Book 7 Chapter 4

B7C4: Overlord Azure Dragon

Everybody at the scene, including the Nine Demons Hall’s majesties, Teng Shan and Lou Ke, never thought that someone would suddenly appear and mercilessly kill one of the majesties with a stick strike.

“Still want to run?!”

Hou Fei forms a claw with his hand and immediately catches a yuanying, which shouts miserably right away: “Quickly save me, brothers.”

This yuanying is none other than Di Feng’s yuanying. Di Feng’s head was smashed by Hou Fei’s stick from the beginning, but the moment this happened, he immediately combined his soul with his yuanying and wanted to run away. Once he had flown to the side of his brothers, his life would be saved.

After all, even though he would have to practice as a loose demon, this would still be better than losing his life. Di Feng does not want to die yet.

“Stop.” Di Long shouts loudly and gets ready to rush out of the formation at the same time.

Holding Di Feng’s yuanying firmly in his hand, Hou Fei shouts at once: “Stop. Stop there for me. If you take one more step, I’m going to destroy his soul immediately. The other guys also stop for me. If you move, humph, humph …” Hou Fei’s hand begins to brighten with various streams of demonic elemental energy.

Seeing the demonic elemental energy on his hand and the small yuanying being wrapped in the energy, Di Long and the other 4 majesties in the formation no longer dare to move even a step despite being very anxious. After all, Di Feng’s life is currently in Hou Fei’s hands.

Di Luan, who is not far from Hou Fei, is even more afraid of making a move. Given how easily Hou Fei demolished Di Feng and that his power is about the same as Di Feng’s, it will definitely not difficult for Hou Fei to kill him.

“Don’t be impulsive. You should know that you have just attacked one of the Nine Demons Hall’s majesties. If you let my 5th brother go, I’ll ignore what happened just now. What do you think, monkey brother?” Di Long hurriedly says.

Now is not the time for him and his brothers to avenge Di Feng. It will already be not bad if they can save Di Feng’s yuanying.

“Hou Fei. He’s the Blood-red Cave’s 2nd master Hou Fei!”

Di Luan says at once. When he, Di Jian and Di Qing came to the Blood-red Cave before, he already saw Hou Fei, but at that time Qin Yu lied about Hou Fei’s true power to make him overlook Hou Fei. Who could have thought Hou Fei would be so formidable?

“The Blood-red Cave’s 2nd master?”

Di Long, Di Jian and the other majesties are astonished. At the same time, they secretly have a bad feeling. Moments ago they were trying to kill Qin Yu, but now their brother’s life has fallen into the hands of the enemy’s brother. This is really terrible.

“I never thought this Qin Yu fella was so tough. Not only is he pretty strong, even his brother is so formidable.”

Lou Ke praises smilingly.

Teng Shan, who is also looking on, nods with a smile.

“At first I thought it would be a one-sided game, but now looks like it’s getting more and more interesting. However, once my overlord and your boss come, this play won’t be suspenseful anymore.” Teng Shan says smilingly. “Now let’s enjoy the excellent show of brother Qin Yu and the Nine Demons Hall’s brothers.”

Whatever is going on does not affect them so Lou Ke, Teng Shan and their subordinates will simply keep looking on.

Qin Yu gives Hou Fei a thumb up from inside the formation.

“Fei Fei, you did pretty well.” He says laughingly at once.

Hou Fei is very pleased with himself. Still holding Di Feng’s yuanying in his furry large hand, he casts a glance at Di Long and the other Di brothers: “All of you listen up. Remove that formation right now and let my big brother come out, or else don’t blame me …”

After saying so, he intensifies the demonic elemental energy on his hand. However, he knows exactly when to stop so his energy only surrounds the yuanying and does not harm Di Feng’s soul at all.

“Stop, you have to chill first.”

Di Long shouts. Now he wants to calm Hou Fei down first as what he worries about the most is that Hou Fei will kill his brother out of anger.

“Big brother, could you really want to release Qin Yu?” Di Yang and the others look at Di Long with unwillingness.

Di Long’s mind is also very tense. Even though nobody knows clearly who killed his 8th brother Di Tong yet, they can be sure of one thing -- Di Tong’s death is linked to Qin Yu. Moreover, Qin Yu stole their Treasure Storing Palace.

“Not release? Then what’s going to happen to 5th brother?”

Di Long says with a cold humph. His words are filled with frustration.

“Someone living is more important than someone dead. 8th brother is already dead. We can’t let any accidents happen to 5th brother.” Di Long sighs. Di Jian and the other 3 brothers also sigh in frustration. After all, they cannot just watch Di Feng die.

Di Long gives Qin Yu a look. Qin Yu, however, looks at Di Long with an indifferent smile, appearing very relaxed.

“Hou Fei, we can release your big brother, but there’s still a condition. Your big brother Qin Yu stole our Nine Demons Hall’s Treasure Storing Palace. As long as your big brother returns it to us, we’ll let him go immediately!”

Di Long is trying as hard as he can to make the best out of this hopeless situation.

He is not willing to release Qin Yu just like that. At least he wants to get Treasure Storing Palace back first.

Before Qin Yu can say anything, Hou Fei roars: “Damn you. Still try to set some bullshit condition to me? Big brother, I really admire you for stealing even that Treasure Storing Palace. Ha-ha, since it’s called Treasure Storing Palace, there must be lots of treasures inside, right?”

Seeing Hou Fei behaving this way, Qin Yu cannot help giving a smile.

Hou Fei looks at Di Long and his brothers again and shouts: “Answer in one sentence, release or not release? If you don’t release him, I’m going to kill this brat right away. And don’t mention any conditions to me. If you do, I’m going to -- kill!”

The faces of the Di brothers freeze but there is nothing else they can do.

Under this situation, they have no choice but to release Qin Yu first. However, at this moment --

“Take care, brothers!”

A voice rises in the other Di brothers’ minds through holy sense communication. It is none other than Di Feng’s. Their faces immediately change color. Hearing Di Feng’s words, they know the choice Di Feng has made.

“You want to die?!”

Hou Fei’s eyes flash with a red light. A stream of demonic elemental energy instantly pierces into the yuanying and destroys the soul.

Other people may not know, but Qin Yu knows that Hou Fei is in fact very careful despite his seemingly careless behavior. He has been watching out for Di Feng’s self-destruction since catching the yuanying and has always been ready to have his demonic elemental energy penetrate the yuanying and destroy the soul.

It should be known that to self-destruct, the yuanying’s energy must be excited, which takes some time.

When Hou Fei felt that the yuanying was starting to get excited, he destroyed Di Feng’s soul without delay. Once the soul was destroyed, the yuanying became no more than an energy crystal. The yuanying then disappears like a flash. Obviously Hou Fei has put it away.

“5th brother!”

Di Long and the other Di brothers all cry in agony. At the same time, extremely furious, they immediately rush out of the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation, wanting to kill Hou Fei on the spot to avenge their 5th brother’s death.

“Don’t mess with me!”

After destroying Di Feng’s soul, Hou Fei roars like crazy. With a movement of his body, he arrives at Di Luan’s face instantly as if using teleportation. A furious shout is heard and a black stick suddenly smashes down violently as if coming out of thin air.

Too fast!

Di Luan finally understands Di Feng’s feeling at that time. Facing this kind of speed, he can only think a bit in his mind and simply has no time to make a block with his limbs.


The 5 who have just rushed out from the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation, Di Long, Di Jian, Di Yang, Di Xu and Di Nai, are all terrified. However, Hou Fei has been enraged by Di Feng’s intention of self-destructing. Qin Yu also knows that Hou Fei is ill-tempered, very ill-tempered.

An irate Hou Fei is simply terrifying.


Hou Fei lets out a sharp cry. His expression is ferocious and full of obstinacy and unruliness. Afterwards, Di Luan’s entire body is smashed with a boom. Blood and flesh are scattered around. However, this time --

A furious Hou Fei does not give Di Luan any chance at all.

His black stick immediately smashes on Di Luan’s yuanying, which is about to flee. The black stick’s offense is really so powerful that the yuanying is completely shattered in the blink of an eye. There is a boom as the smash of Hou Fei’s black stick unexpectedly blows up the yuanying.

The other Di brothers, who originally thought that there was still a chance to negotiate, can see that black stick hit the yuanying clearly.

That explosion stupefies them all.

7th brother is already dead!

In just a short time after their 5th brother’s death, their 7th brother has also died.

“Messing with me means death.” Hou Fei’s eyes are blazing. All of his hair is standing on end. An extremely ferocious aura comes out from his body and expands in all directions. This absolutely lordly aura is really frightening.

He caused the yuanying to explode with a smash of his stick but his body unexpectedly did not suffer any injuries.

“You, you …”

Di Long and the other 4 brothers look at Hou Fei. They are so angry that they cannot even finish one sentence. Their eyes have reddened. Afterwards, they all growl furiously and charge at Hou Fei like mad. The fact that 2 of their brothers have died successively in such a short space of time has driven them crazy.

Among the 9 brothers, Di Luan and Di Feng were the only 2 at the early Dongxu stage and were also the 2 weakest. Di Long and the others have rarely let them take part in dangerous affairs and have cared about them very much. However, now both of them are already dead.

Holding his sword, Di Long slashes furiously!

A green light is flashing in Di Jian’s hands!

Di Xu swings the long stick in his hands ruthlessly!

Disregarding their own safety, the 5 remaining Di brothers attack Hou Fei fiercely with the intention of killing him in one hit.

“Don’t just rely on strength, Fei Fei. Your speed should be comparable to Di Long’s and you’re more nimble than him so try your best to evade them.” Qin Yu immediately says via his holy sense. Hou Fei is certainly slower than him but is not slower than Di Long in the least.

A divine beast is after all not an ordinary beast.

How can the only Fiery-eyed Aquatic monkey in the entire Xiuzhen world possibly be simple?

“Don’t worry, big brother. Kaka, ha-ha, awesome, awesome, brat, you also use a stick then have a taste of my stick.” Hou Fei’s voice resounds through the airspace of the black rock island. He himself starts to dodge continuously.

He is a monkey and, moreover, a divine monkey so he is extremely agile. His dodging is elegant and follows no regular patterns. Even though he is about as fast as Di Long, it is fairly difficult for Di Long and Di Jian to attack him.


Hou Fei’s black stick and Di Xu’s long stick collide with each other. Di Xu is sent flying several tens meters but Hou Fei also retreats several meters. However, at this moment Di Long approaches Hou Fei from behind and thrusts his sword at Hou Fei’s back.

Hou Fei reaches out his hand backwards and swings his stick nimbly. The stick and the flying sword clash. He cannot help leaning forwards.

“Kaka, awesome, let’s try again!”

He suddenly charges at Di Long.

“You want to die?” Di Long immediately gets excited and concentrates his entire energy. He wants to seize this opportunity to one-shot Hou Fei. However, he suddenly notices that, at this moment, the light in Hou Fei’s eyes unexpectedly intensifies and Hou Fei’s aura becomes even stronger.

Hou Fei has been hiding his power!

Di Long is secretly shocked. But he still holds his sword and swings it at Hou Fei’s black stick as hard as he can.

One slashes through the air at an extreme speed like lightning!

One smashes down with a world-shattering force like a huge pillar!


The air shakes and the 2 of them fly backwards simultaneously.

They are equally matched!

“Without using your true form, don’t even think about beating me.” Hou Fei thinks disdainfully. When he told Qin Yu before that he could fight Di Long evenly in berserk mode, he meant Di Long’s true form. If Di Long does not switch to his true form, Hou Fei certainly will not need to go berserk.

However, while the 2 of them are flying backwards after clashing fiercely --

“Be careful!” When Qin Yu’s voice has just risen in Hou Fei’s mind through holy sense communication,


Hou Fei promptly dodges but he is still hit in the back by a sword and suffers a very large wound which is about 30 to 40 cm long. His flesh is exposed and blood flows out from that large wound nonstop.

“Hou Fei, prepare to die.”

Di Jian shouts furiously and charges at him. Hou Fei’s recovery ability is pretty good, but it cannot compare to Qin Yu’s Meteoric Tear. Because that wound is so large, even though it has been covered with demonic elemental energy, blood keeps flowing out from it.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! ……

Noises of bombardment rise continuously inside the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation. They are caused by none other than a very anxious Qin Yu, who is attacking the formation nonstop.

Every attack of his is executed with full force.

However, 7 majesties of the Nine Demons Hall set up this formation together and Qin Yu is even one tier weaker than Di Long so it is simply impossible for him to break the formation.

“What can I do? What should I do?” Qin Yu has become somewhat impatient. Hou Fei is fairly powerful but facing Di Long, Di Jian and the other 3 Di brothers bodes ill rather than well for him. Qin Yu clenches his teeth. A transmitter appears in his hand.

It is the transmitter Uncle Lan gave him before. However, when Qin Yu is yet to send a message,

“Ha-ha, this is so interesting. Nine Demons Hall brats, you got some status at any rate, who could’ve thought you’d gang up on an opponent? Tut-tut, you’re a bit much.” A powerful voice resounds through the whole black rock island. At the same time, the water around the island begins to roar.

Suddenly, a silhouette appears in the sky.

Seeing this man, Qin Yu cannot help getting shocked because he has the body of a man and the head of a dragon, looking exceptionally bizarre. This man is wearing an azure imperial robe. The aura he is giving off is as oppressive as the weight of a great mountain. Everybody at the scene can feel a terrifying, irresistible force!

“My lord!”

Teng Shan and the guardians from the Azure Dragon Palace immediately bow and say with extreme respect.

On one side, Lou Ke and his subordinates also bow and say in salute: “It is a great honor to meet you, Overlord Azure Dragon. We are the Blue Water Mansion’s Lou Ke and guardians.” They are also very respectful.

“Overlord Azure Dragon?” Qin Yu is astonished. The dragon-headed man in front of him is unexpectedly Overlord Azure Dragon, who is called the no. 1 expert of the overseas Xiuzhen world. “Isn’t Overlord Azure Dragon a divine beast? Isn’t it impossible for him to take a human form before going through the 9-From-9th Heaven Tribulation?” Now Qin Yu has become doubtful.

End of b7c4.

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