed woman, looking like a catwoman. She is now wearing snow-white tight-fitting clothes, revealing the extremely sexy curves of her body. This snowy cat is also a divine beast, a top-class being among demonic beasts. The snowy cat says very respectfully: “Overlord.”

That pair of blood-red eyes looks at her: “Xiao Xue, Dragon Rocky’s and Hong Luan’s 6-in-9 Heavenly Tribulations will come soon, won’t they?”

“Overlord, Hong Luan’s 6-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation will come 3 months later, but Dragon Rocky is still unable to sense his tribulation.” The snowy cat says respectfully.

“Have you dealt with the Azure Dragon Palace’s forces completely?”

The snowy cat gives a smile. Her golden pupils flash with a tinge of blood-red: “Overlord, all of them have been dealt with. No one was spared.”

“Very well …”

The blood-red eyes suddenly shut, thus disappearing in this pitch-black space.


The Immense Wilderness is vast.

The high echelons of the 6 powers are going forwards into the Wilderness extremely fast together. At the same time, the leaders order the forces near that quiet deep cave to gather at the entrance of the cave. These several tens individuals are the top figures of the 6 powers so naturally their speeds are extremely fast.

Hou Fei’s black stick has been resized and now it is as thick as a tree. Sitting on the black stick, Hou Fei says laughingly to Qin Yu: “Big brother, you’re really formidable. This time sis Li’er also wanted to go to broaden her horizons but you were even able to persuade her to stay in the mansion.”

A faint smile appears on Qin Yu’s face.

This time everybody wants to go deep into the Wilderness to explore that quiet deep cave. When Li’er knew about this, she also wanted to follow Qin Yu to make an exploration of the cave. Qin Yu knows that she has magic powers, but her personal power is too weak and, moreover, this quiet deep cave is too dangerous so he tried every means to eventually succeed in dissuading her.

Therefore, the 3 masters are the only members of the Stellar Tower who left for that quiet deep cave this time.

“Monkey, big brother did so for sis Li’er’s benefit.” Hei Yu’s voice rises.

Hou Fei says while shaking his head: “How could I not know? But … there’s absolutely no need for big brother to worry about sis Li’er’s safety. Uncle Lan cares about her the most so how can she possibly not have life-saving treasures?” Hou Fei is totally confident.

Qin Yu gives a smile.

He does not want to let Li’er take a risk under any circumstances.

In the Wilderness, mountain ranges and ravines are everywhere. And huge trees which are hundreds or thousands of zhang tall can also be seen. Various demonic beasts that are yet to reach the Jindan stage keep roaring wantonly. Everybody is piercing through the sky extremely fast, heading east straight.

After going for several days, Azure Dragon, Reverend Yan Xu, Qin Yu and the others finally arrive at the location of the quiet deep cave.

By now, the forces of the powers have already gathered here, except for the Stellar Tower’s and the Azure Dragon Palace’s forces. The Azure Dragon Palace’s forces are not here because they were already wiped out and the Stellar Tower’s forces are not here because they are staying in the outermost 100,000 li area. Given those common guards’ power, they simply cannot come here in time even if they want.

The forces from the Penglai Immortal Region, the Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon, the Blue Water Mansion and the Nine Demons Hall all salute their respective leaders.

That quiet deep cave is in a valley in a continuous mountain range. It has an opening of 10-odd m in diameter and is fathomless. At the moment, that valley is full of standing people. The experts like Azure Dragon are standing beside the cave.

“This quiet deep cave really has the aura left by that immortal. Holy senses are totally useless here so we can only rely on our eyes.” Azure Dragon now no longer has any doubts. Before talking, he had already set up a restrictive spell around them to prevent the subordinates in the surroundings from hearing what they were going to say.

The others also nod.

They have certainly discovered the mysterious thing about this quiet deep cave and that familiar aura.

Reverend Yan Xu says loudly: “Everybody, this quiet deep cave seems very likely to be the place where the 9th jade sword is kept. Now we have to explore the cave to see how deep it is. Let’s discuss carefully whether we should explore it individually or explore it together.”

“Ha-ha, I don’t have an opinion. Now, except for Teng Shan, I’ve got no subordinates.” Azure Dragon laughs out loud and says.

Qin Yu also nods his head: “The 4 of you just discuss with each other. My Stellar Tower’s forces are still on the border of the Wilderness and simply can’t come here. I’m the same as Overlord Azure Dragon. You can decide how to carry out the exploration by yourselves.”

Reverend Yan Xu, Old Freak Three-Eyed, Di Long and Yi Da remain silent for a while.

“Let’s go down with 1000 men each and use them as a tool to learn more about the way as we go.” Yi Da says coldly.

The other 3 ponder a little bit then nod their heads.

They also know that those ordinary subordinates of theirs, who are mostly at the Jindan stage in power, will have very little hope of surviving in this keeping place of the 9th jade sword.

“All right, as this is the case, let’s gather your forces, everybody. We’ll start entering this quiet deep cave one hour later.” Azure Dragon says immediately. The others also agree with him. Qin Yu, however, gives that cave a look.

It is pitch-black and bottomless.

Nobody knows what there are inside.

An hour later, the other 4 powers fly into the cave successively bringing along 1000 ordinary Xiuzhenists apiece. But Qin Yu and Azure Dragon go into the cave with just a few experts. The cores of the 6 superpowers go in the center of the group, led and followed by ordinary Xiuzhenists.

“This quiet deep cave is unusually dark.” Azure Dragon says with a cold humph. “Even with my vision, I can only see as far as several tens meters down.”

Qin Yu says with a smile: “You’re already really formidable, Overlord Azure Dragon. I can only see as far as 10 something meters. Perhaps those ordinary Xiuzhenists can only see a couple of meters ahead of them. Their hearts must pound with fear as they fly.”

“Big brother, I can see as far as 1000 m.” Hou Fei’s voice rises in Qin Yu’s mind through holy sense communication.

Qin Yu is surprised then happy inwardly at once. It is certainly great that Hou Fei is capable of such a thing in this pitch-black place.

Hu hu ~~~

Suddenly, everybody falls silent because they can hear those strange noises, which sound like wind noises and come from the depths of the cave. Their vigilance is increased to the max in the blink of an eye.

There is wind deep under the ground?

“It’s dangerous, big brother. Frighteningly cold air is rushing up from deep under the ground.” Hou Fei’s voice rises in Qin Yu’s mind.

“Be careful, there is cold air deep under the ground.” Old Freak Three-Eyed’s voice also rises urgently. His 3rd eye has been open all along, shooting various indistinct green beams of light towards the depths of the ground.

Qin Yu can feel the expansion of the cold air clearly. Even though it has not reached his body, he already feels a tingling sensation on his skin. Wherever the cold air passes, any Xiuzhenists coming into contact with it are frozen to death without even being able to utter an anguished cry.

In the 10-odd m range that Qin Yu can see, various Xiuzhenists are turned into ice sculptures and die. When the cold air is getting close to Qin Yu and the other experts, Azure Dragon reaches out a hand.

A green light then forms a barrier in front of everybody. Even though the cold air is strong, it cannot break through Azure Dragon’s blockade.

“What the hell is this cold air? It’s so strong.” Reverend Huo Tian’s face has even become a little pale.

Azure Dragon says with a solemn expression: “Everybody, I think we’re in serious trouble.”

Qin Yu and the others look at him. The cold air has been blocked, has it not? Why did he say they were in serious trouble?

Azure Dragon thinks for a while then says with a sigh: “Let me tell you something, everybody. This quiet deep cave is different from what we thought it was. Compared to the other sword keeping places, which only had some slight trials, this cave can have trials much more difficult than you imagined.”

“What do you mean, Azure Dragon?” Old Freak Three-Eyed is somewhat impatient.

Azure Dragon glances at the others: “I’ll give all of you a warning. In the past, those slight dangers couldn’t harm us, but now it looks like some of us will probably die in here. You don’t have to ask me why.”

Qin Yu takes a look at Azure Dragon.

But he also knows that Azure Dragon is different from the others. As a member of the dragon clan, Azure Dragon knows many things ordinary people do not.

“Azure Dragon, when you’re not scared, why should I be scared? I’ll certainly keep going.” Old Freak Three-Eyed says smilingly.

Yi Da, however, says with a cold laugh: “Azure Dragon, you’re intentionally intimidating us, right? Humph, you want us to retreat so that you can get the 9th jade sword, don’t you?” His words are sharp like a knife, showing no respect for Azure Dragon.

Azure Dragon’s face turns cold: “Humph, then each to his own from now on. I won’t care even if all of you die.”

With a wave of his large sleeve, Azure Dragon surrounds himself and Teng Shan with that green light. Afterwards, the 2 of them keep rushing down. Obviously he has become extremely furious. Just now he really warned everybody with good intentions but the situation has somehow turned out this way.

“Let’s go, Fei Fei, Xiao Hei.” Qin Yu says with a smile. The 3 brothers then rush down closely after Azure Dragon.

They either use their protective energies to directly smash the bodies that have been turned into masses of ice by the cold air or just follow the passages Azure Dragon and Teng Shan have created through collision.

“Yi Da, what you said was a little excessive.” Reverend Yan Xu reproves Yi Da.

“Shut up, Yan Xu. Have you gone gaga? We all know Azure Dragon’s power. He’s just a bit stronger than us. I can tell that he knows something. But because he even dares to take Teng Shan to rush down, given our power, how could we still be afraid of rushing down?” Yi Da is not a fool.

In his opinion, Azure Dragon daring to go down means the danger level is still not life-threatening to him.

Reverend Yan Xu also understands after thinking about what he said a bit.

“Why are you still bullshitting here? Quickly go.” Old Freak Three-Eyed is the first to rush down, quickly chasing after Qin Yu and Azure Dragon. Reverend Yan Xu, Yi Da, Di Long and the others also rush down immediately. On the way, they collide with and shatter those masses of ice unceasingly.


“The bottom is 1000 m down. There’s a black pond at the bottom. By the side of the pond, there’s a horizontal opening. I’ve got a feeling that we can’t go into that pond.” Hou Fei tells Qin Yu through holy sense communication. His fiery eyes are really formidable.

Ahead of Qin Yu, enfolded in that green light, Azure Dragon and Teng Shan are flying extremely fast.

Their speed is too fast while Azure Dragon’s vision only has a range of several tens meters. When he discovers that black pond, he hurriedly turns and takes Teng Shan into that opening by its side, causing its surface to heave up and down for a short time in the process.

Although the surface of the pond heaves for such a short time, the green light, which moments ago was able to block the cold air, is depleted by more than 50%.

Qin Yu’s group of 3 turns and enters that opening very smoothly. Old Freak Three-Eyed naturally has noticed this scene.

“Ah.” Several painful cries are heard continuously.

Di Long is always on alert, but because he flies fairly fast and his vision’s range is too short, he still touches that black pond. The duration of contact was very short but his protective demonic elemental energy has been worn away and even his protective armor has been corroded partly.

Among the several experts, the one suffering the heaviest damage is unexpectedly Reverend Huo Tian. Because he was too rash, his left arm has been decayed, leaving him badly injured.

“Be careful a bit, everybody. Fly slowly. Don’t touch the black pond below in any case.” Reverend Yan Xu says loudly. Those ordinary Xiuzhenists behind him of course hear what he says clearly. Reverend Yan Xu and his group then also enter that opening.

Thanks to his warning and their slow flying speeds, the 2000 to 3000 Xiuzhenists at the rear do not suffer any injuries.

Azure Dragon and Teng Shan’s flying speed is not fast at all because their vision is insufficient. However, Qin Yu’s group can fly much faster than them because of Hou Fei’s vision. Before long, Qin Yu and his 2 sworn brothers have already caught up with Azure Dragon and Teng Shan.

“Brother Qin Yu, you’d best go beside me.” Azure Dragon says with a solemn expression.

Qin Yu says doubtfully: “What happened, Overlord Azure Dragon? Or in other words … what have you discovered? Can you tell me a bit?” In fact, he also feels that Azure Dragon is not telling a lie.

Azure Dragon says with a shake of his head: “I don’t know either. Now it’s just a guess. But if you follow me, you’ll be in much less danger.”

“All right, then I’ll leave my little life in your protection, Overlord Azure Dragon. Please don’t let me down.” Qin Yu says jokingly. Hou Fei however grunts while Hei Yu says nothing and just stays beside Qin Yu quietly.

The 5 of them then fly side by side.

Behind them, the experts such as Old Freak Three-Eyed, Reverend Yan Xu, Di Long and Yi Da and the normal Xiuzhenists at the rear are also flying extremely fast.

“No good. Watch out above you!” Azure Dragon suddenly shouts.

Everybody looks up and is surprised to see a carving, a huge carving that is several thousand meters long, on the ceiling of this deep underground stone passage. Qin Yu’s face changes color greatly at once: “It’s a huge talisman!”

A black beam of light then goes through that several thousand meter long huge talisman.

The ceiling of this section of the stone passage is formed from continuous huge blocks of rock, each of which is 100 m long and extremely frighteningly heavy. Affected by that huge talisman, all of the seals and markings on every huge rock keep flashing with a black light.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! ……

The 100 m long huge rocks unexpectedly fall down at the same time. Each of them smashes down with a weight of over a million jin, but weight is not the only weapon of the rocks. There is also the energy of those mysterious black seals. At the rear, there are several tens Xiuzhenists every 100 m. If they go all out, in theory, they should be able to support the weight of a huge rock for a while, however --

“Ah!” “Ah!” “Ah!” ……

Anguished cries are heard continuously at once. Various Xiuzhenists at the rear cannot resist and are immediately smashed to pieces. Their blood covers a large area of the ground. Qin Yu, Azure Dragon and the other experts also raise their hands to stop those falling huge rocks. However, as soon as Qin Yu touches a rock, his face changes color greatly.

End of b8c14.

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