Book 7 Chapter 8

B7C8: Uncle Lan’s eventual appearance

Hou Fei cannot move but this does not affect him knowing whatever happens around him through his holy sense at all. Now he can see clearly that Qin Yu is recklessly rushing at Di Long, who is the first to be charging at him. Hou Fei knows Qin Yu’s and Di Long’s real power.

“Don’t do that, big brother!”

He is so worried that he is about to cry. His demonic elemental energy in his whole body keeps shaking but the streams of demonic elemental energy that Old Freak Three-Eyed and Azure Dragon sent out are really too powerful. In fact, both of them had estimated Hou Fei’s power before tying him up with their demonic elemental energy.

When Qin Yu hears Hou Fei’s voice in his mind through holy sense communication, the corners of his mouth slightly curve upwards and his eyes radiate even more resolution.

This radiant, startling look in his eyes was also seen in the past when he was sacrificing himself to kill Wu Xing for his father. Qin Yu does not have many friends but once he considers someone a friend or brother, he can risk his life for them.

“Hou Fei, die!”

Di Long’s huge body is rushing at Hou Fei extremely fast. But he suddenly notices that not far from him, a dazzling golden light is coming at him at an extreme speed. At first sight, that golden light looks like a burning meteor. Di Long is astonished.

“Qin Yu.”

With a sweep of his holy sense, he discovers that it is Qin Yu and is immediately delighted. In an instant, there is a hint of mercilessness on Di Long’s face.

Clashing head-on with Di Long?

Qin Yu knows very well that he is simply no match for Di Long’s true form, but he cannot cower now because if he does, Di Long’s single horn will pierces into the body of a completely defenseless Hou Fei.

While Qin Yu is flying extremely fast, his eyes suddenly blaze with madness. He makes a sign with his hands and shouts loudly: “Start!” His voice resounds through the entire black rock island.

The Stellar Field -- Nine Meteors Blazing!

The golden light around Qin Yu’s body becomes even more dazzling. His indistinct silvery stellar energy unexpectedly surges forth. At the moment, in Qin Yu’s dantian, 9 meteors are revolving nonstop in the center of countless silvery grains. These 9 meteors look as if they are burning, sending out 9 frighteningly concentrated streams of golden stellar energy.

One stream fuses with his body and the other 8 streams becomes 8 golden silhouettes.

Seeing the original golden beam of light quickly turns into 9 golden beams of light, Di Long cannot help getting startled.

Qin Yu makes a hand sign again and suddenly shouts: “Break!”

During the fight against Xiang Yang in the past, he used most of his silvery stellar energy in a move that appeared to be 9 meteors unifying. However, only now, when he has reached the late Meteor stage and got exactly 9 meteors, can he bring out the best in this move.

The 9 silhouettes begin to rotate in the same pattern as the 9 revolving meteors in Qin Yu’s dantian. Suddenly, the 9 golden silhouettes merge into one in the blink of an eye, becoming an extremely dazzling meteor. Its light can even be seen clearly from 1000 li away.

Nine Meteors Unification, Meteor Strike!

Di Long’s eyes also glitter with fierceness. He accelerates again and his internal demonic elemental energy totally bursts forth. Di Long has gone all out.


The violent collision sends a shock wave through the air in all directions. The other 3 Purple Demon aquatic dragons are dumbstruck right away. They only see that, in an instant, Di Long switches back to his human form and his whole body is dyed red by the blood coming out of his mouth.

Qin Yu also falls down powerlessly from the sky. His face is miserably pale and his whole body has been reddened by blood too.

Mutual destruction!

“It was unexpectedly mutual destruction. To be brothers with Hou Fei, looks like this Qin Yu fella also got some special skills.” Old Freak Three-Eyed exclaims.

Azure Dragon also praises Qin Yu.

However, was it really mutual destruction?

Di Long’s body has been severely injured so he indeed cannot fight anymore, but his yuanying is still at the late Dongxu stage. In contrast, Qin Yu’s bodily injuries are not very bad, but the most important energy nuclei in his body, the 9 meteors, have been burnt off so he has suffered a huge loss of power.

Because of the violent collision, his muscles have torn and even his internal organs have been damaged. Various clear streams from the Meteoric Tear are covering the injured places in his body like trickles of clear water, giving him a very comfortable feeling. With effort, Qin Yu controls his body and rides his flying sword into the sky.

Di Xu immediately changes into his human form and holds badly injured Di Long up. Di Long, however, takes a look at Qin Yu and Hou Fei with a grim expression and orders: “Kill Hou Fei first then kill Qin Yu!” Now Hou Fei is defenseless while Qin Yu is seriously injured.

“Yes, big brother.”

Di Nai and Di Jian are still in the Purple Demon aquatic dragon form. Deep, heavy noises rise from their stomachs. Afterwards, the 2 of them rush at Hou Fei extremely fast. Qin Yu, who has been badly injured, immediately becomes very worried. He recklessly controls the Flaming Sword to fly towards them.

However, he is now seriously injured so his flying speed is too slow.

“Why haven’t you come yet, Uncle Lan?”

Seeing that he cannot stop them, Qin Yu becomes impatient.

When the 2 Purple Demon aquatic dragons are about to stick their black single horns into Hou Fei’s body --

“Roar ~~~~”

A sky-shaking roar is heard. Hou Fei, who is in the form of a giant monkey, unexpectedly transforms again. His body shrinks extremely fast. In just a moment, it reverts to its original height, which is the same as that of a normal man.

The 2 Purple Demon aquatic dragons therefore miss him, but they turn around instantly.

“No need to struggle, Hou Fei. It doesn’t matter if you transform or not, you won’t be able to escape the restraints I and Three-Eyed put on you.” There is a hint of disdain in Azure Dragon’s eyes. However, his face changes color greatly all of a sudden, as does Old Freak Three-Eyed’s face.

After turning around, the 2 Purple Demon aquatic dragons charge at Hou Fei again.


With a shake of his hands and legs, Hou Fei unexpectedly breaks loose from Azure Dragon’s and Old Freak Three-Eyed’s shackles. He then moves his body like lightning and suddenly throws punches with his hands. Di Nai is immediately sent flying then reverts to his human form. His blood is scattered all over the air.

Hou Fei’s small fist smashes into Di Jian’s body. Di Jian is also sent flying backwards several hundred meters. However, because he is more powerful than Di Nai, he is still in his true form.

“Fei Fei.”

Qin Yu’s eyes pop out of his head.

“How is this possible?”

The eyes of Di Long, Di Jian, Di Xu and Di Nai bulge out with astonishment. Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed, who noticed there was something wrong first, are also looking at Hou Fei like looking at a monster. Teng Shan, Lou Ke and the others are looking at him in stupefaction as well.

Although at the moment Hou Fei is only as tall as a normal man, he looks totally different from before.

His hair is silvery, his eyes are golden and his mouth is purple.

Compared to when he just entered berserk mode, Hou Fei is giving off an even more terrifying feeling.

“Transformed again?!”

Azure Dragon is in disbelief. Divine beasts are already very formidable in their original forms, but those capable of transformation can even raise their formidability by one level. For example, Old Freak Three-Eyed’s 3rd eye is enough to improve his offense by one level.

However, Hou Fei unexpectedly can even transform again after entering berserk mode.

“Whoever hurts my big brother -- dies.”

He looks coldly at Di Long. With a movement of his body, he arrives at Di Long’s face. His speed is so fast that it even surpasses Qin Yu’s top speed. Even though Hou Fei’s body has become small, he is extremely dangerous at the moment.

Compared to when he was in the huge monkey form, he is currently stronger and even one level faster as well.

Di Xu beside Di Long only has enough time to immediately change into his true form. At the same time, he swings his long stick at Hou Fei. Hou Fei makes a wave of his hand. The black stick suddenly appears and smashes straight down on Di Xu’s long stick.


With a strike of the stick, the Purple Demon aquatic dragon Di Xu transformed into is sent flying and forced to switch back to his human form. In just a while, 3 of the 4 Di brothers, Di Long, Di Xu and Di Nai, have lost all of their fighting capacity. Only Di Jian still has some power left to fight.

Hou Fei casts a look at Di Long, who is secretly frightened at once. But Hou Fei mercilessly swings his stick down. He transformed again in berserk mode because he saw Qin Yu risk his life fighting Di Long.

“Die, Hou Fei!”

However, Hou Fei’s black stick cannot go down because a stream of demonic elemental energy holds it back completely. Afterwards, a claw silhouette pierces through the air to come at him. Hou Fei fuses the black stick with his body and immediately gets away several tens li by doing a somersault.

“Azure Dragon!”

Seeing Azure Dragon, he slightly frowns. Just now, it was none other than Azure Dragon who stopped him. Despite having become quite a lot more powerful, he is still no match for Azure Dragon. After all, Azure Dragon is an early Kongming stage divine beast.

Hou Fei is merely a late Yuanying stage divine beast. Even though he has transformed twice, there is still a big gap in power between them. If he were at the late Dongxu stage, he would definitely be able to defeat Azure Dragon, but he has only reached the late Yuanying stage.

“Three-Eyed, perhaps not even you can imagine what kind of divine beast this Hou Fei fella is, right? Are you going to ignore such a threat?” Azure Dragon says smilingly to Three-Eyed.

“Of course not.”

Because Old Freak Three-Eyed is using an illusion technique, he looks like a green-clad boy. At this moment, the midpoint between his eyebrows suddenly splits, revealing a vertical eye. A dark green shaft of light shoots straight at Hou Fei from this eye in an instant.

Old Freak Three-Eyed has used a ruthless move right from the beginning.


Hou Fei executes a strike by waving his stick. The dark green shaft of light hits the black stick. Hou Fei is sent flying backwards but the stick remains intact.

“What kind of holy weapon is that black stick?” Old Freak Three-Eyed is shocked.

The power of a top-grade holy weapon varies according to the power of the user whereas this critical attack of Old Freak Three-Eyed is extremely powerful. In his opinion, given Hou Fei’s power, even if the black stick was a top-grade holy weapon, it would have at least suffered some damage, but it was not damaged at all.

“What kind of holy weapon? It’s your grandpa’s stove poker, specially used to smash toads like you.”

Hou Fei roars wildly.

At this point, he no longer cares about tact and diplomacy. When someone wants to kill him, does he have to stand still to get killed? Moving like a flash, he arrives at the side of Old Freak Three-Eyed instantly and swings his stick down.


The black stick and Old Freak Three-Eyed’s lustrous right hand clash, but a metallic noise is heard.

“Are you still holding back, Three-Eyed?”

Azure Dragon roars furiously. In the blink of an eye, an extremely terrifying amount of demonic elemental energy surges forth from the surface of his body and covers an area of space that is several tens li in radius. Unable to dodge in time, Hou Fei is restrained by this seemingly limitless amount of energy and his speed drops sharply as a result.

He struggles but the restraining force becomes more and more powerful.

“Hou Fei, your true form is extremely rare and capable. Too bad you’re only at the late Yuanying stage. If you had reached the late Dongxu stage, today both Three-Eyed and I would be no match for you. With a divine beast like you around, perhaps even my dragon clan won’t be able to rest easy. So, how can I let you live?”

At this moment, badly injured Di Long frowns: “Dragon clan?”

To his knowledge, Azure Dragon is the only azure dragon in the Azure Dragon Palace, so where is the dragon clan from? Suddenly an idea pops into his mind. He has come up with a possibility, but he hides it at the bottom of his heart because killing Hou Fei and Qin Yu is the most important thing right now.

When Azure Dragon is executing the killing blow --

“Ah ~~”

Hou Fei suddenly trembles in pain. Afterwards, his body gradually changes. From having silvery hair and golden eyes, he reverts to his original form, which looks like a normal monkey. Now he is totally powerless, as if suffering a serious illness.

“Ha-ha, looks like your transformation isn’t free of negative effects.”

Azure Dragon laughs out loud.

Hou Fei is both anxious and angry. According to his hereditary memories, berserk mode will make his body’s bones and muscles hurt after using it, but it does not have any side effects or time limits. However, in theory, its 2nd transformation is not something Hou Fei can do at his current level.

It was only because he was too worried and extremely furious that he successfully transformed twice. But he was unable to stay in that form for long and, worse still, now he does not even have enough strength to raise his hand.

“This monkey was very arrogant moments ago, but now he got no power and is easy meat.” Old Freak Three-Eyed says laughingly. At the moment he is not worried in the least. Without power, a divine beast is no different from a bedbug.

He casts a glance at Azure Dragon: “Why haven’t you killed him, Azure Dragon?”

“I give you this chance, Three-Eyed. This monkey is an extremely rare divine beast, so why don’t you kill him?” Azure Dragon appears very magnanimous. Now he and Old Freak Three-Eyed are totally carefree. However, he suddenly looks doubtfully at Qin Yu.

Not long ago he saw Qin Yu go all out for Hou Fei.

So logically, now Qin Yu should be extremely anxious because they are about to kill Hou Fei, but Qin Yu does not look anxious at all and there is even a faint smile on his face. Why?

“Uncle Lan!”

Qin Yu immediately salutes and says. Seeing Uncle Lan suddenly appear with a big smile on his face, looking completely unworried, Qin Yu knows that nothing bad will happen to Hou Fei and naturally becomes relaxed.

Hearing Qin Yu’s voice, Hou Fei opens his eyes wide in disbelief and looks in the distance with joy and surprise: “Master!”

Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed are shocked. If they cannot detect someone behind them, obviously this individual is much more powerful than they are. They turn around to see at once --

Uncle Lan’s blue clothes are fluttering. There is a faint, indifferent smile on his face.

“You were too rash, Fei Fei.”

He makes a wave of his sleeve. A beam of light is shot into Hou Fei’s body. In just a moment, Hou Fei’s injuries are unexpectedly healed, as if they never existed.

End of b7c8.

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